Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tumblr wants to buy Yahoo for a billion Dollar - WinFuture

Economics & Business Yahoo wants to be cool again. The blogging service Tumblr is currently cool. Summary: Yahoo wants to buy Tumblr. This is likely to be a simple statement of Marissa Mayer, the new boss of the Internet pioneer. Wants to can also cost a lot, namely a billion dollars.As AllThingsD reported, meant to JP Morgan’s Global Technology Conference recently, Yahoo’s chief financial officer Ken Goldman, the customer base for his company will always older and much more Yahoo users need 18 to 24 years of age. It literally Goldman said that Yahoo would be “cool again”.

According to “sources familiar with the matter” is that among other things, a strategic partnership or acquisition of the blogging platform Tumblr succeed. This is the moment just as “cool” on the internet, even if Tumblr plays only a minor role in Germany. How Tumblr works, the colleagues of t3n have well summarized recently.

Currently, Yahoo and Tumblr will in any case result in “serious” talks, CEO Marissa Mayer should have during their time developing, more closely monitored to Google . This interest is said to have now greatly increased lately and concrete results in takeover talks.

Yahoo should look closely at ways currently to bring young and hip offerings on the boat. The Internet pioneer has recently tried (unsuccessfully though) to invest in the French video platform Dailymotion, in the case of television service Hulu is currently a

of many prospective buyers. In the event of Tumblr to Mayer’s efforts but be particularly intense, because the service that is precisely what the former top manager Google’s idea of ??a promising platform: Tumblr had a “aesthetic software technology and growing rapidly,” said a source told AllThingsD.

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