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25.05.13, 03:20

A petition against Telekom plans reached in record time the quorum

On Tuesday only reaches a 19-year-old physics student from Tübingen an online petition. After just two days, half of the 50,000 votes is necessary together. After only four days, on Friday, have already signed more than 56,000. The quorum is thus well before the deadline of 8 Reached in June.

by the German Bundestag under the title “obligation of ISPs on net neutrality” guided petition with the number 41906 has received unprecedented popularity in record time. Journalist and blogger Richard Gutjahr reported on his blog, even, that it previously was only a petition to reach the quorum faster. Since then, Telekom has announced to introduce in 2016 with a planned additional service called “Entertain” a “two-tier Internet,” the mockery of the network is large. The Telekom provides the Internet connection to slow their customers in the future after the consumption of a certain amount of data. Who wants to have more data volume, then you need the chargeable additional offer. For weeks the user fret on Twitter about the plans by using the hashtags “Drosselkom”. The petition is now demanding a law that network providers should commit to equal forwarding all data packets on the Internet. In the grounds of the petition states. “Net neutrality is an important and fundamental building block of a free Internet, there is no net neutrality is given, there is a risk of a ‘two-tier internet’, which control the provider to which services and content users can access. “

Since the petition has reached the number of 50,000 signatories, the possibility now exists that the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag debated the issue publicly.

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