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DGAP-News: RIB Software AG: Entry into 6D Big Data Technology (German) – Finanztreff

RIB Software AG: Entry into 6D Big Data technology

DGAP-News: RIB Software AG / Key word (s): Acquisition RIB Software AG: Entry into 6D Big Data technology

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Einstieg in 6D Big Data technology

RIB Software AG (RSTA) will acquire 100% Scandinavian market leader Byggeweb A / S (Docia), Copenhagen (Denmark)

Stuttgart 30 July 2014. RIB AG takes over 100% of the Scandinavian market leader for 6D technology. With the acquisition of the Cloud (SaaS) company Byggeweb A / S extends the RIB AG your global competence for Digital Planning and Building.

Docia is Scandinavia’s leading provider of cloud-based software to collaborate in the field Project Management (PM) and facility management (6D). The Docia-collaboration applications but also operates in a number of other sectors such as infrastructure, transport and offshore. The company currently supports over 7,000 customers and 110,000 users in over 20 countries worldwide and serves more than 850 construction projects simultaneously.

Docia is a fast growing cloud software company with a strong team, strong growth and great potential. In the rapidly developing cloud software market, which will take up more drive generally expected in the next few years, the cloud specialist is a fixed size. Docia has been able to secure contracts for the supply of online project management and facility management solutions for a significant part of the construction projects in Scandinavia and the UK. In addition, global projects, for example in the Middle East, the U.S., Asia and Europe.

The integration of cloud-based project and facility management platform into the Big Data technology iTWO 5D will influence the thoughts and actions in the global construction industry again profound. RIB has the big data platform iTWO 5D established as a working group, which brings together all parties involved in a construction project using an integrated model-based platform. Next iTWO will now be further developed into a 6D Big Data platform, which moreover also supports model-based facility management processes. The aim of the collaboration is to plan construction projects in terms of quality, time and costs for investment and maintenance, first on a virtual level, and only then to begin with the actual construction work. Also the use of the building after its completion is supported throughout the cloud.

Dr. Hans-Peter Sanio, CTO of RIB Software AG: “With our Big Data Cloud platform iTWO 6D, customers can manage their project and facility management processes online and make decisions in real time access to the data and their. processing via desktop applications in the browser or on mobile apps like iTWO 6D Control Tower for the project and maintenance control or via Quick Capture (an app for fast data acquisition) of Docia, with the defects on site quality assurance and inspection purposes on smartphones and Tablets can be captured “

As Thomas Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB Software AG:”. The Big Data platform iTWO 6D is no longer an issue for the future, but right now the art. The 6D cloud computing represents a new major global trend within the construction industry dar. According to research conducted by the United Nations survey, the number of Internet users has increased worldwide in 2013 alone by 11% to 2.3 billion. Starting from a share of the construction industry of 13.4% of global GDP, we estimate the global potential for construction-specific 6D Big Data applications in the cloud to more than 100 million users. We want to expand our market-leading position in the construction segment in this area using our cloud platform iTWO 6D. “

The RIB Group

The RIB Software AG is a leader in the construction industry . The company designs, develops and markets the iTWO technology for construction companies in the world. iTWO is the world’s first Lizenz-/cloudbasierte Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution for this industry. since its foundation in 1961, the RIB Software AG pioneered innovations in the construction sector , for the research and deployment of new technologies and new ways of thinking and ways of working to increase productivity in the construction sector and thus helps to make the construction industry one of the most progressive industries in the 21st century. RIB has its headquarters in Stuttgart and is conducted since 2011 in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With over 600 qualified employees in more than 30 global offices, RIB 100,000 customers, including construction companies, property developers, owners, investors and governments, including in the fields of construction, infrastructure and EPC.

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BlackBerry buys Merkel-phone technology –

  Listen to someone with? The Federal Government relies on voice encryption software Secusmart as well as hardware from BlackBerry


Hear someone with? The Federal Government relies on voice encryption software Secusmart as well as hardware from BlackBerry

The hardware they supply already, now they take over and the voice encryption technology: The Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry takes Secusmart whose technology is also in the mobile phones of the Federal Government

3D Technology: U.S. Army wants to print warheads –

<- Content -> The U.S. Army apparently plans to produce warheads in the future with 3D printers. The Pentagon currently developing a 3D technology that could be produced with the warheads were more compact and more precise than traditional warheads, says Army Technology, a journal of the Research Division of the U.S. Army, in its latest issue.

3D printer allowed a better control over the design of warheads and permitted structures that would not have been able to be produced, the Vice magazine quotes a scientist at the military research center Armament Research, Engineering and Design Center. Warheads could be tailored to specific operations and increase as the security and control. Thus, the warheads could be more compact and make space for additional sensors or security mechanisms and the impact force can be calculated more accurately.

rocket of a piece

3D technology could in the future the cost of the military sector significantly reduce while allowing more complex structures, according to Army Technology. The Pentagon hopes, therefore, to produce soon complete warheads or missiles all in one pour.

At the same time researching the U.S. Army on the way to create human skin on a 3D printer to help wounded soldiers in action to be able to. The technology could also be used to produce food for soldiers. At some point, should soldiers so important spare parts of all kinds can directly produce locally, the magazine writes.

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Use of M2M technology in enterprises is growing rapidly –

The use of so-called machine-to-machine communications in the industry is increasing rapidly. This is clear from the current study Vodafone “M2M adoption Barometer 2014″ out. Consequently, at present already use 22 percent of the companies surveyed M2M communication, automatically exchange data via the Internet in the equipment, vehicles and machinery. This represents an increase of 80 percent compared to last year

The trend is set to continue, according to Vodafone study. With 55 percent see more than half of the respondents in 2016 the use of M2M solutions in their organization before . Even in Germany, makes the trend noticeable: While M2M technology was used in German companies in 2013, only 14 percent of respondents, 28 percent are now using it. For the second time survey Vodafone surveyed 600 executives from 14 countries and seven industries the use of M2M applications in their businesses worldwide in collaboration with the analyst firm Circle Research.

Grafik_Branchen M2M adaptation Barometer_Vodafone

The Vodafone study “M2M adaptation Barometer 2014 “found that the area of ​​consumer electronics M2M technology most commonly used – closely followed by the energy sector and the automotive industry (Source: Vodafone)

main motivations for the use of. M2M gave the German companies in addition to a reduction in the cost of also increasing productivity. Moreover, the report shows that the M2M technology increasingly in external products and services come with direct customer relationship to use. The first wave of M2M projects other hand, was primarily oriented towards internal company processes. According to the study, up to 2016, about three-quarters of M2M projects have an external reference.

M2M vs. Internet of Things

Machina Research expects by 2022 a total of 22 billion “Connected Devices “. However, in view of these networked devices market observers see a fundamental difference between the machine-to-machine communication on the one hand and the Internet of Things (IoT) on the other side. M2M grasp on the concept of data sharing and referring devices of any kind with an among themselves automatically exchange information. This can be about an electricity meter, the electricity prices at peak time determined, a car that transmits a deficiency in the repair shop or a vending machine, which transmits the filler that he should soon be replenished.

Thus M2M Outsmart rather as a kind of “pipeline” for the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, also IoT), which is interdependent of the automated communication of the machines. IoT here uses the M2M infrastructure to bring together data from many different sources using a single application platform. Based on this, then developers create new applications.

Machina Research M2M compares with the mobile internet connection of a smartphone while IoT in this analogy with that access apps like Facebook or Google is equated. Also, the market research firm IDC describes in a White Paper the Internet of Things as a successor or subset of M2M.

consumer electronics industry is most commonly M2M a

In the current Vodafone study went so primarily to the preamble of the machine-to-machine communication. One result of the survey indicates that M2M applications are particularly strong in the fields of consumer electronics, energy and automotive industries. The market penetration here is around 30 percent each

The most common use companies from the consumer electronics the automated exchange of information between devices. Among the companies surveyed the spread is currently 29 percent. This is due to, among other things, that more and more devices for consumers – such as Smart TVs and game consoles – are connected via an M2M solution to the Internet. This development is according to the study reinforce the growth in the coming years. By 2016, use M2M communication almost three quarters of all electrical equipment manufacturers. This shows the trend especially in the direction of networked household appliances such as heating thermostats or kitchen appliances

Also, the utilities already rely heavily on the M2M communication. Way is the report that 28 percent of the companies in this sector to its customers offer M2M-based solutions such as smart meters (smart meters counter) or Smart Home (intelligent home networking). The survey has made equally clear here that this trend will continue in the coming years: a total of 62 percent of the surveyed companies from the energy sector want to use M2M technology in the next two years. One of the reasons for this growth is the increasing demand of the industry to komplexereren solutions – for example in terms of energy data management

By 2017, the currently focused primarily on internal company processes M2M use will be increasingly supplemented by external solutions with customer reference (chart : Vodafone)

In the automotive industry M2M communication for several years is already in use.. One example is the Internet-based service “BMW ConnectedDrive” which the manufacturer had incorporated into its vehicles for the first time in 2001. Since then, the theme of “Connected Car” is becoming increasingly important. The cellular association GSMA expects about that the market until 2018 a global sales volume of more then € 39 billion will have.

currently developing 28 percent of the resident in the area of ​​companies with rising networked cars. Typical uses include emergency call systems or infotainment services that are currently primarily integrated into cars in the upper middle and upper class and are, according to Vodafone in future be found in more and more vehicle classes. This is also shown by the fact that 53 percent said more than half of the surveyed automotive companies, they wanted to offer an M2M solution in two years.

External M2M projects are becoming increasingly important

So far, use 41 percent of the companies surveyed in the context of M2M adoption Barometer 2014, the machine-to-machine communication exclusively for internal projects such as the optimization of labor and logistics processes or devices monitoring in production. The survey shows, however, that M2M will continue to shift from internal processes on the factory floor to new, external products and services. Thus, by 2016, three-quarters of companies also implement external M2M applications with direct customer relation and limited only 25 percent pure on internal projects.

“The results of our M2M adoption Barometer 2014 that the Internet of things established getting stronger. In this case, companies use M2M communication after a successful period of internal application, increasingly for new external products and services and opening up a new markets and revenue streams, “said Erik Brenneis, Director of Machine-to-Machine at Vodafone, the emerging trend.

As the report from last year could predict already, the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. has now clearly overtaken with a M2M application rate of 27 percent. This is according to the report due to the strong government support in these countries in the areas of Smart Cities and Smart Metering. The United States can be found in the rankings with a third place (17 percent). In second place Europe ranks with a M2M market share of 21 percent. On this continent is Germany with 28 percent clear front-runner.

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Wireless Information: If the cell phone replaced the cash – Business Week

by Kathrin Grannemann

Near Field Communication communication between man and machine could revolutionize – but so far uses the wireless technology, hardly anyone. This could change soon.

If you are traveling with Deutsche Bahn, the little blue boxes you might already have noticed that too on the platforms and on the stairways are found. They belong to the project “Touch & Travel”, which went into trial operation in 2008.

The principle: instead of before each train journey to buy a ticket, get in touch with the user journey on a “Touch Points” on – and at the end of the trip at the destination station again. The technology behind it is Near Field Communication (NFC) is called. What sounds so nondescript, quite has the potential to revolutionize the communication between man and machine.

Wireless data exchange

If NFC is a wireless transmission technology which allows contactless data exchange at a distance of up to four centimeters. The foundation for the technology was developed in 2002 by Philips subsidiary NXP and Sony.

The typical application for NFC is the exchange of information between two devices. Currently, NFC is primarily used for cashless payment and mobile tickets. Currently, the technology still has weaknesses, including a lack of clear standards and a comprehensive integration of NFC in mobile devices. Because so far mainly support Android smartphones, the technology, Apple completely waives the installation of NFC chips in its iPhones.

The low dissemination of NFC technology was one of the main problems with which the railway had to contend with Touch & Travel, says Birgit Wirth of the Deutsche Bahn. It was found that the technology spread not as good as the industry thought: “That’s why we also check in via GPS and barcodes built into the system,” says Wirth

According to the company currently use 95 percent of the Touch & Travel customers the service via a special app and GPS location, only 5 percent goes to the originally planned route through the NFC contact points, barcodes or by entering the touchpoint number at the stations. “NFC technology will only spread if there are applications for it – just this is not sufficiently the case.” Says Wirth

The German banks are equipping their current cards radio chips. In conjunction with a smartphone from the debit card a mobile POS terminal.

This all the more surprising when one the areas of application for NFC considered. With NFC you can open or obtain information such as timetables locally doors. The chip also can act as a digital ticket or cashless payment option.

latter make many banks and lending institutions advantage – but especially in countries where credit cards are more widespread than in Germany. The system is called at all different financial institutions, savings banks and cooperative banks call it girogo, at MasterCard PayPass states, with Visa payWave.

The principle is the same everywhere: The NFC chip allows payments of up to EUR 25, which can be made without a PIN query. In contrast to the usual cash card function, however,

As of January 1 must not be expected mechanical contact problems., 2015 have newly installed POS systems that support MasterCard, be equipped with NFC. MasterCard wants to promote contactless payment – given the low prevalence and absence of technical options rather a desperate attempt to make the system more popular. Currently there are estimated to only five percent of all master card terminals NFC-capable.

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Canvas fingerprinting: User tracking technology stop –

The so-called Canvas fingerprinting comes on frequently visited websites to use and creates indelible fingerprints on your computer. The motives are clear – user tracking to a new level. What can you do to protect your privacy, shows network world.

Canvas fingerprinting is already much visited websites in use. (Image: Screenshot /

Canvas fingerprinting scripts were detected on high-traffic websites. (Image: Screenshot /

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Disable Java
  2. 2 browser extensions

    3 NoScript

 As reported net world, the Canvas fingerprinting method has been demonstrated on a variety of the most visited websites. A list of the websites where the scripting is enabled, please click here. The page updates itself continuously, as many websites have to remove the fingerprinting scripts eignenen reportedly initiated or already completed.


 Meanwhile, several options have been published, with which the user tracking can be suppressed on Canvas fingerprinting scripts. Network World introduces you to the currently effective methods.

Disable Java

 The installation of the Java runtime environment is necessary for the proper functioning of a whole range of Web applications, in order to represent, for example chats or order forms can. Also, some programs such as OpenOffice require an installation of Java. How to disable Java in your web browser to the Java Control Panel, click here. With the deactivation to protect yourself from the canvas fingerprinting espionage, but must abwegen due to the limitations as to whether this can be a permanent solution for you.

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Russia beckons with money: State wants to have anti-Gate Technology – WinFuture

[Unable to retrieve full-text content]


Russia beckons with money: state wants anti-port Technology
The Russian Interior Ministry has money awarded for a technology, which can be users of anonymizing network unmask target. This is in response to the fact that more and more users access the service in order for a …

and more »

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New Tracking Technology: To be lit on the Internet – STERN.DE

W ou will exactly we all watched on the Internet, not only by intelligence agencies but also and above all by the advertising industry, shows the case of Janet Vertesi . She is a sociologist and teaches at the U.S. Princeton University. In May she made her own attempt publicly, in which she tried to keep her own pregnancy before the data collectors of the advertising industry secret. It was no easy feat.

Vertesi wanted to find out “what is important if you want to prevent, persecuted and to be put into databases,” she explained to the Internet Conference “Theorizing the Web “. Whether in social networks, online stores and e-mails – all lurking Advertisers who tried to get to their data, to turn her into giant ads rompers and baby oil. In the end she was surfing with the encryption tool TOR on the net, leaving only pick up stores and bought with Amazon gift cards from the drugstore in order to allow any conclusions regarding credit card information. One can also say that. To protect their privacy, Vertesi had to proceed as a criminal

But perhaps in the future is not even the possible, at least not online. Using a technology called “Canvas fingerprinting” enables advertisers to keep track of a user’s right across the network, more than it ever could a cookie. A team of U.S. and Belgian scientists has found that the technology is already being used on five percent of the 100,000 most popular websites in the world – including the erotic portal Youporn, the website of the White House, or “” <. / p>

But how does the digital fingerprint? The driven website where the technology is used, causes the browser to secretly in the background an invisible image (“canvas” on German “painting”) to create. Depending on the computer and browser version, the images differ minimally from one another, so that the combination of browser and computer is uniquely identifiable. The image is created and analyzed by the computer in a split second and allowed the company to recognize the browser, computer, and usually the user clearly.

In contrast to cookies could be in front of the art not protect both browser protection settings and ad blockers are useless, says the Russian developer Valentin Wasilyew of “Pro Publica”. According to the U.S. Portal “The Verge”, the tool can detect the correct assignment in 90 percent of cases. Only on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the software is still very prone to error.

Controversial technology experts call for further research – ABC Online

Do the previous laboratory findings now that nanoparticles are harmful to human health? “The dosages in such experiments are extremely high and go far beyond the quantities to which a person is exposed to in everyday life,” Alexiou argues that held a professorship of the Else-Kröner-Fresenius-Foundation for Nanomedicine at the University Hospital Erlangen. Therefore, such tests could testify very little about actual risks. With an appropriate dose everything was almost poisonous. “If you eat enough of it, you can kill someone with aspirin or other, seemingly harmless drugs,” says the doctor.

However, Alexiou advocates to examine the potential risks of nanoparticles on. “There is still much to do, for example, there are no comprehensive testing process,” explained the professor, who developed nano-drugs and his team explored in this context, in a moment by the Bavarian State Ministry For the Environment and Consumer Protection Project, as toxic substances used are. Much, he adds, is simply not yet sufficiently understood.

nano-foods must be marked from the end of 2014

, agrees Beatrice Pippia by BUND. It points out in particular the responsibility of the manufacturer. “The industry would be better once thoroughly researching the subject of security before she always brings new nano-products to market without knowing the risks,” she says. Consumers advises Pippia, for the time being to abandon articles with nano-materials. Especially as the tiny particles could damage the environment. From nano-titanium dioxide and nano-zinc oxide, for example, it is known that they are toxic to algae and water fleas

Who wants to give up “nano”, but it has a fundamental problem:. Often, the consumer can not detect in What products nanoparticles are included. For a long time there was no labeling requirement. “And many companies do not look at the cards themselves whether they use nano-materials,” laments the Bund expert. For a year, it must nevertheless be noted on all cosmetic products, when nanoparticles are included. The end of 2014 to a corresponding regulation come into force for food

physician warns. “! Not demonize nanotechnology”

“Mandatory labeling I think quite fit,” says Christoph Alexiou . Everyone has the right to know what is contained in a product, in order to decide whether he wants to buy it or not. However, he warns against demonizing nanotechnology in general. “They all offer new possibilities, such as the development of cancer drugs,” says the doctor. The technology generally reject would make a lot of chances to naught.

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New plans: Snowden wants to develop data protection software – Handelsblatt

Dusseldorf Edward Snowden wants to develop in future technology for the protection of privacy on the Internet. He called on participants at a hacker conference in New York, technologically anchor the rights of citizens in programs and protocols. “This is also a lot of my future work to do, and I hope ye connects me to put into practice,” he said in a video switching from Russia. The video of the event Hope X has released the technology blog Recode.

Snowden justified once more his revelations. The Americans had hitherto hardly had any idea of ​​how far the government auswerfe their network in order to get information. The monitoring programs would aim to monitor all the people on a global basis. . There were dealing with an unjustified collection of information that is contrary to the American Constitution

An “important first step” towards monitoring whether encryption – but that alone is not sufficient because they the content to keep it safe, but not the compounds of the communication partner. Therefore, a need for new protocols and infrastructure, in order to protect the privacy.

How the NSA monitored the Internet

  • Always new revelations

    Since Summer 2013 always come new details about espionage activities of intelligence agencies on the Internet to light. They are based on documents that handed the former intelligence employee Edward Snowden to journalists. An overview of the key findings

  • Prism

    Prism:. Name was initially for the whole affair, but includes only a part of the repertoire of the NSA. About Prism monitoring service has access to user data of major U.S. Internet companies, including Google , Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook . A secret court orders the release of the information. These were about the contents of mails, search queries or chats, reported the British newspaper “Guardian”. The companies are sworn to secrecy. The Internet giant fight in court to be allowed to publish more details.

  • tenses

    tenses hießt a program of the British service GCHQ. The GCHQ works closely with the NSA. Together with Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the countries of the alliance of the “Five Eyes” (“Five Eyes”), to be replaced in the information. Under the code name tenses of GCHQ to tap into more than 200 fiber optic cable, lawn of the data around the world. So did the GCHQ access to the Internet traffic that runs over the tapped cable.

  • Xkeyscore
    The massive amounts of data, which collects the NSA must somehow be evaluated. For this purpose the software serves XKeyscore. This allows NSA analysts like Snowden search the mountains of data for suspects. The German Federal Intelligence Service also put a version of XKeyscore, reported “Der Spiegel”.

  • Encryption Lever

    If data is encrypted sent through the network, intelligence agencies can not just read along so. But NSA and GCHQ can reportedly crack or overturn several popular encryption techniques, including the often used SSL technology. However, it is unclear which techniques to what extent are open to the services accurately.

  • anonymity cancel

    the Tor anonymizing network, can cover their tracks on the net with the user was spying target of the NSA. The Secret Service made it but probably not the network directly to crack.

  • monitoring of foreign heads of state

    Not only Angela Merkel cell phone apparently was targeted by the NSA. The “Guardian” reported the news service had monitored telephones of 35 leading politicians. The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto had been spied on.

  • attack on Google and Yahoo

    The NSA could, according to the “Washington Post” the traffic between the data centers of the two Internet giants tap. In the data center information is stored from e-mail services, search queries or documents of the users. Meanwhile, the data should also be encrypted between the data centers be on the road.

Also at the user-friendliness of the programs had to be worked. Thus, the encryption software PGP is indeed robust and reliable, but: “Unfortunately, it is almost useless.” (Possible ways out shows the text “Encryption Against the Dark Arts” on.)

To achieve more privacy, it requires a collaborative effort of the whistleblower’s view. “We need people who attack these systems (…) and try to find the holes, so that we can close this,” he said, according to the technology blog Techcrunch.

The former intelligence officials had triggered last summer with his revelations about the NSA surveillance practice of the secret affair. He currently holds in Russia, where he has asked the beginning of July to the extension of his residence permit.

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Our technology idea pays off – Investor Publishing

when it may make sense to be somewhat speculative as an investor? If you can buy an asset priced. That’s the idea behind today’s viewing …
For years “necessary” we to have our readers “great and cheap” technology stocks. As Dr. Steve Sjuggerud already reported in detail, were (and are) some leader from the Technlogie area rated low – when you pull their huge cash positions into consideration

One way to invest in this idea is the ProShares Ultra Technology Fund (U.S. abbreviation ROM). This is a “leveraged” funds, which aim to replicate the price movements of the Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index with lever 2 (ie doubled) to replicate. Large technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco provide the lion’s share of this index.

chart ProShares Ultra Technology Fund

often is a speculative lever insert a bad idea for the investors. But the “ROM Fund” we accepted this because the technology stocks were so cheap. As you can see, this risk has paid off. The ROM fund has increased by more than 100% over the last two years. Here was the (albeit conservative) lever insert an outstanding idea.

Stansberry Research

Technology from Laiz can be found all over the world – the Swabian newspaper

Laiz sz For 50 years, the company Schäfer claims on the market. “If it’s feeling good, you have to be grateful. The shepherd GmbH is doing well, “said CEO Michael Gubisch to its guests at the anniversary celebration on Saturday. In addition to the many employees were Winfried Kretschmann Prime Minister, Landrätin Stefanie Bürkle and Elmar Belthle, came as deputy mayor Thomas Schärer, who is currently on holiday reception.

With a few employees Wolfgang Schäfer in 1964 founded the company . Today there are 250 at the locations Laiz, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Shanghai and soon in Vancouver. The company has customers in 120 countries: “We communicate in 19 languages,” Gubisch said. 2014 there will be 35 000 jobs that are processed in-house shepherd. This meant consistently flexible, creative, innovative, competent and to be present, Gubisch said. Shepherd is a world leader in its industry. “It’s like in football: We are world champions. But it also applies: Above Me, “Gubisch said. A company must change constantly, and always faster. Managing Gubisch highlighted the high performance of the employees and thanked the crew for the great commitment.

Since Sunday, Germany is world champion again and Baden-Württemberg have by the coach share it, but if the country in other areas successful: “Baden-Württemberg is home to the world market leader,” said Prime Minister Kretschmann. No matter where one is at in the world, you always encounter the quality and technology of Laiz. “Shepherd stands for the many medium-sized companies that operate globally, but are rooted here. They invest locally and strengthen the region, “praised the Prime Minister. Although Stuttgart is the state capital, but there were many economic centers throughout the country: “Nowhere else in Germany is the gap between the countryside and the cities as much as in Baden-Württemberg,” Kretschmann said

“We. must exert ourselves: We are a rich but poor country children, “said the Prime Minister, so it applies in child care and education to invest. Was important for the region’s Albstadt-Sigmaringen, who serve with their hands-on profile as professionals reservoir. Also, the country must develop a culture of welcome for immigrants to meet the demand for skilled workers. “Otherwise you can not keep the prosperity,” Kretschmann said.

Bright congratulated Landrätin Stefanie Bürkle to 50 years of success and thanked that despite globalization, the company shepherd the site Laiz keep the loyalty and aware of the research departments and local development have recently expanded. Three factors have made this success possible: the proximity to the university, the high performance of the employees and the conditions that put the country such companies. She handed the county coat of arms with the wishes, Shepherd may continue to have innovative ideas and be crowned with success.

This was followed by a tour of the halls. Jens Pallmer led the guests through production. With interest, the Prime Minister and the district administrator looked around. Managing Gubisch said: “Many graduates go to Bosch and Daimler and see that they are much earlier to take responsibility for us.”

After 15 clock citizens and families were invited to look into the production halls or over to inform career opportunities. A magician entertained the children. This could also crate towers under the supervision of firefighters stack until they dropped.

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Twitter buys technology provider – Internet World

deals and discounts have been around on Twitter, but now the short message service wants to go one step further and takes care of the technology service provider Card Spring.

Twitter buys Card Spring. The company operates an app platform to advertise their offers on the stationary dealers online that are then billed via credit and debit cards. Developers can use Spring Card to write applications for payment systems.

“We are working on the future of trade on Twitter and are confident that Card Spring and its excellent technology to fit our philosophy, “said Twitter in a post in Firmenblog.Twitter wants Spring Card as a stand-alone service and integrate the technology into its own offer.
also other social networking sites are not idle. Facebook has just brought only on mobile devices its Ads Manager and is currently testing a buy button. In June 2014 Twitter had the streaming provider Snappy TV taken.

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In Depth: figures from the technology – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Economy Calendar

Stuttgart. Symposium on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung on “The Foundation as a business model for the future: Opportunities and Risks”

Brussels. New car registrations (June) ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association

Geneva. The World Trade Organization (WTO) published the World Trade Report 2014

to 18/07/2014:
Milan. Informal Meeting of Ministers for Employment of the European Union (EU)

WestLB AG, Dusseldorf: Luxembourg. It is a judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for WestLB expects promotion








GENERAL MOTORS CORP, DETROIT, MI. before a congressional committee Board chief Mary Barra in the ignition scandal is consulted

Givaudan AG, VERNIER: Half Year Results







PSA Peugeot Citroën SA, PARIS: sales figures for the first half of the year

SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA HOLDING, GENEVA: Half-year figures

TELIASONERA AB Farsta: Semi-annual report




financial market data

Luxembourg. Consumer price index (June), production in construction (May)

Rome. Current account balance (May)

Washington. Housing starts and building permits (June), Philadelphia Fed Index (July)

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issues of the day central banks give Outlook

America’s central bank chief Janet Yellen to the Senate, the Governor of the Bank of England reports to Parliament. The Federal Statistical Office reported on the foreign trade with ice cream More

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issues of the day premiere for the new Smart

The new “Smart” has its world premiere in Berlin. America’s Fed President Yellen speaks before the House of Representatives and their house shall submit its Economic Report More

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Free Trade Agreement The next round is on

In Brussels, there is today the sixth round of negotiations between the EU and the United States on a free trade agreement. In New York, meanwhile, draws the Citigroup balance sheet and thus are on the stock exchanges in focus. More

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tomorrow’s Technology: Sniper Rifle Fires steerable munitions – ABC Online

  15.7.2014, 17:57
  12:36 min / Zoomin.TV

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Augusta Technologie AG: Group merger / conversion of legal … – Finanztreff

Augusta Technologie AG: Group merger / conversion law squeeze-out

Augusta Technologie AG / Key word (s): Letter of Intent

11.07.2014 15:05 Dissemination of an Ad

hoc announcement according to § 15 WpHG, transmitted by DGAP – a company of EQS Group AG. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of the message verantwortlich.


Absicht TKH Technology Germany AG group merger of AUGUSTA Technologie AG to TKH Technology Germany AG and desire to carry out a related method for the exclusion of the minority shareholders of AUGUSTA Technologie AG (reorganizational squeeze-out)

The TKH Technology Germany AG, Nettetal, a subsidiary of TKH Group, Haaksbergen, Netherlands, has AUGUSTA Technologie AG, Munich (ISIN De000a0D6612), announced today that they approximately 90.55% of the share capital of AUGUSTA Technologie AG (under the deposition of the Company held treasury shares) is involved.

The TKH Technology Germany AG AUGUSTA Technologie AG also announced that it for the purpose of simplifying the corporate structure a merger of AUGUSTA Technologie AG as the transferring entity at the TKH Technology Germany AG seeks as the acquiring entity and proposed to enter into negotiations to conclude a merger agreement. The merger agreement shall after notification of the TKH Technology AG Germany stipulate that in connection with the merger, the other shareholders (minority shareholders) of AUGUSTA Technologie AG in accordance with § 62 para 5 Conversion Act (Transformation Act) in conjunction with § § 327a et seq is to take place (the Act). TKH Technology AG Germany

According to the same time has a desire to § 62 paragraph 5, sentence 1 in conjunction with Transformation Act Directed § 327a para 1 AktG to AUGUSTA Technologie AG, the general meeting of AUGUSTA Technologie AG within three months of the completion of the merger agreement to transfer the shares of the remaining shareholders (minority shareholders) of AUGUSTA Technologie AG to TKH Technology Germany AG as majority shareholder may resolve against an appropriate cash compensation.

The Board of AUGUSTA Technologie AG intends to engage with the technology TKH Germany AG in negotiations on the conclusion of the merger agreement, decided in the context of which one of the minority shareholders of AUGUSTA Technologie AG should be.

Munich, July 11, 2014

The Board

AUGUSTA Technologie AG Dr. Falco spring man Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 81829 Munich Phone: +49 – (0) 89-43 57155-17 Fax: +49 – (0) 89-43 57155-57 E-mail: investor-relations @ augusta

07.11.2014 DGAP’s Distribution Services include Regulatory
Announcements, Financial / Corporate News and Press Releases.
DGAP-Media archive at and


Sprache: German Company: Augusta Technologie AG
Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 81829 Munich

Germany Phone: +49- (0) 89-4357155-17 Fax: +49- (0) 89 – 4357155-57 E-mail: falco.federmann @ augusta Internet: ISIN: De000a0D6612, DE0003705992 WKN: A0D661, 370 599 indices: CDAX, PRIMEALL exchanges: Regulated Market in Frankfurt (General Standard) ;
counter in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart

End of Announcement DGAP News-Service


Quelle: dpa-AFX

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Numeo invested in technology Xirrus – ProMediaNews

Numeo can now offer its customers by investing in the Xirrus technology from a single source. Xirrus is a leading supplier of advanced and innovative high-performance Wi-Fi networks. By array-based solutions, the networks can be precisely matched to the size of an event, the number of participants and the use of mobile devices.

Conventional wireless networks are designed for everyday use and come in larger venues rapidly both spatially and technologically to their limits. In contrast, the technique offers from Xirrus a powerful and dense coverage even in so-called high-density wireless environments such as convention centers, auditoriums, hotel meeting rooms, sports arenas or concert halls.

“Both guests and employees of a company can, for example, at a meeting of shareholders, use wireless devices that were not provided or configured by the company. With Xirrus we can ensure readily that all access policies are adhered to, “said Marcus Schlüter, Director of Numeo. “We are proud to work with the investment in the technology of Xirrus improve our service even further. Especially because we are not only the individual participants, but also the organizer can provide real added value to themselves. “

Friday, July 11, 2014

Teterower do the other thing before – North Messenger

           The first fuel cell in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Teterow goes into operation. Stadtwerke the system runs very close to the practice test.

The semi-final is done, the final is on, now will kick off. Martin Ratzke remained on the morning after the brilliant success of Jogi-Eleven in football image. Finally, the country Guild Master of Professional Association wishes for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning the success of the football players for the innovative technology in its industry.

The first fuel cell heating unit in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was in Teterow, namely at the public utilities, put into operation. Electricity and heat are generated simultaneously. Stadtwerke supply so that you administrative building.

About ten percent of the electricity demand could be covered, said CEO Klaus Reinders. In particular, for the construction and modernization of one-and two-family homes with low heat demand, this fuel cell heater is suitable. “Such things may need to touch people,” says Minister Christian level welcomes the fact that the system is in the public utilities. Now she had to spread among experts and customers recommended.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rail project is to “technology axis” – Augsburger Allgemeine

report demonstrates the economic and innovation along the train route from Ulm to Budapest

In the German section of the trans-European railway axis Paris- Vienna-Budapest bundled Economic and innovation to an extent than in any other European region. This is the central message of forecasters study on the economic importance of this space that has been previously perceived primarily as a transport corridor “Magistrale for Europe”. The report was on the weekend at an event of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Ulm and Swabia in the conference “Mobility” at the International Danube Festival in Ulm on the new coordinator of the EU Commission for the trans-European corridor “Rhine-Danube”, Karla Peijs, presents

The concept of “technology-axis” for the space between Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, Munich had been previously used rather imprecise.; now he was going and supported by this study impressively in startling clarity with data, said the Vice-President of the IHK Schwaben, Gerd Finkbeiner, who is also deputy chairman of the “Magistrale for Europe” initiative, at the presentation. The “technology-axis” could be a new “trademark” of this space.





“An axis at which economic strength brings to this extent, needed as the backbone of a modern and efficient infrastructure,” said the chief executive of the IHK Ulm, Otto Sälzle, at the presentation of the study. “Because a lot is under way, but it’s also still a lot to do.”

Finkbeiner underlined this for the Bavarian section of the highway. The high-speed train route should not be in a few years, on the border between Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria with the rail project Stuttgart-Ulm – on the bridge over the Danube between Ulm and Neu-Ulm – end. This must be enshrined in the new Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2015. Along the “technology-axis south” is, according to forecasters-seventh report of the German gross value added generated (14.8 percent). This is higher than the population in this area (11.9 percent). Even in the southern German comparison (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria) are the trade tax revenue by one-fifth, and the research and development costs for the economy by just under half higher than it would be expected the number of inhabitants. Almost a quarter of people who move within Germany or immigrate to Germany, do so in the cities and counties along the “technology-axis”, their dynamics, appeal and attraction for workers underscores.

The patent intensity is twice as high as the national average

each almost a third of all national patent applications (31.4 percent) and research and development expenses (R & D) industry (31.6 percent) account for 41 cities and counties along this axis. The patent intensity (index for Germany = 100, Examination Room = 240) and the proportion of R & D employees in the economy (210) in the study area compared to the national average more than twice as high. (Az)

“); google_ad_client =” ca-pub-8780390774800539 “; google_ad_channel =” 3846174335 “; google_ad_slot =” 5522596372 “; google_ad_width = 572; google_ad_height = 160; google_ad_type =” text “; google_font_face =” arial “; google_tfs = 15; google_color_link =” # 19517F “; google_color_text =” # 4B4A4A “; google_color_url =” # BCBCBC “; google_ui_version = 1; google_override_format = true;

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peugeot and Citroën: “HybridAir” technology make affordable – Thüringer Allgemeine



     Paris (dpa / tmn) – Peugeot and Citroën want to make with the help of a pressure accumulator hybrid, the two-liter car at affordable prices possible. In the so-called “HybridAir» Technology excess energy is stored and later released again.

                                 ”” +

Monday, July 7, 2014

Regenerative medicine: do we need in the future no longer an organ donor? – Handelsblatt

Around 11,000 people are currently waiting in Germany for a donor organ, of which there are far too few. 1,000 of these patients die each year because she failed to get the much needed organ. What if these people could be helped in the future with artificially grown organs from the laboratory would be a dream.
True to this vision works regenerative medicine. It belongs within the biomedical to the areas with the most dynamic development. Around the globe, scientists at the renovation of institutions – some with remarkable success. It is thus possible, for example, already, to breed renewable heart valves in a laboratory. Elsewhere, researchers are working to transform stem cells into fully functioning liver cells. At replacement of skin and cartilage one is already much further. For many years, there are processes new cartilage for joints from certain body’s own cartilage cells to grow. Also the disc, so the nucleus pulposus between the vertebral bodies can be constructed so again.

Modern technology and well-trained staff can make the examination more comfortable.

The latest trend in regenerative medicine is – like in the industry – the 3-D printing. The technology that will revolutionize industrial manufacturing processes, according to many experts, including regenerative medicine, could open new possibilities. Recently, scientists at Harvard have managed to develop a Biotinte, can be printed with the tissue. Specifically, three different Biotinten were produced. The first contains an extracellular matrix, which holds the fabric. The second Biotinte additionally contains living cells. The third Biotinte the researcher allows the artificial blood vessel formation in the generated tissue. So they were able to generate artificial tissue with vascular system. All this is still in the stage of basic research. Nevertheless, it is the aim of the researchers in the future to replace diseased tissue with newly printed.
Among the leading companies in this field Organovo heard from California. In November last year, the company has produced liver tissue, which had a magnitude of half a millimeter and survived a total of 40 days. Now Organovo wants to end this year, a tissue with considerably longer to print. The biggest challenge is the production of the vascular system that supplies the tissue with vital oxygen and nutrients.

Eight Tips to protect the heart from stress

  • Change in the bird’s-eye

    Try the situation that prepares you frustration, deliberately by above or to look at from the outside. To build an inner distance on current events. For example: “., The Jam, where I am standing, is a fact that I can not change When I get upset, I is getting worse the situation only.”

  • Do you exercise

    Sports was named one of the German Heart Foundation on the best ways to get rid of stress. Half an hour of exercise, be it walking, swimming or tennis, can accomplish perceived miracle.

  • The evil at the root of the problem

    Although the causes of stress can not always be correct, such as a difficult boss. For stress in the relationship focused discussions can help. This applies not already applied to go this week, but would rather wait a few days and can also sink all the arguments and counter-arguments

  • practice relaxation techniques.

    yoga, autogenic training and Co. are touted again and again – but they are not any help. The German Heart Foundation recommends a pragmatic approach: If a method brings relaxation, it is also good – if not, you should try other things. While some people relax alone and in complete silence, others prefer about the instructions in a group. The chosen technique should be practiced in any case regularly, so that it is also available in acute stress situations.

  • Start your “counter-proposal “

    Under the” counter-proposal “is the constant care of personal interests, whether they are singing in a choir, football matches or stamp collecting. So activities that stimulate us and a positive challenge and thus distract from negative stress.

  • exile for relaxation Killer

    TV, although may seem relaxing, but it is passive and does not reach a sustainable Stress Reduction – valuable time in which you can handle and shake off the hassles of the day, is therefore lost. It can help to make a plan on which days you can leave out the TV in any case, and instead revive an old hobby again or can arrange a meeting with friends.

  • care with drugs

    remedies that promise reassurance while there are – but they should always come only under control of a physician for use, and not simply be ordered on their own on the internet. As an example, calls the German Heart Foundation benzodiazepines are unsuitable for long-term stress management because they make depends very short time, and can also have significant side effects (concentration difficulties, dizziness).

  • Make Just who much to do to your diet

    and have 48-hour day, has often pays insufficient on its diet . It will then quickly eaten the wrong thing and too much and often drank too much alcohol. Along with lack of exercise can lead to obesity, which may increase dissatisfaction and frustration feelings yet. A repertoire of quick and healthy meals you should define the best is about from the Mediterranean cuisine.

The fact that we will soon no longer need an organ donor, because the 3-D printer prints the necessary organs in the future, but is still way off. The researchers are indeed world on the right path, but until from the basic research practically applicable medicine is likely to be many years go by.
Especially the developments would have to be first tested extensively and successfully on humans, so the authorities an authorization could consider. But to test chemical substances or drugs, for example, on their toxicity, but the printed fabric could have come much faster to use.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What is behind the turbulator technology in the PING G30 Driver? – Exclusive Golfing

Again a new driver, which promises more length! PING combined ball speed and precision with improved aerodynamics plus a new face design and materials. The result for golfers: a significant length advantage, without at the same key properties such as checking or Fehlerverzeihbarkeit lost. But what’s up with the new turbulator technology is all about? Patented there should be this only at PING.

 G30-Driver-Photo Credit-PING

Ca. for € 319 is the new Driver übern counter.

The visually most easily recognizable innovation of the G30 Drivers are the patented turbulators, which were incorporated into the racket crown. Their development is based on findings from aviation and other sports industries, which deal mainly with the subject of speed. The turbulators technology reduces drag significantly, by regulating the flow of air in and around the club head, thereby increasing clubhead speed. The wind tunnel tests have shown that the air resistance in the Driver head plays a major role. This advantage but was then documented by the tests of the players. As Bubba Watson the turbulators tried for the first time, his Schlägerkopfgeschwindigekit increased by two miles per hour, and the ball speed increased by four miles per hour, which meant a total length can be increased by nine meters for him. Video on YouTube:

<- Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin: -> The entire G30 series benefited from the innovative clubface technology and new materials, including the introduction of T9s Titanium with the drivers. Through its use thinner club face and weight savings are possible. This in turn allows the displacement of the center of gravity down and back.

The G30 SF Tec Driver option is specifically for player intended to land their balls usually right from the target. In playtest showed that the G30 SF Tec Driver, in which more weight was shifted to the heel and the swing weight is slightly lighter, the form of this trajectory by up to eleven meters compared to the standard G30 Driver improved. PING has also increased the range of adjustability five Loftpositionen for Driver and Fairway woods. Mass and the volume are as much remained the same as in PING fixed hosel, so all the benefits of adjustability be used without the performance suffers. The lightweight hosel allows the golfer to change the loft to six-tenths or a full number of degrees up or down to optimize the launch conditions

Product Description and technical specifications:.

G30 Adjustable Driver : The turbulators on the crown of the 460cc Titanium large head reduce air resistance, promote higher clubhead and ball speed and the accuracy of Drives. In addition, the turbulators also help in targeting and alignment. The slightly higher ratio of strength and weight of the material used allows the construction of a thinner T9s-face, from departing the balls faster. In addition, it saves a four grams of weight. This allows you to focus a bit lower and further back position in any PING driver currently available, resulting in a relatively high trajectory and optimized spin with a high moment of inertia. The SF Tec club heads promote especially when players land their balls otherwise the right of the goal, the ball flight from right-to-left. To optimize launch angle and spin, there is also the possibility for the golfer to reduce the loft through the trajectory changes + technology is one degree or to increase. The focus of the TFC 419 D shaft is relatively high and close to the handle end and promotes a simultaneous increase of energy, momentum and moment of inertia. The Custom Tuning Port can be equipped with different weight inserts and allows PING to achieve the desired swing weight in a whole series of shafts that are not part of the standard program

-. Lofts 9 ° & 10.5 ° in the standard head, 10 ° & 12 ° in SF Tec Model (can be changed by + – 6/10 or 1 degree)

– Standard Graphite Shaft: PING TFC 419d (Soft R, R, S, X)

– hour Length 45.75 Inch, D3, 206g (Standard); D1, 203g (SF Tec), 460cc

– RRP € 319

Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond says VR technology will change games –

Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Toronto has dared to take a peek into the future in a recent interview while on the emerging virtual reality technology into focus. As Raymond says that the new technology will change the way of gaming strong.

“We are on the threshold, I think of great breakthroughs in technology will change the game,” Raymond said. “The fourth dimension refers to the virtual reality; not only the display technology but also the new input technologies that go with it. This is the way how we interact with these types of games change. “

would also have an idea for a Board Game experience:” For VR I would like a kind Parkour Game in weightlessness, in which one navigates in a space suit around and can have an experience as it can only have Chris Hadfield or other selected astronauts else, “said Raymond on. “Look down on the earth and try to create something in weightlessness and to pay attention to the oxygen and stuff.”


Friday, July 4, 2014

Connected Car attracts speculators in technology stocks – THE WORLD


article by e-mail
Connected Car attracts speculators in technology stocks

electronic arms race cars, a billion-dollar market. And on the gold rush, investors can earn the

                  electronic arms race cars, a billion-dollar market. And on the gold rush, investors can earn the

The trend towards networked car could develop for many suppliers to a true gold mine. The rise of technology and telecom values ​​will rapidly accelerate, according to experts by the advance of technology, which decreases more and more work to the driver at the wheel. For around the technology with chips and sensors, software, and a touch screen in a market worth billions developed: The French bank Exane BNP Paribas estimates the volume of sales in the next decade to more than 35 billion euros

“This is not a distant dream but a five-year race, where you earn money or can let it stay,” says BNP analyst Stuart Pearson. By 2020, the sales of products for the connected car will grow annually by 30 percent

already new cars to be upgraded electronically. From navigation, communication and Entertainment on board computer next to the control to the first step of the automated driving, such as parking, the automatic stopping of the engine at traffic lights or cruise control for spacing in traffic. According to the findings of the British consulting firm Machina Research currently have only ten percent of cars have a built-board computer, in 2020 only ten percent will be traveling without a permanent connection to the Internet.

The German premium carmaker Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen subsidiary Audi work as well as Toyota or Nissan with technology partners on automated driving. Google does not just like Apple supplies the technology for clever on-board computer, but now works even on a small car who no longer needs a driver. Part Automated driving as parking aids or start-and-stop system have to offer today new cars. With the mass production fully automatic cars driving the industry expects in the coming decade.

Benefit thereof according to analyst chip manufacturers such as Infineon, Intel, Qualcomm and Texas instrument. The large telecom providers who earn the traffic, are in the gold rush there. With sales in the billions also expect the two largest German automotive supplier Continental and unlisted Bosch Group, which provide electronic parts such as sensors and touchpads. For the two market leaders for navigation maps TomTom and Nokia the connected car is a success key. If they can defend their dominance in the expansion of networked driving, trust BNP analyst Pearson Nokia a price increase of 13 percent, TomTom even an increase of 32 percent. “For investors, it is the long term wiser to bet on stocks like Microsoft and Infineon instead of the auto manufacturers,” said Christian Jimenez, fund manager of Diamond Bleu Gestion.

that have long been recorded weather investors, showing the success of the French stock market debutants Blue Solutions. On its first day of trading in October the manufacturer of batteries for electric cars the stock was oversubscribed 15 times, since then it has risen by 130 percent. The course of AKKA Technologies, which developed the prototype of a driverless electric cars has increased six-fold since 2009.

Apple now has nine other car brands as partners for the integration its equipment and services obtained and completed by a rival to Google. Apple leads on the website of its platform CarPlay the logos of 29 car brands to over 28 at Google’s Android car. Both platforms have similar functions and are mainly the integration of iPhones and Android phones make it easier in the vehicles.

When partners circle of Apple and Android, there are in addition extensive overlap but also striking differences. For example, Audi, Opel, Ford, Volvo and Fiat want to support both platforms. In contrast, BMW and Mercedes are so far represented only in the Apple camp – and Volkswagen and Skoda only in Android. Likewise, there is also a dividing line in the luxury car manufacturers: Ferrari and Jaguar Apple can boast, Google contrast, Maserati and Bentley

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Paying by Fingerprint: Yapital tests new technology – PR Newswire (press release)

Luxembourg (ots / PRNewswire) – fingerprint scan as a possible alternative for PIN entry / first European cross-channel User Experience Payment will constantly improve

The goal, with meaningful innovations, the user Experience to improve continuously: The first European cross-channel Payment Yapital currently testing the payment by fingerprint scanning. The technology could replace the PIN when paying with your smartphone.

“Yapital has to make the claim, new technical possibilities available very quickly if they actually continue to optimize the user experience,” says Oliver Kress, senior vice president of innovation at Yapital: “Now that the big Smartphone integrated manufacturers devices for fingerprint scanning into their products, we immediately started appropriate tests. ” It’ll go find out about whether new technologies to meet the demands for usability and security of Yapital. “There must be for the consumer to be simple, intuitive and secure – then we implement it,” said Kress.

The payment process with the fingerprint was already the third major innovation of the cross-channel payments this year: Yapital 2014 has been the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is presented as well as the purchase by QR Code Scan directly from the ad space, so from the shop window out or away from the poster.

 publisher of the press release Yapital Financial AG 5 Rue Eugène Ruppert L-2453 Luxembourg 

the Yapital Financial AG

Yapital is the first European cashless cross-channel payment across all channels: stationary, mobile, online and by invoice. The handling is easy, fast and secure: After the online registration, the user can immediately across all channels with Yapital make payments, send and receive money.

For business customers is Yapital a guaranteed payment method – that is process-safety and reduces administrative costs. In addition Yapital tiles seamlessly from all trade and service channels and thus allows to make marketing channels to distribution channels. Business customers can therefore with Yapital not only reduce costs, but at the same time open up sales potential.

Yapital was founded in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. The Yapital Financial Ltd is licensed in Luxembourg as an electronic money institution.

For more information about Yapital:





 Contact Martin Zander Yapital Financial AG Tel: +352-203-10-111 Email 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Technology and magic on the Developer Week – Internet World

“Magic” developments in hardware, software and cloud – that’s the point on the Developer Week 2014 in Nuremberg. Also included: A keynote address by Dirk Primbs (Google) on the future of technology.

From 14 to June 17, 2014 opens the Developer Week (DWX) in Nuremberg its doors – with more than 250 sessions, more than 150 speakers and an exhibition with more than 40 partners. The developer conference sheds light on current developments in hardware, software, and cloud and provides answers to the challenges of the future

Under the motto. “Develop future and conjure technology – including hardware, software and cloud come together” Dirk is Primbs, Developer Relations Regional Lead. Google, in his closing keynote to show which modules can already be “conjured up” today and how hardware, software and cloud grow together in the future

Previously, Oliver Sturm, Training Director at DevExpress, in the opening keynote, where the stumbling blocks in the implementation of complex projects and how they can be mastered together with software architects, decision-makers and donors.

Quadrocopter and 3D printing

Also unusual is offered: Participants of the DWX 2014 have the option on 15 07. himself once try out a Quadrocopter. An experienced pilot shows in the flight school, how to survive the first round with the aircraft without accident. A total of five Quadrocopter for participants are available. In the future, such drones could take for example the delivery of packages – one thought, to which many have yet to get used to.

More Specials: experience live among other 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi Workshop. The Raspberry Pi is a full Linux PC. At the programmable GPIO interface electronics can be connected – for many software developers, the optimal entry into the world of the Maker.

The DWX is a brand of media and training company New Media company Ulm, which also includes the INTERNET WORLD Business heard.

At the developer conference I / O Google has recently shown how it imagines the future: With the Android operating system the company wants to penetrate into all areas of life – and pushes thus also on criticism.

Drone – “entry into a new, risky technology” – Sü

The Bundeswehr is to be equipped with combat drones, calls on the Defence Minister. But some experts fear that such machines will decide in the future even on the use of military force. This needs to already countermeasures, says the green security expert Agnieszka Brugger.

from Markus C. Schulte of Drach

Does the Bundeswehr combat drones? Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) says yes, just like the soldiers and some defense experts. But there are also experts who see the technology too great a risk. Among them is Agnieszka Brugger, spokeswoman for security policy and disarmament, and chairwoman of the Defence Committee of the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen wants the Bundeswehr with equip drones that can be armed. They are against it. Why

Agnieszka Brugger: So far, Mrs von der Leyen has remained the security policy justification for the acquisition guilty. For which inserts Germany needs for now combat drones? So far, only the mission in Afghanistan was always cited as a scenario. The is coming to an end. The Minister would have to say clearly that they can imagine such a foreign assignment in principle again in the immediate future.

soldiers demand combat drones to protect them. Is not that understandable

The argument is not so easy to wipe off the table. The protection of servicemen and women is indeed important. But this is a highly controversial rightly weapon system, which marks the entry into a new, risky technology.

What are the dangers?

Modern UAV systems have already in some areas autonomously functioning components. Your computer cost as of huge amounts of image material that people already can not understand her every move in real time. Drones take about today based on certain characteristics of people on the recordings themselves the target selection. So it may come to attacks on unidentified people who only behave suspiciously, called Signature Strikes .

When the final decision rests with the people, where is the contrast with the use of a combat aircraft?

There are among experts fear that will almost inevitably take place a development into fully autonomous systems here. Drones could not select only the goal but also decide on the use of military force then. This is not a pure science fiction scenario. It’s about a rapid development that threatens us in the coming years and we need to counteract already.

Mrs von der Leyen wants Parliament can decide whether the drones are to be armed. So then, the Bundestag would control such operations.

I do not know how this would work. She tries here seem to hide behind the Bundestag. The course concludes the mandates of Bundeswehr missions abroad. But the concrete tasks of such an insert dictate the Minister and the federal government. Parliament has not the opportunity to vote, to request edits or on certain questions in general. That’s why I was very surprised this announcement.

Von der Leyen used for combat drones ” The starting point of the protection of our soldiers “

The Bundeswehr is to obtain armed drones by the will of the Minister of Defence. This should be allowed to be used but only with the consent of Parliament.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BUSINESS WIRE: New technology is changing way of treatment of … – Finanztreff


ST. PAUL (Minnesota, USA) – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 01.07.2014 –

thorax Medical announced today the release of new data from two leading U.S. hospitals are known by which the safety and efficacy of LINX Reflux Treatment system for patients with reflux esophagitis (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease; GERD) is further evidenced suffer

A chronic reflux esophagitis, if you do not quite responsive to medical treatment, lead to serious complications. inter alia, to precancerous Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer. The symptoms are often debilitating, as daily pain, difficulty swallowing, and trouble sleeping may belong. The disease may also be problems with upper respiratory tract, such as asthma and bronchitis / pneumonia, may be connected. The commonly prescribed to treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease medical treatment (for acid suppression drugs) do not fix the actual cause of the disease, in a weak sphincter (valve) between the stomach and esophagus.

C. Daniel Smith, MD, professor of surgery at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville (Florida), recently published his experience with the magnetic Schließmuskelaugmentationssystem LINX Journal of the American College of Surgeons . “Our clinical experience with the LINX system fit to the observations that have been made in controlled trials. It is important that we look at LINX as a new treatment option for patients who suffer permanent, despite taking medication at reflux esophagitis. The opportunity to offer patients a minimally invasive treatment, with her esophagus sphincter is restored without major side effects, has long been a clinical need, the LINX apparently can meet, “said Dr. Smith.

In a second study which was recently published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery , are results with LINX by Brian Louie, MD, chief thoracic research and education, with colleagues from the Swedish Cancer Institute and Medical Center in Seattle (Washington) presented. The team examined the Schließmuskelaugmentation with LINX and case-specific sphincter reconstructions for which the gastric fundus of the patient was used (Nissen fundoplication). The study results showed that both LINX and fundoplication brought significant improvements of symptoms of reflux, such as heartburn, reflux (regurgitation) and cough with it. Patients who LINX got used, it fell after the procedure, however, push open easily, and they had less bloating and less often the feeling of a bloated abdomen -. Symptoms that are usually associated with a laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication surgery

“The LINX device seems to restore the sphincter barrier function and maintain normal physiology, belching and vomiting enables,” said Dr. Brian Louie. “LINX is a significant new surgical treatment option for patients in whom medical treatment does not strike and the worsening of reflux esophagitis to suffer.”

The LINX device is tested in clinical trials for more than seven years. With these studies, the documents are augmented and substantiated that the LINX System is an effective and medically necessary treatment manner within the range of treatments for patients who suffer from reflux esophagitis.


The reflux esophagitis (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD) is a chronic, often progressive disease that is due to a weak lower esophageal sphincter, making reflux harmful gastric juices occurs in the esophagus, which leads to both pain as well as lesions in the lining of the esophagus. The symptoms of GERD are heartburn and vomiting, often accompanied by chronic sleep disruption. The disease can also persistent cough, excessive throat clearing, hoarseness, and a feeling of having a “lump” in the throat cause. Acid blockers such as Prevacid ® ® , Nexium ® and Prilosec ® inhibit the production of stomach acid, but do not eliminate the defect in the sphincter of the esophagus, causing recurrent reflux allows will. GERD is a precancerous condition known as Barrett’s esophagus, associated, which increases the risk of esophageal cancer.

The LINX Reflux Management System

LINX is a small implant, which consists of interconnected titanium beads with magnetic cores. The magnetic attraction between the beads increases the existing sphincter muscle force of the esophagus, thereby preventing the reflux. The device is implanted by means of a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure and standard provides an alternative to more anatomically engaging fundoplication, which is usually used as a surgical method for reflux control. The LINX ® ® Reflux Management System is indicated for patients having demonstrated on the basis of abnormal pH values ​​a reflux esophagitis (GERD) is diagnosed, and still suffering from chronic GERD symptoms, although the maximum medical therapy have received for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux.

LINX requires a surgical procedure and is associated with potential risks, contraindications and lifestyle changes. For more information about LINX, including a brief description of the risks, see

thorax Medical

thorax Medical Inc. a private medical device company headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thorax Medical Inc. develops and markets products to treat sphincter disorders using its technology platform, Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation (MSA). Thorax Medical currently marketed both the LINX ® Reflux Management System for the treatment of GERD in the U.S. and Europe as well as the FENIX ™ Continence Restoration System for the treatment of fecal incontinence in Europe. For more detailed information, please visit

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