Friday, May 10, 2013

The rumors about the new Apple phone: How could the iPhone look cheap - ABC Online

Cheap iPhone becomes more likely: an Apple supplier in China to adjust for production 40 000 employees. Other sources confirm the favorable model. But it does not come in June.

10 Mai: Apple must also adopt smartphones by the one-model policy, as experts agree. The competition from Samsung, HTC & Co. makes it before: the manufacturers have multiple versions of a device in range, which allows the customer more choice. With a cheaper version of the iPhone, the Group may also appeal to new buyers. Therefore, the rumor still persists that a cheap iPhone hits the market. Now it gets new food.

The Chinese Apple supplier Pegatron has announced adjust in the second half of 40 percent more employees, reports Reuters. So far 100 000 people are working for the Group. The massive increase could speak for a cheap iPhone. Pegatron said, only that it is about “communication products”. The phone would then be on the market until the fall, so probably after the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, also wants the accessory manufacturer ETrade Supply hear about a cheap iPhone. The company usually has very good information and had shown months before the presentation of the iPhone 5, the housing.

7 Mai: Probably the new iPhone, Apple already five weeks ago. Experts agree that the group brings out a cheaper and stripped down version of the phone. The iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones. With a better model of the competition Apple could offer the forehead. But perhaps the cheap version is not cheap, such as the renowned Tech blog “All Things D” suspects. Accordingly, it could not cost 150 or 200 dollars, but the 350 euro. That would be more of a middle class device. For the theory of “All Things D” for that also mini iPod nano and iPad were not really favorable than smaller and cheaper versions of the great models iPod and iPad – just slimmed

3. Mai: The closer the probable date presentation of the new iPhone comes, the more cooks the rumor mill. Apple’s WWDC developer conference takes place from 10 to 14 June in San Francisco. That would be a good opportunity for the Group to introduce the iPhone 5S. The phone could then starting at 20 Be pre-order June, reports the blog, “Apple Insider”. The bloggers rely on an internal document of the Japanese provider KDDI. Accordingly, the smartphone has a 13-megapixel camera.

12 April: The next wave rumors around the iPhone 5s rolled approach – this time it comes to the display sizes and colors. A persistent rumor that the next Apple phone comes in a stripped-down, smaller version on the market as a cheap version. But now new speculations about this: An analyst believes that the iPhone 5S also comes in a giant version on the market – at the Super Phones Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One with their large displays to defy. However, that would be a radical break with previous Apple’s policy to release only one version for all

Just like the color selection., The next iPhone in black, white and at least one other color will appear – if not even further with three as a Japanese Fanblog writes. Which could be, but is not known.

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