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Drosselkom controversy: More than 50,000 supporters Network Petitions - Spiegel Online

Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann (May 16): two-tier internet plans for larger view


Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann (May 16): planned two-tier internet

Hamburg – It took only four days: the online petition of a student who asks a law on net neutrality, has received the necessary 50,000 signatures for a public consultation within four days. Responsible for petitions committee of the Bundestag could now consult you during the first week of June on the way forward, said a staff member of the committee service.

Until 18 June, the online petition to foist. By Friday afternoon more than 54,000 people had already made use of it. The 19-year-old physics student John Scheller from Tübingen calls with the petition a law that network providers should commit to equal forwarding all data packets on the Internet.

triggers are the plans of the Telekom to introduce a two-tier internet. In addition to the conventional Internet services to be throttled by the consumption of a certain amount of data from 2016, Telekom offers an extra service called Entertain. The cost extra, but will not slow down after the consumption of certain amounts of data.

The petition states: “In particular, any content, services, or service providers are disadvantaged by these providers may be artificially slowed or even blocked.”

Artificially slowing Internet

Telekom says that it does not favor any services under its Internet site and to comply with the network neutrality. Entertain the multimedia service, the company is not the Internet do so. This has some strange consequences. The Telekom operates, for example, a video on-demand video service called Load. If a telecom customer over his his laptop or desktop computer, the data transmitted on the data volume will be credited. After consumption of a particular data connection should then be slowed down artificially by Telekom.

If you use

Videoload contrast on the TV as part of the entertainment offerings, this usage is not deducted from the quota free. Who creates it so as a provider in the Entertain service of Telekom, is not throttled. The provider should enter into agreements with Telekom to be included in the Entertain service, said Telekom board member Niek Jan van Damme in an interview with the “world”. The Telekom calls the “new cooperation models”: Apparently to be twice quashed by the customers of such providers

.Can not

a supplier and it only searches on the Internet access to its users, this runs the risk of being held back – while in Entertain service data flow throughout the month. Internet users need to consider what they now use their free volume. Or they have to buy extra volume, as it is now known from the mobile. Also, the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel interested in these plans.

eight sites and ten minutes of video per day

Telekom plans to customers with a 16 Mbit / s internet connection after the consumption of 75 gigabytes of data per month to reduce the speed considerably. Of this restriction, the customer should be able to freely buy Deutsche Telekom wants to expand its network further with the revenue.

a specially created website, Telekom defended their plans – and publish infographics that illustrate data usage. With 75 gigabytes a month left including 20 hours of video in HD look and call 1000 sites it states. The telecom graphic was modified immediately. Converted to a four-person household can then be visited by a person only eight sites and ten minutes of video stream can be viewed per day. Critics also warn to compare the data consumption of today with that of 2016.

The Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag shall consider any petition filed – usually not public. If a number of 50,000 Mitzeichnern is reached, the chance is higher that is also publicly discuss the initiative. The decision is made by the Committee on Petitions. The initiative on net neutrality but is also conceivable that MPs take the great response to the opportunity to bring the issue to the plenary. For this purpose they may seek an hour or a current survey of the federal government.

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