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One for all: Microsoft Xbox One before - Heise Newsticker

Microsoft has introduced in a one-hour Internet stream the successor to the Xbox 360 console. The new console, called in advance often 720 or Durango, answers to the name Xbox One. So that Microsoft wants to emphasize that it is an entertainment device for games, movies, television and Internet entertainment.

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The case of the new Xbox One is a plain, black set-top box. It can be integrated into a TV cabinet and also houses the power supply. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Microsoft The hardware uses such as Sony’s Playstation 4 in a 40-nm process SOC manufactured with an 8-core CPU and GPU from AMD and 8GB of RAM. Unlike Sony, which put the PS4 on fast GDDR5 memory, Microsoft deft use cache memory, which certainly constitutes a bandwidth of over 200 GB / s. Games should therefore distinguish the two rival consoles just as on the PS3 and Xbox 360 As memory devices the Xbox One brings a Blu-ray drive with slot-in-slot and a hard drive with 500 GB. Also, now is the power supply into the console housing. The CPU (64-bit, Out of Order) and the multitasking GPU could turn down individual areas and even off to reduce the absorption line. Peripheral devices can be connected via USB 3.0, WLAN chip spark at 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

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Visually, the controller has not changed. However, he gets in touch via Wi-Fi and vibrates with his shoulder levers. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Microsoft The controller is similar to the current model for the Xbox 360 However, it should contain 40 improvements: Among a battery for the power supply, a more precise digital control pad and shoulder vibrating lever. It transmits its signals via WiFi Direct to the console, which aims to reduce the latency and increase the reception area.

The HDMI input can be connected to a TV receiver. He supported as the HDMI output 4K resolutions, but games will probably not be rendered at this resolution. Microsoft demonstrated how quick and easy it’ll switch between the games and the current TV program. On request, you can also display on the screen Additional information about the current program. This is the Xbox one work more closely with the Smart Glass App. To the receiver the live TV features the Xbox One must support. To launch the console, the service will initially launch in the U.S. only. If and when the integration works with German cable and satellite receivers, you will have to wait.

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The new Kinect camera uses a RGB and a TOF sensor. You will recognize it in full HD and will allow gestures and voice control, and personalized entertainment. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Microsoft Xbox Each one should come with a Kinect camera. Your RGB lens is now 1080 and a rate of 30 frames per second work with a resolution of 1920 x. The depth information is to be obtained via a proprietary time-of-flight sensor that senses the room via infrared, the resolution called but not Microsoft. Thanks to the wide-angle optics, the field of view is to increase by 60 percent. Already at a distance of one meter, the camera can recognize a man in full size. Thanks to the high resolution, the camera should be able to recognize even the rotations of limbs and the player’s pulse. Single finger gestures, however, were not shown.

users could turn their entire TV equipment through a voice command to the Kinect. The Xbox one give further commands via infrared transmitter at the remote control sensor of the TV and AV receiver. Also gestures are recognized. To switch from one program to another or from the Home menu in a game, the player should his fists collide and pull apart. Xbox One player can locate by facial recognition, and offer them “personalized TV programs” and games. Because Microsoft emphasized the close cooperation with the (U.S.) television stations, it is probably only a small step towards personalized advertising that would open up the Redmondern new revenue sources.

order to ensure the rapid switching between games, television and the Internet, home to the Xbox one next to the Xbox operating system is a Windows kernel, which takes care of the web applications. Between the two operating systems, the Xbox thanks to virtualization can change almost instantly.


Microsoft can stream the new entertainment offerings quickly to the user, the capacity of the cloud farms to be expanded to 300,000 servers. There is not only save games, but also video recordings of scenes could save and share with other Xbox players. A function for recording television programs did not mention Microsoft.

Microsoft recommends that game developers cloud integration, but does not mandate it. So it is in principle also possible to play without internet access, but game developers will be allowed to assume that their game on the Xbox One can build an online connection. Who operates the console offline, must therefore anticipate problems with considerably more than the Xbox 360 Xbox One games would always installed from Blu-ray disc to the internal hard disk and linked to the Xbox Live account, writes Wired magazine. Who wants to play with a friend, there must log in with their account and similar load his games from the Steam Cloud. A breakdown of the program data to reduce waiting times, so you can already start while still load data in the background.

game discs could be resell, when linking to another account, however, the player must pay a fee. Old games from the Xbox 360, whether from disc or as a download, should not run on the new Xbox One, said Xbox Live Vice President Mark Whitten told The Verge. Reason is, among other things, the change from the PowerPC to the x86 architecture of the Xbox One. So far, no streaming old title was planned as Sony has presented for the PS4.

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Remedy showed so far the only exclusive game for the Xbox One called” Quantum Break “. Official screenshots are not available yet, so we had to cut this screenshot from the trailer. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Remedy there were little surprises in the game announcements that are less than at last “the whole family” but the old core target group of male players focused, including new EA Sports consequences, the racing game “Forza 5″ and “Call of Duty Ghosts”. The only new title was Quantum break from the Finnis h studio Remedy, whose short trailer revealed little about the game, except that it’s probably going to raise a child with psychic abilities. Quantum break is coming exclusively to the Xbox One.

Microsoft wants to introduce more games at the E3 trade show in early June in Los Angeles. They even plan until the end of 2014 at least 15 new titles, including eight games that do not belong to previously known range. Here it will be seen whether Microsoft can cover a similarly wide range, such as Sony with the launch of the Playstation 4 Microsoft wants the Xbox One still bring in the world this year on the market and sets Sony under pressure to release the PS4 for Christmas in Europe. Prices for the consoles not yet called both companies. (hag)

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