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Running Microsoft Xbox reception with the One - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© AP After eight years, the successor to the Xbox 360 will soon be on the market

the science fiction film classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the villain Hal 9000, consists of circuits has camera eyes and microphone ears. The supercomputer controls a spaceship, with the astronauts on the search for extraterrestrial life flying towards Jupiter. The astronauts can verbally give instructions to the computer, but during the flight he developed a life of its own and eventually directed against the people whose emotions he has previously analyzed with microphones and camera red eye exactly.

On Tuesday introduced its new video game console, Xbox One, the software company Microsoft, not only play with the user, but also can watch TV or watch videos. You can control them with voice and movements, which receives the console microphones and called Kinect sensor on the front page and analyzed. One of the new capabilities of the console that the user can put the command “Xbox On” in motion. But that again is only possible because the microphones are turned on continuously, which some German data protection is worrying.

“users who face the new Xbox into your own living room should be clear that a monitoring system so that they get into the house,” says Marit Hansen, the deputy head of the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein. Theoretically, it is possible with the Microsoft game console, listen and spy where the Xbox One will be in the future the room. In addition, the built-in game console camera corresponds to the highest standard.

is high resolution and has an infrared sensor. Also incorporated is a facial recognition, so that the game console, for example, distinguish between individuals in order to offer them their favorite games or movies. In addition, the microphones themselves in a room with background noise to filter out the language of that which controls the game console straight.

With all the many things are theoretically feasible, says Marit Hansen. Thus, it is conceivable that the Xbox One listens during operation a domestic quarrel and then fades in an advertisement for a consulting partner on the screen. Or that a movie is playing and the console noted that a child is in the room, and therefore hides adult scenes. Finally, as with any technology there is a danger that she was manipulated, and potential attackers use it to spy on users.

The latest object of desire in the universe Gamer: The Xbox One © AFP The latest object of desire in the universe Gamer: The Xbox One

The press office of Microsoft Germany points out that features such as voice recognition and facial recognition in the new Xbox One will run locally. This means that about promotional data is not shared with third parties. The company also points out that in every country in which it is active, the respective legal and thus also note the Privacy Policy.

Marit Hansen confirmed that the company had worked at the open policy in the past. “But just because the Xbox is so much more feasible, we need a transparent discussion about what data such as Microsoft and what does,” says Hansen. At the latest when the company probably provides the device around Christmas to Germany, will therefore check their data protection center, as it keeps the software company in the new console with the Privacy Policy.

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Microsoft – Current Reception with the Xbox One


Reception in Progress with the Xbox One

From Martin Gropp

The new Xbox One can identify with its microphones and cameras users. Privacy advocates worry about the functions of the new game console from Microsoft.

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