Friday, May 24, 2013

Internet providers: ePetition for net neutrality has good chances of success - Times Online

More than 22,000 people have signed the ePetition net neutrality within two days. Your goal: to protect by law the equal treatment of data packets


The German Bundestag a ePetition net neutrality within two days received more than 22,000 signatures and to fulfill a good chance the necessary quorum of 50,000 supporters

.The petition

41906 John Scheller initiator asks the Bundestag to oblige ISPs on net neutrality by law. All data packets from users should be treated regardless of their content and origin the same, according to the text of the petition. “In particular, any content, services, or service providers may be disadvantaged by this provider, artificially slowed or even blocked.”


In support

writes Scheller, net neutrality is “an important and fundamental building block of a free Internet.” “If there is no net neutrality is given, there is a risk of a ‘two-tier internet’, which control the provider to which users can access content and services.” He also refers to the Telekom plans that will limit their flat rate up to a certain volume of data and was therefore criticized as “Drosselkom”.

The petition needed within four weeks at least 50,000 supporters to be successful. Then Scheller has the opportunity to make his case in the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag. In addition, the petition is approved parliamentary. But a statutory scheme is thus not guaranteed.

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