Monday, May 13, 2013

Environmental Aid: Automakers manipulate information on the fuel consumption - Heise Newsticker

According to a study of the German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) on the basis of the data of the ADAC EcoTest turned out between specified by the manufacturers standard consumption of new passenger car models and the actual fuel consumption deviations of up to 42 percent. Of the 144 tested vehicles realistic fuel consumption was only given at eight, with 84 vehicles, the consumption was more than 10 percent higher than the stated standard consumption. Fared the worst, “the Volvo V40 Momentum (DPF) with 42 percent of consumption, a Peugeot 208 and Fiat Punto with 34 percent each, and among German manufacturers a Mercedes GL and a VW Polo with 21 percent.”

In the past ten years, but especially since the conversion of vehicle tax to the inclusion of CO2 emissions in the summer of 2009, the information provided by the manufacturer have noisy environment using “ever removed from reality.” The over is according to the DUH increased 2001-2011 from 7 to 23 percent. The organization refers to similar findings that were given lately about the environmental organizations Transport and Environment (T & E) and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is known.

DHU accuses the manufacturers to produce lower standard consumption “with the help of numerous technical tricks to illegal manipulations”. The authorities would ultimately support this because they do not check the details. Axel Friedrich, a traffic expert and former head of the “movement” in the Federal Environment Agency, explains some of the tricks. Thus, the onboard computer in the test would detect that the vehicle is on a chassis dynamometer and then switch to an “optimized test mode”. Producers would sometimes disengage the alternator to reduce consumption. In tests with “filled greatly increased air pressure special tires” would be used.

“The federal government already has a lot watching the bustle of the car manufacturer too long passively. Immediately remove erroneous information must cause under real conditions and hence climate, consumers and tax coffers from these machinations protect official re-measurements” says DUH national manager Jürgen Resch . Could be seen only through the manipulation check measurements under realistic traffic conditions. The EU write this for the future also. The increased consumption not only pollute the environment and the driver’s wallet, but also lead to loss of revenue of vehicle tax, criticized the DUH.

striking deviations, the Federal Motor Transport Authority should (KBA) to perform your own checks that demands DUH. Violations must be punished sensitive. Should also be set up a hotline for false information on the Internet, where drivers can document the differences. (fr)

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