Sunday, May 12, 2013

Emergency repairs in space: Astronauts change pump system for ISS cooling system - AstroInfo

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emergency repairs in space: Astronauts change pump system f? ISS K? LSystem from

The ISS astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn on Saturday at a ausserplanm ? strength spacewalk become the leak pump system f? the K Lsystems a solar module? replaced by a new one.

On the night of Friday, a erh ? ter discharge of ammonia gas from the K? LSystem the ISS had been registered. In order to eliminate the glitch, NASA had prescribed a use by astronauts in outer space, which on Saturday 11 Carried out in May 2013? Was rt.

Cassidy and Marshburn separated the pump block PFCS (Power Flow Control Subassembly) from the pipe of the K? Lsystems and found no significant traces of ammonia. Instead of for older pump system, a new

was installed. After replacing the pump no further escape of ammonia was more registered. (Ria Novosti) 12.05.2013



12.05.2013 16:14 clock, Arnold Barmettler

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