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Apple presents acidic figures – financial and economic

The IT giant reported first time in thirteen years a decline in sales. Debt is the slump in iPhone business. The shares suffered hefty losses.

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The misery in the technology sector continues. Following last week already the industry heavyweights Microsoft ( MSFT 51.44 – 1.29% ) have and Google disappointed with the quarterly results, also awaits Apple ( AAPL 104.35 – 0.69 % ) with a poor result on. Particularly weak fall sales for iPhone, which are the first decline in the Group’s history.

“In view of the very difficult economic environment, our team has worked extremely well,” to CEO Tim Cook can quote in the press release though. However, on Wall Street the verdict turns out harshly. The shares Apple slumped more than 8% on Tuesday evening after the result publication in after hours trading. This corresponds to a destruction of the market value by more than 46 billion $

from the iPhone

Apple has increasingly developed. Depending to a mobile phone manufacturers. The iPhone comes now on for 65% of revenue. The harder strikes by the slump in the mobile market: Compared to the same period of the iPhone sales shrank by 16% to almost 51 million units. This is a novelty, but Apple has reported since the introduction of smart phones in 2007 steadily increased sales.

According to negative to reflect a decline in the performance record noticeable. Group revenues 13% dropped to $ 50.6 billion, and net income decreased 22% to $ or $ 1.90 per share 10.5 billion. Both benchmarks miss expectations. Analysts had expected in advance with almost $ 52 billion in revenue and $ 2 profit per share.

Check in China

By Region fiscal bonded in place specifically in China. In the second most important for Apple market to America, revenues declined by 26%. It also runs the company from Silicon Valley not only in the iPhone business worse. Even when selling iPad tablet and Mac computers, the trend was negative. For Apple Watch, the group makes still no precise information.

The last time Apple had in 2003 to report a drop in sales. Since then, the stock market value of IT giants has multiplied by 5 to $ 580 billion. Much to the price rises, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus had contributed with larger screens and the market entry in China recently. The fact that this success is difficult to surpass, it was clear for some time. Unexpectedly, however, is how much of the course of business has slowed.

View disappointed

Rapid improvement is not in sight. The next-generation iPhone is expected to launch until the autumn, which will initially lack pushing Apple. For the current quarter, the company predicts a turnover of $ 41 to 43 billion. Again, this is a decrease compared to the same period last year (49 billion $ ) and significantly less than the $ 47 billion well, the analysts have previously estimated. The gross margin is expected to move from 37.5 to 38%. On Wall Street, however, was hoping for more than 39%.

No slowdown is emerging, however, as regards the dividends. On the contrary: “We have achieved a strong operating cash flow of $ 11.6 billion in the March quarter and $ 10 billion returned to shareholders,” says Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri. That by 2018 ongoing distribution program will be increased by 50 to $ 250 billion.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chinese buy technology Regensburger – Mittelbayerische



 A start-up company from the BioPark has developed a new cardiac surgical method. In Germany it was too little capital.
By Christine Hochreiter, MZ


Regensburg “money for new cardiac surgical method wanted” – with this headline our media company reported in December 2013, the Transcatheter Technologies GmbH , Dr. Wolfgang Götz, Managing Director of Regensburger start-up company, described at the time how difficult his young company is doing in raising capital. Investors with a long breath were scarce, complained of physicians. With his company, the heart surgeon wanted to promote a novel catheter-based technique that comes with aortic stenosis (narrowing) of the heart used. It is to avoid the risk of open heart surgery especially in the frequently affected older patients.

 With his engineering partner Hou-Sen Lim Götz had first developed a prototype. The capital came from the Hightech Gründerfonds of the Federal Ministry of Economics, of Bayern Kapital and KfW. The young company was also supported by private investors, who were inspired for innovation. When collecting capital of Regensburg came but quickly reach their limits. His experience: “Venture capital is in this country to acquire rare and difficult. It is called in such a way, but a risk going into very few venture capital companies. You want to prefer to see the same sales flow. “Initiated

Active Contacts

In September 2013, three people were in South America for the first time operated with the new method. Götz yesterday for MZ: “The patient still living today very well with our heart valve.” Up to product maturity and the market authorization was, however, you still a large study in Europe with 60 patients needed. Götz had it estimated around 20 million euros and sought global investors who have a longer breath of “two and a half years”.

When this failed, the management decided mid-2015 for sale technology. Götz: “We have actively initiated contacts and sought bids.” Earlier this year, it finally came to a bidding contest between an American and Chinese companies, in which Venus Medtech from the People’s Republic was awarded the contract. According Götz offering the Chinese was financially attractive. wants to height and medicine entrepreneur may not manifest themselves.

The company is resolved

The novel catheter-based method is used for aortic stenosis (narrowing) of the heart used. Photo: Network Nordbayern

According to the press release is Venus Medtech in the People’s Republic is a leading heart valve developer. Based on the technology of Transcatheter Technologies will develop a product portfolio of next generation for the Chinese and international market and promote Venus Medtech (HangZhou). “Venus Medtech will significantly expand its presence as a provider of heart valve products on the world market through the acquisition of heart valve technologies of the next generation of Transcatheter Technologies”, Eric Zi, Director of Venus Medtech is quoted.

“Transcatheter Technologies was founded with the goal of making the non-invasive heart valve implantation safer, so that more patients can benefit from the procedure. The contract with Venus Medtech helps us continue this mission. He will also promote the further development of our technology platform of the next generation for the treatment of different structural heart disease in the Chinese market, “said Götz.

According to information, the Management Regulations envisage that Wolfgang Götz and Hou-Sen Lim Venus Medtech will support over a period of up to three months in the transition to the acquired technology and marketing. The company Transcatheter will initially exist even further, but resolved after the distribution of the remaining assets to investors.

Already new plans in mind

The aim of the start-up -Unternehmens it was – as usual – was to develop a technology and then sell. According Götz the company purpose was fulfilled, an innovative method that has been tested in the clinic to market. The innovative medical entrepreneur again, however, has new ideas in my head. He is already thinking about new technologies and the creation of a new company in BioPark after.

The manager of the BioPark Dr. Thomas Diefenthal delighted that another successful product of the BioPark Regensburg can conquer the world market. But he has one wish: “It would be nice if more institutions and private investors could recognize and exploit the opportunities for profitable investment in technologies locally.”

 For more reports from the (regional) economy can be read here.



Nokia buys networking specialist Withings – Ludwig Kreiszeitung

Espoo / Paris (dpa) – Nokia wants more enter into business with consumers again with the purchase of Withings. The French company which manufactures, among other body scales, clocks, thermometers, and security cameras with wireless connection is rated at 170 million euros.


The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter. Photo: Sanjeev Gupta


The acquisition should be completed by the third quarter, the companies announced. As part of Nokia you’ll be able to reach more customers, said the co-founder and CEO of Withings, Cédric Hutchings.

The company founded in 2008, is a pioneer in the business with devices that collect health data and using Apps be evaluated. On the scale followed a sphygmomanometer and a camera that can also measure air quality.

With the clock Activité that looks like a classic timepiece, but may use sensors, among other steps, sat Withings a trend. Meanwhile, also set several Swiss watch manufacturers on the principle. Recently introduced in January Withings an infrared thermometer before.

In the market plunge, many providers, while consumers are still hesitant. Withings has with its range of products one of the more rounded deals in the business. This is important because the devices often work only with their own apps the seller together. At the same time Apple and Google are trying to facilitate with overarching platforms communication between devices from different manufacturers.

It is not the first time that an emerging Smart Home specialist will be taken up by an established group. Samsung bought in the summer of 2014 the Heimvernetzer Smart Things and integrated the technology into their products. Google bought two years ago for around three billion dollars the company Nest, which competes with Withings also use a security camera.

Nokia focused after the sale of the mobile phone business to Microsoft on the equipment of telecom networks as its core business. Under the Nokia name but a tablet has also been sold. CEO Rajeev Suri did not rule out that it could be re-Nokia phones after the naming rights of Microsoft. However, the Finnish company will not be a complete mobile phone manufacturers more: The device could be developed at Nokia and built under license by another company, it was



AMS shares break a – financial and economic


(AWP) The semiconductor manufacturer AMS ( AMS 23.4 – 20:54% ) reported a decline in sales and profits in the first quarter 2016th The acquisition of CMOSIS has the results more heavily than expected by analysts. The outlook is cautiously and the company expects an unchanged volatility in demand.

Revenues decreased compared to the same period by 11% to € 137.2 million, as the company announced after market close on Monday evening , AMS himself had made sales worth between € 131 to 138 million in prospect.

The gross profit margin, including the acquisition-related amortization remained stable at 54%. The EBIT decreased to € 19.7 million from 38.2 million before acquisition-related expenses, a value of 26.0 million (-35%) were recorded. In addition, adjusted for the cost of share-based compensation amounts to operating profit 28.2 million (-38%). Net profit finally fell to 13.6 million from 42.2 million in the start quarter 2015

This expected profit development encompasses effects from current to higher level R & amp;. D costs following the acquisition of CMOSIS, writes AMS.

the figures provided by AMS have analysts’ forecasts slightly exceeded the revenue, but clearly missed on the earnings level.

weak demand in the smartphone market

in the first quarter we have listed attractive results, despite the weak demand in the smartphone and consumer market, which went clearly beyond the typical seasonality, it is noted that. In addition, general seasonal effects and a volatile customer behavior were stated

The Consumer & amp. Communications product lines were the main influencing factors for the business unchanged, it is noted that. The light sensor business had again delivered the largest total sales contribution. The industrial, medical and automotive have achieved positive results thanks to its wide range of products. Pattern delivery of new environmental sensors were launched as planned to industrial customers. The automotive business was in line with expectations developed as AMS.

sales and margin unchanged in the second quarter

As regards the second quarter of 2016, the company slightly changed revenues compared to the first Quartel of € 127-134 million in prospect, including negative currency effects of the dollar-euro exchange rate -. with comparable gross margin

AMS expects unchanged volatility in the demand development and in the behavior of customers and supply chains in the consumer market. Endmarktbezogene and macroeconomic uncertainty would begin in the area spread industrial automation for end markets in China over the consumer market beyond and create a “unfavorable dynamics”, it is noted that.

The complete history to AMS can be found here , “

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Chef change in Ascom – financial and economic

                                                  Initial Coverage of Martin Lüscher at 9.15

                                                     Fritz Mumenthaler admits surprisingly his post as CEO. New man at the wheel of the technology company is Holger Cordes. The German has the experience necessary to position Ascom as a provider of communications solutions in the health sector. Since 2007 he has worked in various management positions at American Cerner Group – an IT company in the health sector with $ 4.4 billion in annual sales. He is the strategy “Ascom 2020″ rapidly implement – focusing on the health sector and the sale of the network testing. Apparently, it was not fast enough for the VR under Mumenthaler.

                                                     Read about 15 pm, the detailed analysis.

Holger Cordes is appointed as the new CEO of the technology company. Reigning five years CEO Fritz Mumenthaler leaving the Group.
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(AWP) The technology group Ascom ( ASCN 15.95 – 0.93% ) , there is a change at the top management. The Board of Directors Holger Cordes appointed as the new CEO, while Fritz Mumenthaler will leave the company after five years as CEO. Cordes joins from the Cerner ( CERN 51.78 – 0.42% ) Group to Ascom and will continue its activity, “expected” record early June 2016 it is stated on Monday in a statement. ” / p>

with Cordes you have a manager with a first-class track record, excellent knowledge of the healthcare ICT industry and international experience found, Ascom continues. He has some also the necessary experience to “2020 Ascom» efficiently implement the strategy, it is noted that.

“The rapid implementation of the adopted strategy ‘Ascom 2020 with an accelerated profitable growth is a priority for the Board “Chairman Juhani Anttila can quote in the release. At the same time thanks to the outgoing Anttila CEO Fritz Mumenthaler for his “many years of successful work for Ascom.”


Saturday, April 23, 2016

The digital revolution is no longer just a buzzword. She has finally … – SME News

The digital revolution is no longer just a buzzword. She has collected definitively the communication and marketing processes in companies. All brands are now running digitally. But a recent study by McKinsey found that 90 percent of surveyed on behalf of Markenverband company are not satisfied with their digital brand management. The background is: online and offline, digital and analog are not linked enough

Source: Ambient Innovation UAB

source: Ambient innovation: GmbH

A common example of what this sounds probably known:

Meanwhile there are almost all product pictures, corporate videos and catalogs in digital form. However, when it comes to how the contents eg be used intelligently digitally at fairs, shows the reality is that only a fraction, an estimated 30 percent of the digital content is also used . at the booth might be presented on video screens, digital catalogs come but rarely used because it is habitually prefer resorted back to the printed copies
another example of the non-existent links between online and offline. business cards are progressive scan via app, but the accompanying exhibition questionnaire will be filled out on paper and card additionally stapled.

Source: Ambient Innovation UAB

source: Ambient innovation: GmbH

A huge potential remains untapped so. But why is it?

One of the reasons that the pace of innovation of IT technology and the resulting increasingly sophisticated apps, software programs and hardware devices overwhelmed most companies. On one hand, lacks the appropriate personnel with the digital skills and organizational layers complicate a quick decision for a useful program. This raises the question of how the trade fair can be digitized so that employees and customers are inspired by a simple, digital application, save time and gain valuable competitive advantage.

Modern solutions should be so intuitive to use that employees can use the solution in their professional life directly after a short briefing and without complicated training. aimed, for example, the solution exponito. With exponito it is possible via an app to present digital content on iPads and displays and to simultaneously capture digital at fairs or events new contacts. exponito accompanies marketing and sales staff mobile and digital where the most important conversations take place: at the fair, with sales calls, customer visits or annual meetings. The possibilities are manifold

Five examples of how you as a company simply, anywhere digital position itself

  1. Products & amp..; Catalogs digitally present
    The digital catalogs in the iPad app support the classic presentation, because you can link them to the individual product photos, as well as information on advertising and availability.
  2. Movies transferred situationally on screens
    the center of customer call, the brand experience is. It makes a big difference whether you whether image films and product videos to download them on the laptop or be shown with a touch on the iPad and transfer from there with a touch directly on the screen.
  3. Content on the displays via remote Update
    content to visualize is a very powerful tool, since an average of 65% of all people who learn visually best. To visualize content on display, there are smarter ways as USB sticks or the display connected laptops. If strategically planned in advance, when, where and what videos are played targeted relevant, it is possible at any time to control with innovative software on-the-go content. This technique is called digital signage to German: digital signage, and is, for example, ideal for conferences, trade fairs, point-of-sale
  4. contacts and content of the exhibition questionnaires digitally capture
    Sustainable sales approach will fortunately held still in a personal conversation.
    will the new leads directly recovered along with the customer information and interests focus on the iPad captured digitally, saving valuable time in the follow-up.
  5. Personalized information nor from the point-of-sale of ship
    the sending of segmented information increases sales significantly. If the sending of this information without loss of time nor directly from the point-of-sale, which increases the identification with the brand

The app exponito ( -. Pitch perfect was developed by Ambient innovation: GmbH, an independent agency for iT, web and app development from the heart of Cologne, to make it easy to make especially medium-sized companies than ever to position digital



Friday, April 22, 2016

Google and Microsoft disappoint – financial and economic

The two US technology companies Google and Microsoft have provided disappointing quarterly numbers. The shares react with course fees.

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(Reuters) The strong dollar slows Google’s growth. During the quarter, the parent company missed Alphabet ( GOOGL 780 0.66% ) in spite of strong growth in sales and earnings expectations of Wall Street. Therefore, the alphabet shares lost on Thursday in after hours trading more than 4%.

The booming advertising business to mobile devices fills the Group vigorously the coffers. He boosted its quarterly revenue by 17.4% to $ 20.26 billion and net income by nearly 20% to $ 4.21 billion. Both the revenue and earnings per share, industry experts had but more predicted. Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat pointed to exposure to the dollar strength, which presses on the international revenues. Analyst Martin Pyykkonen from Wertpapierhandelshaus Rosenblatt Securities said the negative currency effects were surprisingly strong.

In addition to that the average price for advertisements fell by 9%. This meant that the advert number indeed increased by 29%, but Google’s advertising revenue increased by only 16% to $ more than 18 billion.

The results summarized in a separate area shops outside the Internet activities slipped to a loss of 802 (previous year: -633) million $ deeper into the red. Sales for this division, in addition to broadband shops and the thermostat provider Nest also includes the development of self-propelled cars, doubled to 166 million $ .

Even Microsoft disappointed

The weak global PC shipments makes meanwhile to create Microsoft. Net income broke during the quarter by a quarter to $ 3.76 billion a as the world’s largest software company announced after US market close on Thursday. Sales decreased by 5.5% to $ 20.53 billion. Microsoft missed analysts’ expectations for earnings and sales. On Wall Street, the interim report has been included with disappointment. The Microsoft shares lost an after trading around 4%.

The slump in the PC market weighs on the business with the operating system Windows. The Windows revenue was down 2%. The dollar strength, which makes the Microsoft products abroad more expensive, had a negative impact. Lichtblick, however, was the promising cloud business. Sales in the division rose by 3.3% to $ 6.1 billion. The global PC sales went to the market observer IDC in the first quarter 2016 by 11.5% return.

CEO Satya Nadella will become less dependent on its traditional software products. He relies on mobile applications and especially the so-called data cloud as new hopefuls. In cloud business customers can use on the Internet Software and storage, which are provided by external computers available to them.

At start of the week, Microsoft had announced, more than ten years after the introduction of the production of its game console millionfold sold Xbox 360 set. The remaining stocks are to be sold off.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Disinfection with light: New technology makes clothes sanitized – Tiroler Tageszeitung Online

Graz / Villach (APA) – In clean rooms, the air must be sterile: No Mote and certainly no biological contamination from outside can get in. The man is in such a specific production environments the biggest risk factor – also because he can bring germs with his clothes. now at TU Graz disinfection technology for garments has been developed by means of light

In many industries highest level of cleanliness is an important quality -. because it is not enough to disinfect hands or brush neatly with feather dusters and rags. For these purposes, so-called clean rooms are designed so that the number of airborne particles are introduced into the space or created there, is as low as possible.

Each new entry in such a space, however, requires a change of clothes , This can be cumbersome for those involved. Experts Graz University of Technology and the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) are considering how could ease this situation. They have found a solution, which has been reflected aloud release TU Graz already in several patents and prices.

The underlying technology of the invention is called “Photodynamic disinfection certified Technology” (PDCT), as Gabriele Berg described by the Institute for environmental biotechnology at the TU Graz. “We use the photodynamic effect, allowing a dye to respond to specific wavelengths of light. In this reaction, a highly reactive oxygen, which in turn reacts with unwanted germs and prevents their growth forms. “

In dentistry, the process comes as so-called antibacterial photodynamic therapy used recently, this method of disinfection is also specifically colored clothes possible. The team led by Berg has developed with colleagues from two other TU institutes and the RCPE this particular anti-germ technology for the special requirements of a business partner from the cleanroom industry from Villach, which now holds the patent. Developed a process which frees the clothes of people in sensitive areas such as intensive care units of germs and particles.

The jointly developed technology was awarded a special prize in the framework of the State Prize for Innovation 2016 (ECONOVIUS) and the Carinthian innovation prize. Now, the research team was also nominated for the Houskapreis.

(SERVIC E A short clip of the award-winning disinfection technology for garments can be found online at )


Logitech threatened class action – financial and economic

The manufacturers of computer accessories threatened because of his mistakes in accounting 2011, a class action in the United States.

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(AWP) Logitech ( LOGN 15.2 – 4.1% ) threatened because his mistakes in accounting in 2011 a class action in the United States. The law firm “Rose Law Firm” is preparing a class action lawsuit by investors for any loss suffered thereby, as it is stated in an announcement of the New York lawyers of Thursday. Shareholders who have purchased 2014 shares of the company from 27th May 2011 to November 14, could join a possible appeal.

Logitech had one in the United States due to errors in accounting for the financial year 2011 make payment. The company and the SEC agreed on Tuesday to a fine of $ 7.5 million. Against two former managers were indicted in the same context.

The electronics and computer accessories Group and the former managers were alleged to have beautified the operating profit of the company in 2011 by the disappointing performance of the set-top box “Revue” had concealed. The auditors of the company had been cheated in the balance statements.

The complete history for Logitech can be found here. “


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ABB feels reluctance of customers – financial and economic


ABB ( ABBN 20:14 3:12% ) feel the headwind from the markets. Order intake, sales, operating and net profit in the first quarter 2016 compared to the same period in dollars – taken – the currency of the automation and power technologies group. It is encouraging that the operating margin and operating cash flow could be increased. As for the short-term outlook, ABB remains defensive: “We expect the challenging market conditions persist,” said CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer in a conference call with journalists on the occasion of the result presentation

The demand in the three major customer segments of ABB. reflected the continuing macroeconomic uncertainty in the first quarter. Utilities remained cautious, however, took further before targeted investment for grid integration of renewable energy sources and to improve security of supply. Demand from industrial customers was particularly muted in the process industry. The low oil and gas prices led to a decline in the quarter again investments from oil and gas customers. The transport and infrastructure market was mixed, with solutions to increase energy efficiency, improve reliability and to support infrastructure projects were still in high demand.

Weak demand in America

in Europe, demand was positively impacted by the construction sector and the grid integration of renewable energies in the first quarter. In the Americas, there was a reduced demand, especially in the oil and gas sector and in the mining industry and weaker industrial activity. In Asia, the Middle East and Africa – especially in the largest markets, China and India -. Were signs observed a positive trend in demand

The order intake decreased in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year 11% to 9.3 billion $ . The sharp decline is due to significant large orders in the first quarter, 2015. Base orders (below $ 15 million) were down 5%. The order backlog at the end of March 2016, about 26 billion $ – 2% more than the end of March 2015. Sales fell 8% to $ 7.9 billion. Legitimate reason to declines in short-term sales-related orders, caused by weak demand in the process industry. The ratio of orders received to sales fakturiertem (book-to-bill ratio) in the first quarter 2016 at 1.17, compared with 1.22 in the prior year period.

to silence Division grids

operating profit at level EBITA decreased slightly by 1% to 943 million $ . The EBITA margin increased 0.9 percentage points to 12%. Decisive for this was the continued turnaround in Division grids and successful productivity improvement and cost reduction measures. Consolidated net profit declined 11% to $ 500 million. This was mainly attributable restructuring costs and exchange rate changes. Operating cash flow increased 199% to $ 252 million. The jump is due to an improved working capital management and lower income tax payments.

The announced last autumn strategic review of the division grids runs according to ABB, “according to plan”. About results of the Group will inform only the Capital Markets Day on 4 October. is undertaken a comprehensive review as CEO Spiesshofer in conference call with reporters said. be viewed Kind structure, processes, service portfolio and ownership of the Division. As regards the latter, are “all options on the table” as Spiesshofer explained in an interview with “Finanz und Wirtschaft” in the fall. To speculation, the recent good performance of the Division demonstrate the presence to remain in the lap of ABB, took Spiesshofer no position. Even on a question if there was any inquiries from potential buyers admit – known as an interested party is about State Grid Corporation of China, the largest power company in the Middle Kingdom – he did not answer

View. stresses uncertainties

A concrete forecast for the current 2016 financial year did not make ABB. In short-term outlook it is said in the statement the quarterly financial statements only that macroeconomic and geopolitical developments pointed to a “mixed scenario with ongoing uncertainty”. Some macroeconomic signals from the United States are still positive. As for China, it is expected that the growth continues, albeit at a lower level than 2015. The markets were also impacted by the sluggish growth in Europe and the geopolitical tensions in various parts of the world. The price of oil and the effects of currency conversion would likely affect the consolidated result further.

The ABB shares advanced on Wednesday after the result publication by noon to 3% before. Since January, they rose 12%. Cut thus clearly outperformed the Swiss blue-chip index SMI ( SMI 8154.86 0.03% to ) , which is 8% like. Since 2014, the price of the titles has declined more or less steadily. 2015 resulted in a decline of over 14% – significantly weaker than the overall market, which lost only 2%. From operations of ABB ago is unlikely to get further support the upward trend in the share price recovered given the subdued outlook. Positive impetus for the securities could however start from a possible elimination of the division grids. Risk Eligible investors can it enter into a bet. With a price-earnings ratio in 2016 of 19 stocks are fairly valued. By 2016, an attractive dividend yield of 3.7% can be expected.

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Technology: Pilot union concerned about IT security of aircraft – THE WORLD

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Pilot union concerned about IT security of aircraft

calls for debate on-board computer with manufacturers and authorities


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Decline in sales at IBM – Financial and economic

The IT service no longer makes as little as revenue for fourteen years. Even the lucrative cloud business, the bad result does not absorb.

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(Reuters) The world’s largest IT services provider IBM ( IBM 152.53 00:53% ) is not getting the revenue loss in the handle. The revenue decreased at the beginning of already the 16th consecutive quarter, as the US company announced after US market close on Monday evening. With $ 18.68 billion IBM posted January-March 4.6% less than a year ago and therefore as little as 14 years not. That sent the IBM shares in after-hours trading on a downward slide. They lost 5% of its value, even though revenue was slightly higher than expected analysts.

Also, the restructuring of the Group does not pay so far from. The technology group wants similar to its rival Oracle ( ORCL 41.24 12:54% ) and Microsoft ( MSFT 56.46 1:46% ) keep thus changing the sector step. The Group therefore follows the trend away from traditional software to applications that run on servers far away from the customer. Under Board chief Ginni Rometty IBM therefore separates long been lucrative less hardware divisions. More profitable businesses such as security software and cloud offerings to outsource computer services on the Internet should be developed against it. The cloud sales rose in the quarter, although at 34%. But that was not enough to offset the declines of more than four, or 22% for services and hardware business. Competitors such as SAP ( SAP 71.61 make 2:23% ) to propose better, even if the cloud business not so stormy grows as before.

IBM to provide also the strong dollar and the customer restraint in IT spending. IBM scored more than half of its total revenues abroad. Net income dropped to $ 2.01 billion from $ 2.33 bn in the same period. On the outlook for the full year, IBM held. The group aims at adjusted earnings per share of at least $ 13:50. At the beginning of the profit was $ 2.35 per share.

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21:07:15 On the subject

Apple & amp; Co.


Netflix “sends” disappointing outlook – financial and economic

The online video service has grown rapidly in the first quarter. However, the forecast for the current reporting period remains below expectations. The shares fall after trading under pressure.

For Netflix is ​​as important as fast Internet for video streaming. On Wall Street, the forecast for the current quarter therefore solves disappointment: The company that offers hit shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black”, expects a significantly less big increase in new customers

. Overall, Netflix expects for the current reporting period with 2.5 million new subscribers. 500,000 of which will come from the domestic market USA, which is about the market expectations. Abroad, however, there should be only 2 million new customers, while analysts have been calculated at nearly 3.5 million.

“We have a good start to 2016 found. Netflix has expanded in January in 130 new countries and has completed the first quarter with a total of more than 81 million subscribers, “said CEO Reed Hastings. But financially redeemed his outlook among investors little enthusiasm.

Hastings predicted for the second quarter earnings of 2 cents per share and $ 1.96 billion in sales. Analysts had however expected 5 cents Earnings per share and revenue of $ 2.1 billion well.

That Netflix less rapidly growing is sometimes to demanding comparative figures for the same period. At that time the company had launched its range of series and films in Australia and New Zealand, where it was able to quickly gain many new customers.

The Securities Netflix announced on Monday evening in after hours trading nearly 8% after. However, large price fluctuations after the result publication are not uncommon for the title. 2015 they were among the biggest stars on the US stock market. Since the beginning of the year they have however lost over 5%, while the benchmark index S &. P 500 recorded almost 2.5% up

New customers is to win for the company from California so important because it thus can better finance the growth and the cost of producing own. In addition, it looks at a variety of competitors such as Hulu, HBO or the streaming service Amazon faced.

Better than the forecast falls the view from back. Profit rose in the last quarter to $ 27.7 million, or 6 cents per share, after a year earlier $ 23.7 million, or 5 cents had resulted each title. Sales grew from 1.6 to almost $ 2 billion. With two limit values ​​Netflix has exceeded expectations.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Technology: IFA in Berlin fully booked – THE WORLD

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IFA already booked in Berlin

More exhibitors than last year point to electronics show new trends


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Technology: News: Professional hackers found for FBI software errors … – THE WORLD

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knowledge helped decrypt the access code to the smartphone of San Bernardino bomber

 Knowledge helped decrypt the access code to the smartphone of San Bernardino bomber