Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Live Scores for the Google developer conference I / O: Which Super conjures devices ... - ABC Online

lasts three days Google’s developer conference I / O, it starts with a three-hour keynote. Then Google shows new highlights – perhaps a tablet Nexus 7 with super display, the smartphone Nexus 5 or Spotify competition. All information in the live ticker.

17:35 clock: within 25 minutes it starts. On Twitter and blogs have pictures can be seen from the road – many people stand and wait. Huge Android figures serve as charging stations for smartphones

clock 17:25.

A last-minute rumor: Supposedly Google unveiled today the super-phone Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition – without UI from Samsung. The S4 surface might look similar to the Nexus 4

17:05 clock:
Another hour, then it goes off. In the I7O Twitter is already a big issue – last rumors are exchanged


16:30 clock: At the same time the developer conference, Google announced erhöt the space for its online services to 15 gigabytes. The new quota (previously there were five gigabytes) but users have to divide between the online storage drive, Gmail and Google+. Nevertheless, the tripling of the free space on the web is a lot. Google announced this is not at the conference, but rather restrained in a blog entry on clock 15:48. 14 million German can already imagine to buy Google’s data Google Glass glasses now. That’s one in five Germans. This number has announced today the Bitkom. Google Glass is not even on the market. Perhaps the Suchmaschinengigantz tonight reveals more details about glasses.

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