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Expansion plans - Yahoo seems to provide for U.S. video service Hulu - Sü

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25 May 2013 10:35

Marissa Mayer is currently investing billions of dollars for Yahoo.

(Photo: AFP )

offensive drives Yahoo’s expansion plans ahead. According Share of U.S. Internet company now seems to want to buy the video service Hulu. It could be a bidding war.

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer seems to want to invest much money at the moment to make the Internet company for the future. Just a few days after the purchase of Tumblr according to media reports, the company has a bid for the Hulu video service delivered.

Hulu can watch American Internet users TV shows and movies online. There is a large part of the program for free and ad-supported, for some content you have to pay additionally.

The service is the three major players in the American TV industry: Disney, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.. and Comcast. You are considering Hulu to sell, but have not made a final decision on the future of the site. Originally wanted the three owners in 2011, according to media reports, more than two billion dollars for Hulu, now it is to go to much lower amounts.

Hulu has four million users and had a turnover of around 700 million dollars last year. To the five year old video portal, a bidding war could break out. At least five companies are interested parties, according to Hulu, including Time Warner, DirecTV, the former president of News Corp., Peter Chernin, Guggenheim and Digital Media.

A central question is the period for which a buyer would obtain licenses for the content. The world’s largest online retailer Amazon had meanwhile left the circle of interested parties, wrote Variety .

million deal Yahoo Buys Tumblr

The Internet company pays for the online platform, the equivalent of more than 850 million euros.

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