Monday, May 13, 2013

Bill Gates speaks in broadcast news about Steve Jobs - -

 Bill Gates talks about Steve Jobs Bill Gates talks about Steve Jobs

According to media reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has given in an American news broadcast an interview in which he places talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs.

During the interview on the program “60 Minutes,” Bill Gates told host Charlie Rose about his relationship with Steve Jobs. It was also about some of the details of their last conversation before Jobs passed away in 2011. Gates became very emotional when he recalled his last visit to the Apple founder. Their last conversation was very forward-looking. Jobs would have shown him the ship, on which he worked, and were happy to be able to enter this one day, they both knew that this would probably not take place


Gates also mentioned that he and Jobs had grown up together in some way. They were both the same age, both had been naively optimistic and have established both large companies. Each wishful thinking to create products and to learn new things did they become reality, most of it as a rival. But they had always treated with respect and communicate with each other, had been sick as Steve Jobs.

The full interview with Bill Gates in Germany is not available, however, you can view below another one with Charlie Rose, who reported on this conversation.

Via Macrumors, Eng.

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