Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dusseldorf: Google Maps provides navigation for cyclists - RP ONLINE

BY FLORIAN RINKE – last updated: 25/05/2013

Dusseldorf (RP). The internet giant has bought data on 250,000 km cycling. In the U.S., Google is threatening trouble.

So far you could choose to Google Maps, if you like to cover distances by car, on foot or by public transport. Now there is the German version is another option: Routes can be displayed for the bike. For this, Google has purchased a packet of 250 000 kilometers of bike paths certified General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) and combined with your own data. Mobile devices with Android system can thus lead cyclists even with voice commands to your destination.

For ADFC the cooperation with the leading card service is a success in the effort to make cycling as an alternative to the popular car. So far, only cyclists were on the sides of the bicycle routes Association put together ( But this page is rarely driven as Google Maps. “That one’s way from A to B now so easy to plan with Google, the increased importance of transport is bicycle,” says Ulrich Syberg, Chairman of the ADFC.

remains the same ADFC attractive offer for those who are looking for Route profiles, such as routes for mountain biking. With 360 000 km of cycle paths tested the ADFC network is more extensive than the Google equivalent, since the data of the original or Webunternehmens August 2012. In addition, preliminary tests show that Google does not always show you the best cycling routes.

In the U.S., Google is working on further improvements in the navigation of its offers. How Facebook is supposed to be interested in the app “Waze” with which drivers can warn each other about speed cameras, accidents and congestion Google. As the selling price be called over a billion dollars. Anger threatens Google, however, by the Federal Trade Commission FTC. Check any cartel, according to U.S. media reports, allegations, Google use its market power in banner and video advertising from.

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