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14 May 2013 11:17

AutoComplete with Google

(Photo: Source: Google.de / editing: Süddeutsche.de )

Do people tolerate defamatory suggestions in search engines? The Supreme Court has now ruled that Google must emphasize combinations of words from the autocomplete function when violating these privacy rights. The judgment also has implications for the action of Bettina Wulff.

Does the Individual embarrassing and defamatory suggestions tolerate in search engines? Or he can put up a fight against it? The Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has announced its verdict on the so-called AutoComplete function on Tuesday. Google has this feature since 2009. It searches be completed automatically to other suggestions as you type.

search engines like Google to emphasize combinations of words from their auto-complete when they learn that violate these personality rights under the judgment today. According to the judgment, Google has not exactly stand for any infringement of personal rights by the AutoComplete function. The liability of the world’s leading search engine operator set but if an interested party by Google rebuke the linking of his name with personality infringing terms, the Supreme Court decided.

A contractor had sued Google. He looked through automatically added search suggestions in his personal rights and hurt his business reputation. The plaintiff had established that the search suggestions when typing its full name, the auto completion Scientology and fraud anzeigten – although it bears no relation to Scientology or he was accused of fraud. It should not initiate investigation against him.

process moved

The judgment of the Supreme Court also has implications for the action of Bettina Wulff against the Internet giant. She had sued for the AutoComplete feature Google. The company should remove Keyword combinations of her name with words like “prostitution”. The trial had been postponed because of the Supreme Court judgment.

Google itself had so far successfully resisted the intervention trials. According to the company, the company has won in Germany to date, five methods for the AutoComplete feature. So you do not even suggest the terms. Instead you see on the autocomplete terms were entered by Google users themselves. The displayed items are the result of algorithmically generated several objective factors, including the popularity of the search terms, said company spokesman Kay Oberbeck.

What factors are exactly, but the company does not say. In addition to the searches, experts said, also factors such as the number of search results as well as the place and time of the search at play. Moreover, the results were also manipulated. There are already companies that are specialized on creating agreeable auto completion for companies or individuals. This is of course also in negative terms – the so-called Google bombs. Victims of such manipulation in 2003, U.S. President George W. Bush. It was at that time the term “miserable failure” in the search, Google announced the side of the U.S. president as first hit out.

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