Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hangouts, Voice Search, personal Maps: Google gets better and ... - NEWS

Once a year, calls Google developers, journalists and bloggers for I / O to San Francisco.


Once a year, calls Google developers, journalists and bloggers for I / O to San Francisco.

I / O stands for input / output and “Innovation in the Open”.

Presumably, Google could send tens of thousands of invitations for the event at the Moscone Center, …

… but only slightly more than 6,000 have been fortunate on the I / O allowed to participate.

Only the enthusiasm was great, …

… the voltage. What would Google introduce this year

New Google Glass? No, for the HMD there was previously a separate conference.

Of course

Glass was still pervasive. Many developers put the glasses throughout the conference not once from.

Not even to wipe the tears of emotion from their eyes as they learned …

… that each I / O participants allowed sag a $ 1,300 expensive Chromebook pixels.

were more important for most participants but hopefully the news that CEO Larry Page, …

chief developer Vic Gundotra, …

… Chrome, Android Apps and chief Sundar Pichai …

… and product boss Hugo Barra presented.

mobile operating system like Android rather played a secondary role. Neither a completely new Android 5.0, another update to Android 4.3, Google introduced before.

Android sets taking a break a …

… and rests on the impressive number of 900 million activated devices.

Presumably Google wants to counter the so-called fragmentation and provide manufacturers and developers a little more time to adjust first device firmware and apps on Android 4.1 or 4.2.

After all there was to celebrate the new Google-play game services that bring, among other things, synchronized real-time multiplayer, achievements, leaderboards and scores.

Hugo Barra conjured a Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 out of the hat.

pure Android running on the device and it receives prompt updates like the Nexus smartphones and tablets.

16 gigabytes of internal memory, you can buy it for the time being only in the U.S. for $ 649 directly in Play.

lot of money into the coffers of Google Music Streaming Service Play Music All Access could rinse. For $ 10 but only U.S. users can access Google’s first full music on offer.

Whether, when and in which countries the service outside the U.S. starts, Google left open at the Moscone Center. Spotify and other major music streaming services certainly hope that this does not happen so quickly.

Maps is one of the most successful services offered by Google. Worldwide orient, navigate and plan so that millions of users. And of course, they find the appropriate selection of Google’s advertisers.

new Google Maps are better tailored to personal needs. If you mark a place or are looking for a particular location, the map shows immediately all relevant information, and suggests similar alternatives.

course maps showing the best route on foot or by various means to.

In the Google Earth view maps projected the maps in satellite images, …

… in which you can zoom up to the street-view perspective.

Conversely, it also works.

And of course, shops, restaurants and other services are still appropriate recommended that the more one uses maps, marked haunts and advice writes.

Perhaps the biggest I / O winner among Google services is Google+. Overall, the social network has received 41 improvements and binds now even closer to all other Google services in.

Hangouts is now Google’s universal Messenger, users can make use of the news and video chats on desktops, iOS and Android devices, of course.

You can also start Hangouts directly from Gmail …

… and group video chats lead.

Depending on the screen the stream will now appear in up to three columns. If you want, but the single-column view can also be under “More” on again.

Google now provides news

automatically with hashtags, if subjects were identified on the basis of keywords or images. Users can also hashtags in the text itself.

Clicking on a hashtag, Google+ is a collection of posts, which fit the topic.

photo storage on Google+ grows to 15 GB, 8 megabytes of images are now considered standard.

Werkeug for editing the photos is now far more extensive …

… Series of images and users can even automatically search out the best photo, create HDR images, make animated GIFS, or can be put together panoramic shots.

Finally, the search has continued to improve Google. Users can now also on desktop browsers simple questions such as “How is the weather in Hamburg?” speak.

then one asks, “And in Stuttgart?” should also understand that Google, even though the word “weather” is missing.

Google’s country manager Amit Singhai sees it, “the end of the search, as we know it” near. Presumably he is therefore not wrong.

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