Wednesday, May 29, 2013

D11-speech from Tim Cook: Apple CEO fueled rumors of data clock to iWatch - ABC Online

Since the death of Steve Jobs Apple disciples to wait in vain for the big hit. Eagerly await data clock and Apple TV. CEO Tim Cook has now fueled the rumors about the iWatch. Google’s data Glasses Glass he admits no chances.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been speculation about a computer clock of the group a boost. “I think the wrist is interesting,” Cook said during an appearance at the conference D11 of the blog “All Things D”. It is natural to wear something there.

Although Cook did not comment directly on any Apple plans for this area. But he said portable computer technology will be an important part of the equipment in the future world. According to earlier media reports, Apple already has a team of more than 100 people working on a data clock.

secrecy surrounding the iWatch

There should be a smart clock with which you can operate in your pocket at the wrist and the iPhone itself is equipped with the Apple iOS operating system. But specific information is still scarce.

Few days ago, Apple has made music with a commercial for the iPhone 5 for speculation, in which clearly a watch on the wrist of a man was shown. The art blog “” asked: Is this the new data clock from Apple or just a calculated joke of the Group

Apple is under pressure

Cook confirmed that Apple has a “big vision” for the TV business have, but more again the question of whether the Group will bring their own television on the market.

Given the recent increase doubts about the innovation of his company promised he that Apple still various revolutionary products will bring to the market. “The same culture and largely also the same people who brought them the iPhone and the iPad, are still there.”


Cook: Google is not composed by Glass

The idea of ??a computer glasses like they just developed rival Google with Glass, Cook expressed himself against skeptical. “I even wear glasses because I need them – I can not see anything else. I do not know many people, put on the glasses without needing them. “He think that this device category is limited to the mass market attractive. A great future, however, have several sensors that you wear on your body.
The Google Privacy Google Goggles Glass has a small screen can be displayed on the route, for example, instructions, and a camera – and it can be controlled by voice. The Internet company they can just test of selected first users. Google recently presented at its developers conference, the vision of talking computers and smart search services. In just under two weeks Apple will unveil its own developer conference WWDC its software innovations.

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