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“Metro: Last Light” world like it is missing on magnificent views and surreal architecture of a colorful Columbia, but the first impression is deceptive. The “Last Light” universe is just as impressive and captivating as the game world of Booker DeWitt in “BioShock: Infinite”


strewn between the pitch-dark tunnels and caves formed bone of 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic vision of Moscow has long been one of the most memorable scenes for a shooter. When crawling through ventilation shafts abandoned, where you can sweep aside cobwebs with a flashlight, you will discover first-hand that you can really feel claustrophobic in a game.

tunnel is not the same tunnel

since the devastating events of “Metro 2033″ is a year has passed, and life is (if only slightly) better. The recurring hero Artyom is now a Ranger, and the underground military base D6 is the new retreat. Since there are tons of food and supplies there, it is the most popular metro station in the city. Unfortunately, this also means that the less friendly fellows are interested subsoil also this.

New dangers lurk in the form of well-known human opponents. If one plunges into the adventure, known sights are so unavoidable. Although “Metro 2033″ players are already familiar with some areas and topics, the majority of the game consists of new terrain. Those who fear that it will come in dark caves to numerous repetitions can breathe. In “Metro” is the motto: Just because you have seen a tunnel, it does not mean that you know it all


Original new cities of the various stations invite you to explore a (the flooded Venice is particularly memorable). To search Blutgetränkte caves in light of the flashlight while growling creatures in hidden caves and flies land on the face, is incredibly exciting. A similar feeling is this year more than any other shooter released. Experienced “Metro” driver will notice that the above-ground world has also evolved. Where once there was a thick layer of ice and freezing temperatures prevailed, now there is sun, rain, and the origins of a new ecosystem.

Melted ice has turned into marshland and mud, new, terrifying mutants have developed after a human snack favorite with Artyom taste, consume. Although you now have to fight no more against freezing temperatures, but a false step leads to an unexpected dip in the deadly soup.

If the view is obscured (for example, by blood or mud), you have to clean it manually by pressing a button. This small but effective mechanism is so original that we sometimes hilarious repeatedly cleaned our field of vision. It’s the little things in life that make it exciting.

weapons and mechanisms


A captivating world was not a problem already for the first game of the series. The mixture of above-ground caves and arctic conditions is as well done as the game world in “Last Light”. But even the staunchest of the original players (which we of course are) have to admit that weak fight scenes and unbalanced creep mechanisms were major problems.

we must not complain about it in “Last Light” Fortunately. The Boomstick are still made mainly self and be cobbled together from lying about nuts, bolts and other metal residues. However, if you press the trigger, you will feel this time, you are holding a real weapon in the hands.

shooting scenes with other human characters are in “Last Light” even among the highlights. The enemies are no longer absorbing balls mutants, which is why shooting scenes feel authentic. Will be involved in a mature exchange of fire, you feel now powerful enough and not more poorly equipped.

It helps that the default weapons are unmistakable. The machine gun blows out tons of bullets, but is not perfect for stopping the monster. The shotgun is deadly at close range, but has a long recharge time. The air rifle with ball bearing has neat power, but must be inflated manually if the pressure has dropped.

Each weapon has its own personality and it is worthwhile to try them all. Moreover, they can be with different visors, runs, or other accessories to equip, when you meet one of the few weapons seller. That you constantly have to press a button to build up the pressure for the next salvo is a fantastic mechanism. Similarly great is that you constantly have to drive the portable generator to recharge the flashlight and the night vision device.

Dark it was, the moon was shining bright

latter you really have to do constantly, for “Last Light” is a very dark game. It has a wonderful design, great textures, various props, extra features to the telling of the story and so on, but it’s pitch dark.

The darkness is well suited to a further improvement of “Metro”: the creep mechanisms. In most situations, you can sneak past enemies, they secretly beat unconscious and unscrew the light bulb.


“Metro 2033″ wanted to play stealthily, will remember incredibly difficult scenes. To the successful crossing had to repeatedly start from your last save point or very lucky hand. “Metro: Last Light” is, however, designed from the ground up for stealth. Except for a handful of scenes you can always find a way to even tiptoe around heavily guarded areas. It helps if you like the comments of the non-player characters considered.

The clock now also has a handy built-in LED display that indicates whether one is visible or hidden. So it’s a real rush to put away their weapons and crawl as much as possible through the spooky caves of “Last Light”.

We have the game on PC completely played out again and tried the first half on Xbox 360. We were able to discover a few inconsistencies in the graphics, which have somewhat tainted the experience for both formats. PC some areas are lighter or darker than they should be published, but thanks to the clock display we could see anyway, whether or not we are still hidden.

On the Xbox 360 but we had to rectify twice the gamma setting in the options, so we could find our way without spoiling the sinister effects.

Difficult Decision

levels are similarly different. Since “Metro 2033″ was partially completely impenetrable (mainly due to the coarse tuners), 4A Games has now created a milder experience. At the preset difficulty ammunition and air filter are far too easy to find. Exciting moments, such as on the surface with not enough air filters stuck (obscured the view, you breathe hard and loud), it will not be with this setting.

battles the difficulty levels are relatively well balanced. If one decides not to replace the regular ammunition by special military balls, you might even find some of the “boss” fights hard. For all the attempts to make the game more appealing for shooter fans, 4A appears to have forgotten that it is senior in ‘Metro’ survival. To be able to fully utilize these mechanisms, they should “Last Light” Ranger playing in difficult mode. These are but only in the “Limited Edition” of the game.


Our criticisms are not insignificant, but not nearly as devastating as the fundamental shortcomings of the first game. We would have liked a few of the beasts from “2033″ and a few levels abbreviations, but “Last Light” has to balance different cool tricks.

The biggest shooter in March has shot us in a heavenly cloud city, in this underground shooting game we rummage through our garbage and feces. A more extreme difference, it is hard to imagine. “Metro: Last Light” does not have to go quietly in the shadow of “BioShock: Infinite” stop. It is definitely one of the must-have adventures this year.


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