Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google Conference I / O in the log: Google presents "All Access" streaming ... - ABC Online

a three-hour keynote started Google’s developer conference I / O. Google showed the fully renovated Maps mapping service, a new music streaming service and intelligent search capabilities. Devices such as the new Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 did not exist. All information in the ticker gleaning

21.32 clock. That’s it, the keynote is over

clock 21:20.
Page continue answered questions from the audience. It is unlikely then that is something else. It is thus clear: Google has introduced no new devices. That the successor to the Nexus 7 tablet would be shown, was considered safe. Many speculated about the Nexus 5, also to Google Glass there was nothing new. Google has a lot of presents innovations – Maps, Search and Google+ have been improved, the music service Spotify calls out. But hardware? Was not there, this time

clock 21:06.
The Q & A session is still running. It’s about more philosophical questions about web culture. Larry Page criticized Microsft because the company was too little open – and explains the importance of freedom of expression

20:57 clock:
Larry Page now answered questions – the. is very unusual for such an event. Many people put in themselves. Actually, the keynote by 21 clock to the end shall be. If there’s devices are shown

20:54 clock:
Page talks about technical progress. “Imagine how self-driving cars would change our lives,” It would be fewer accidents and more freedom, because you would have to spend less time behind the wheel.

20:46 clock:

Google CEO Larry Page takes the stage. The audience cheers
This is a surprise -. Stimmabnd he suffered from paralysis. Page speaks slow, but understandable. He says that many technical innovations are of course today, but also about the various devices by Google. “We should build great things that do not exist yet,” he explains. At the same time he criticized the people seiene to negative attitude towards technology. There must be more innovations.

20:44 clock: users can view above the earth in the sky in real time the clouds. And the stars of heaven. Even if Google all the time on the future of the search said the new Google Maps is available today. And it looks good. The mobile version comes in summer clock 20:38. A look at the future of maps. In the future, the cards can be personalized and learn – and remember what the user searched for and found to be good. The route planner can compare how long the trip takes by car or by public transport – which is displayed directly on the map. Google Earth images to be integrated into Maps – directly in the browser

clock 20:33. Some demos of Google Maps, for example, on tablets – it will be a specially provide customized version. The new features for maps come from summer. No surprise: the new design of Google Maps was already leaked in advance. Google Maps looks tidier. You can now watch directly from the map as the inside of restaurants

clock 20:27. At least in the U.S. you can now deals and coupons
display. The navigation is improved. New: congestion and accidents are displayed, users can view how they can avoid congestion

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