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Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer, the new version on Flickr

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer just moved to New York

The new Yahoo boss wants to return to one of the first addresses in the Internet business. Now is bought and New York will be expanded to the second important location.


Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer seems to be just getting going. Shortly after she announced the acquisition of the blogging platform Tumblr know, there are already more news.

The Internet company presented a new version of its photo service Flickr, and a new representative office in New York. Mayer presented the new Flickr in New York.

The new layout should make Flickr “great again”, said the Yahoo boss. For users, the experience was “insistent, more expressive.”

Flickr has been purified

The Group has its Flickr service largely detoxified. On the side you can see now less text. But most of all his rivals Google, Yahoo has made the fight.

While Google provides its users with high-resolution photos on the Picasa photo-portal just a few gigabytes of storage space, there are at Yahoo now a terabyte.

Most users should never fill this free memory. One terabyte is 1000 gigabytes and provides enough memory for half a million photos.

With Flickr wants to win back users of Google and Yahoo from Facebook. In fact, Facebook has now become the largest online photo service.

240 billion photos stored

Today, users upload to Facebook every day more than 350 million photos high overall are on the Facebook servers 240 billion photos stored.

With the new Flickr Yahoo also introduces a smartphone app for mobile phones that run on Google’s Android operating system. An iPhone app has been around for a few months. Again, there should be a new version.

text of Yahoo’s headquarters is located in Silicon Valley in California. However, the company employs about 500 people in New York who are at present still in offices all over the city.

Yahoo boss Mayer wants to change that now. In the future, employees will in the metropolis in the old building of the New York Times on 43rd Street near Times Square drag. “We have just signed the lease,” said Yahoo boss Mayer.

The new building could accommodate 200 more people to Mayer’s words – place that might be needed soon. Overall, Yahoo has about 11,500 employees.

New York attracts more and more Internet companies in

fact, New York attracts more and more technology companies. The local service providers Foursquare has chosen the city as headquarters. Meanwhile, companies such as Facebook and Twitter have opened offices in New York, not least in order to prevent developers itself.

In Silicon Valley, the supply of skilled workers has become thin. Even big risk investors have taken the leap to the U.S. East Coast. Especially when it comes to music and media, the metropolis is paramount.

In New York City also has its headquarters Tumblr Yahoo wants to take over the blogging platform for $ 1.1 billion (855 million euros) to increase its reach significantly.

Tumblr is used by 300 million people every month. The platform that was founded in 2007, currently has nearly 110 million blogs and more than 50 billion records. It is especially popular with teens and young adults.

Mayer announced to let Tumblr operate largely independently on. So the team of Tumblr should not change for the time being, the founder David Karp is head of the firm.

“We promise not to mess up,” wrote Yahoo boss Mayer in an extra patch Tumblr blog.

shares of the advertising market decline

Yahoo expects the same time, more of a makeover. Although the Internet company has 700 million visitors according to own data on its website. However, the shares of the advertising market decline.

now they are at only 8.4 percent, in 2009 there were more than 15 percent.

advertisers are increasingly switching to Facebook and Google. Google can pull the numbers from eMarketer, more than 40 percent of the advertising volume up.

To reverse this trend, Yahoo has hired away last summer, Marissa Mayer of Google.

you will now animate the new company. Long time Yahoo has quarreled with the mobile Internet and introduced their own apps for smartphones and tablets late.

Mayer struggles with contaminated sites

Yahoo is one of the veterans of the Internet industry. The company was already founded in 1994, then still a link catalog. 2008, Microsoft wanted to take over Yahoo for $ 45 billion.

Yahoo rejected the offer. Today, a third of the company on the stock market worth less.

Despite all the innovations Yahoo boss Mayer was still struggling with some contaminated sites. This also includes a partnership with Microsoft in the year 2009. At that time, the group had abandoned its own search engine technology and hung his destiny to Bing, the Microsoft search engine.

The contract is fixed at ten years. According to reports, the revenue from the collaboration are lower than hoped, Mayer wanted to get out of the collaboration, Microsoft is it not received.

Marissa Ann Mayer

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