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Google TV Stick Chrome Cast: Can little, but a lot of benefits - Spiegel Online

Cast Chrome, Google has introduced, provides plenty of confusion. The device the size of a USB stick is plugged into the HDMI input of a TV to play back videos, photos and music from the Web to the TV set. Control is via mobile phone, tablet or PC. Hardly anyone had had reckoned that the Internet giant will show such a device. And many have mistakenly perceive it as a competitor to Apple’s AirPlay technology to. But that’s it, at least for now, not yet.

The fundamental difference between the Google technology and the Apple product: Via AirPlay so you can play content directly from your phone, tablet or computer on the TV or monitor speakers with chrome cast will not do. Instead, Google will stick by phone only receives control commands, the desired content from the web even worried.


Who wants to look at his just now geknipsten with the smartphone snapshots on TV, it must be only upload to Google+ to download it then back on the stick via streaming. The network connection provides the stick itself forth. However, he ruled exclusively 802.11n wireless technology. If you have an older wireless router that does not know this technique, you must upgrade.

not made to play

This principle makes it clear that a broadband connection is absolutely necessary to use Chrome Cast sense -., but that’s all streaming boxes as


Web-centric operation also means that you can not flip on the TV screen the contents of the controlled device. Unlike with Apple’s AirPlay, so you can not use his tablet as a game console, by redirecting the graphics output on the big screen and uses the mobile computer as joystick replacement.

Totally erroneous the vaunted Google appears to play music via Chrome cast. Because Chrome cast can only be connected via HDMI, you would have to fire up the TV. This is both absurd, because the speakers in modern flat screen TVs usually do not produce acceptable sound and secondly, because it would be unfair if the big-screen TV running while listening to music. That would be as if you Start his car, listening to the radio.

Who wants to listen to music wirelessly, currently finds better solutions, such as the Sonos network speaker or the various players and powered speakers, which can be controlled via Airplay or Bluetooth. And finally, there is the alternative of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which enables cross-platform sharing of multimedia data and is integrated into many media players, TVs and cell phones.

Why Chrome cast still works


Chrome cast is often received with enthusiasm, especially in the U.S. anyway, is located on the promise that you finally could thus get an easy, fast and above all cheap way to use video on demand services on the TV . Whoever buys a Chrome Cast in America for $ 35, so that gets delivered a three-month subscription to the popular web-TV service Netflix. That is exactly what Chrome cast in its present version is ideal.

However, there is Netflix so far only in the United States. And so the success of Chrome cast the rest of the world is likely to depend on whether and to what national video-on-demand provider Google convince them to open up to the new technology. Potential candidates would be max cathedrals in Germany and Watch Ever. A bundle of a Chrome cast stick with a three-month subscription to one of these providers a price of 40 euros would be in electronic markets, convenience items, the sale could be many thousands of times.

it depends on the content


long term that will not be enough to make Google’s technology successfully. This can only succeed if many manufacturers are doing now working to develop devices for the Chrome cast technique. Also airplay has not become a success because it is an Apple TV, but because there are dozens or even hundreds of devices that are used to take advantage of the Apple technology.


More importantly, there must be more providers who adapt their offers to the Chrome cast technique and can play movies and music on the Google drive. Without even the nicest content streaming stick is no more than a piece of dead technology.

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