Saturday, May 25, 2013

German Webvideopreis 2013: The "LOL" award goes to the postilion - STERN.DE

A n this award is much different. Above all the categories in which the German Webvideopreis is given: For the categories of “OMG”, “LOL”, “fail”, “FAQ”, “FYI”, “Epic”, “win”, “Action”, “Let’s play “,” Cute “,” VIP “was searched winners in Dusseldorf on Saturday night. In addition there was a prize for the most influential Webvideomacher, 2012.

were submitted

the more than 4,000 videos of fans, 300,000 users voted into eleven categories. In the “newbie” and “Academy Approved type” alone, the jury decided on the winners. The German Webvideopreis becoming one of the most important media awards in Germany. The price will be organized by the European Academy Web Video (EWVA).

the Honorary Award of the European Academy Web Video for the most influential Webvideomacher of last year – presented by co-presenter Cherno Jobatey – received the group Y-titty. “Nobody has marked the German-speaking Webvideoszene as sustainable as they. Y-Titty is representative of a new generation of moving image creators, away not only unerringly reach of traditional structures of their audience, but there also are economically successful,” says EWVA CEO Dr . Dimitrios Argirakos.

Here are some of the excellent web video.

category “CUTE”: all kinds of dogs – Maya Weimaraner

category “LOL”: Postillon24 News: Mother swapped at birth in the hospital

category “FAIL”: Wolfgang Rademacher – Better Speaking learning

category “EPIC” Daniel Moshel and August Schram – MeTube

category “OMG”: HS-OWL & – Just nine years of happiness

category “NEWBIE”: dailyknoedel – Start with YouTube


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