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19 May 2013 20:57

Yahoo wants to take over Tumblr.

(Photo: AFP )

attempt at a makeover: According to a media report the Yahoo board has apparently approved the takeover of the blog service Tumblr – for 1.1 billion dollars. Yahoo announces a press conference and speaks of a “special” event.

The Supervisory Board of the U.S. Internet company Yahoo, according to a press report has given the green light to the takeover of the blogging platform Tumblr. As the Wall Street Journal on Sunday reported on its website, the search engine provider will pay $ 1.1 billion (855 million euros) for Tumblr. The purchase would allow the largest financial transaction, since Marissa Mayer has taken office as Yahoo boss last summer.

Yahoo has scheduled a Monday press conference at which it is to go to the Tumblr acquisition of insider information. The website AllThingsD had reported on Friday, Yahoo wanted by the blogging platform access to the age group of 18 – to 24-year build. Yahoo did not comment prior to the specific content of the event, but spoke only of a “special” event.

platform Tumblr founded in 2007, is used by millions of bloggers. On it, there are nearly 108 million blogs and over 50 billion records. The service was founded by David Karp makes it easy for users to set up simple blogs and to share content between them. Many of the Tumblr blogs rely heavily on pictures and videos. The company has 175 employees.

According to Forbes magazine, also Facebook and Microsoft had registered interest to Tumblr, however, Yahoo has secured a right of first refusal.

Yahoo was founded in 1994 and is a former star of the Internet, the competition from industry giants Google but made more and more to create. In 2008, the company fended off a takeover by Microsoft, 2009, the Company entered into a search engine but alliance with the software giant. The company currently has 11,500 employees.

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