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Firefox OS: Keon, the first Firefox Smartphone - Times Online

The mobile operating system Firefox OS is not just a toy for nerds, it might be the darling of the crowd. Because everyone can do what he wants.

Keon smartphone OS with Firefox

Keon smartphone OS with Firefox

Mozilla has done with Firefox OS Large: The company, which develops the popular Firefox browser wants to rid the Mobile Web from the grip of large corporations with proprietary platforms. This sets in Mozilla Firefox OS on the Internet and the ideas that have made it successful.

be sold before the first smartphones with Firefox OS, it will take a few months, but could the Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone few weeks ago and the first intended for developers with Firefox OS smartphones named Keon be ordered. Demand was high, the devices were accordingly sold out quickly. For Firefox OS can indeed try to current high-end smartphones, but it is explicitly run properly on low-cost hardware.


Firefox OS is fundamentally different from other mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, although it is based on the same Linux kernel as Android. This has the advantage that Mozilla Firefox and manufacturers of smart phones can use the same drivers as for Android.

The big difference, however, in the surface of the operating system, which has far-reaching consequences: For Mozilla Firefox OS relies fully on weaving, so apps will be written for the system using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This Mozilla rid of proprietary APIs and relies on web standards. Where these are lacking, Mozilla driving under the W3C their development progress.

Thus, any web app that runs in Firefox, be made with minimal effort an app for Firefox OS. Developers need to do is create a manifest file and customize the design of the app on the display size.

The open approach is also reflected in the AppStore used, which is Mozilla Firefox Marketplace. As with other systems and applications can be found in a few clicks here. However, no one has to choose the path to the Firefox Marketplace. Each developer can offer its app itself directly to the download. And third parties may also operate app stores for Firefox OS. Unlike Apple and Google also partially so there is no instance in Firefox OS that decides which apps are allowed and which are not. As the Web every user can decide what content he wants to install on his device itself.

Android and iOS Externally similar to

The start screen of Firefox OS similar to that of Android or iOS, however, has in addition to the app index two additional screens. One of them is similar to the lock screen: it shows next to the existing on all sides of the home screen app bar, the time and date. So far, we have the sense of this screen can not recognize, but perhaps this will change in future versions of the operating system.

The second additional screen the user will find, as he wipes the far left. Here is a search for the smartphone and the Internet. Except in the usual search engines and Wikipedia the term entered is wanted in many other portals and search pages. On the search term “San Francisco”, for example, follow links to Yahoo, TripAdvisor, MLB (baseball), Twitter, Google Maps, Foursquare, Flickr, and many other web services. These can be opened by pressing a button in the browser or saved as a shortcut in the app view.

Using the search function can be found as Web services, for which the user did not know that they wanted to offer his term information. For some terms, such as cities Firefox OS also provides a suitable background in the search results – in the case of Berlin, a picture of the Brandenburg Gate


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