Saturday, May 25, 2013

Google X wants to bring Africa and Southeast Asia online - PCMasters Hardware Portal

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future so should be able to go online via broadband connection, large parts of Africa and Asia, according to data you want to work with a wireless technology that works among other things, TV frequencies, satellites and balloons.

The Wall Street Journal seems to know informed sources that the networks result in sub-Saharan part of Africa and Southeast Asia.

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goal is targeted while another billion people outside the cities to provide them with Internet access as well as to ensure the people in the cities a better internet supply. Here, a collaboration with local Internet and phone providers is essential, as each country has different weaknesses and thus it is not a technique that solves the problem comprehensively.


does Google as mentioned earlier on various techniques in some countries on TV frequencies, elsewhere on balloons and inflatable airships, blimps also called as height platform. Google already leads to discussions with regulatory authorities in South Africa and Kenya to release. In addition, we also work with O3b Networks, a satellite operator, which is funded by Google, together, this will launch a satellite in 2013, which enables mobile Internet. The joint venture had received a capital of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in November 2010. O3bs satellites will be placed in a 8,000-kilometer orbit to Earth.


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