Sunday, May 12, 2013

Criticized Microsoft Windows 8 critic - Heise Newsticker

The Financial Times is the global launch of Windows 8 with the failed attempt 30 years ago, Coca-Cola is equal to introduce a different formulation of the same name. In the case of soft drinks that had led to protests and ultimately a complete change of the company. Today is poured back into the bottles and cans, which landed before the experiment there.

Unlike previously at Microsoft: The one with the introduction of Windows 8 start button disappeared and accessible only on explicit request, a desktop might be the much discussed these days and the end of June as a pre-release version expected Windows 8.1 “Blue” does not return . Microsoft confirms neither relevant reports, nor denied it – robust statements whether Microsoft drops the uniform interface for PCs and touch devices, there is no


not changed by the statement by Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, nothing: copies sold after he got rid of his scolding the media, he is celebrating the success of Windows with 100 million. An operating system could be now not compare with a soda can, because it had to meet many different needs – the trend towards touch operation, mobile devices and cross-device use is important for the entire industry. He recommends, not so much to stare at the corners.

Returning again to the example of Coca-Cola after the company had switched back to the old recipe, sales increased. This leads to speculation that the whole thing’s just been a clever marketing campaign. No matter how it goes with Windows 8, Microsoft can only lose: When the start button comes back, you will accuse the company retrogressive innovation. He does not return, it does not listen sufficiently to its customers. (ps)

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