Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Xbox One: Big Brother in the living room - Times Online

The Xbox one observed over the Kinect motion control up to six players. Who’s laughing, who sleeps, who plays what? The data could also send it to Microsoft.

A visitor to the Microsoft PR show photographed the new Xbox, which in turn can observe users.

A visitor to the Microsoft PR Show photographed the new Xbox, which in turn can observe users.

One of the Xbox, Microsoft has introduced a lot more than a simple DADDELKISTE: If the device is a system that is closely linked with social networks and observed the way with Kinect, what’s going on in the living room. According to current knowledge, the Xbox One only runs when the Kinect is plugged in and turned on. This means that even in standby mode, the unit always listens into the living room to wait for the voice command to activate


One Xbox and Kinect then run, the system can detect a lot of personal data: it can distinguish the man from the Kinect lens and reliably detect even if the people have a good-humored expression or not and what they deal so what game they are playing or which channel they follow as closely. The new Kinect can watch up to six people at a time, according to Microsoft.? ?


Supposedly, most of these operations so not only run on the device itself, on Microsoft’s servers -., which is understandable, because the manufacturer incurred approximately two Gigabit per second of video and audio data

date can only be hoped that Microsoft still explains in detail what data is collected and forwarded. Also unclear is how the system is secured against access by third parties, which is about trying to look to the room of minors by hack.

? ? interesting in this context: In November 2012 Microsoft filed a patent application. Describes the idea of ??ensuring the observance of licensing and protection of youth by camera and sensor technology. What this might mean in doubt that the appliance with illegally copied software sounding an alarm – if the should be able to run on the Xbox One somehow. Or that it stops the operation of an age restricted program once a minor enters the living room. These scenarios are currently not very likely, but they are also conceivable.

Probably, however, is that Microsoft is attempting to use the Kinect to capture accurate data for the advertising industry. Especially as these can be linked to social networks with other data thanks to the integration of the unit, as with those of Facebook.

privacy comes into play: Probably Microsoft to collect information about the use of games or games, but not about the behavior of users. It will be interesting to see whether the group thereby provides sufficient transparency.

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