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The tricks of the Bowie-Space Astronauts - ABC Online

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 tricks of the Bowie-Space Astronauts


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    tricks of the Bowie-Space Astronauts

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weightlessness has always fascinated. Without gravity, but the most mundane actions can reveal pitfalls and dangers. The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has faced these in space and thus gained international notoriety. Show more information
Life without gravity is full of pitfalls and dangers. Nothing is as it know the people of the earth. Six months showed the Canadian Chris Hadfield encounter with short video clips, such as those pitfalls and dangers astronauts in space. With these videos, he achieved worldwide fame, particularly because his life seemed so fascinating experiments on the earth’s inhabitants. Found this a most fascinating video in which Hadfield ausringt a towel. Seven and a half million people have viewed themselves as the water in zero gravity reacts when it is pressed out of the towel. Because unlike on Earth, it does not fall to the ground, but sti cks to the fabric virtually. The surface tension of the water acts as a kind of glue here and even sticks to Hadfields hands. Because there is no gravity on the International Space Station ISS flow when crying, no tears. Hadfield demonstrates that the tears can not fall to the ground. It forms a tear bubble which is greater, the more tears. To remove the tears from her face, a towel is needed, otherwise they would wander over the face. His fingernails have to cut through a ventilation duct Hadfield. There they are attracted by the fan. Without gravity the nail pieces whizzing else around in the capsule and could be inhaled or get into the eye. Collected in the ventilation shaft, they can be absorbed later. To be able to sleep in space, an astronaut needs no mattress or pillow. Suffice a sleeping bag that is fixed to the wall. Due to the weightlessness no muscles to be strained. As an astronaut is relaxed basically in every position and has the ability to sleep. Hadfield was a total of six months in space. He has since returned to earth. He gained considerable attention recently due to its self-made music video for David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. With this song, he said goodbye to the International Space Station.

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