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Microsoft patented living room monitoring - Spiegel Online

Microsoft markets its new console One Xbox as an entertainment center: TV, rent movies, buy movies – with the new console to easily operate all. For the owners, the new Xbox for quite different reasons might be interesting: A report published in late 2012 Microsoft patent application now appears in a new context. It suggests that the Xbox One could settle on the new infrastructure, for example, film consumption by number of viewers. If five people sitting in the living room, a movie might cost you more than just a spectator.

The camera of the new Xbox One could provide this information: The new Kinect hardware should be able to identify up to six people in a room by facial recognition, even without additional light sources

. The more room sitting in the audience, the more expensive it

Microsoft patent for the “regulation of content distribution based on the number of audience” is based on such monitoring technology. The patent application describes the core functions of the method like this:

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  • The technology is designed to enable rights holders to calculate the license fees based on the number of spectators.
  • licenses can be restricted in many ways: the total content may only be used by a particular user several times, always have it at the same time pursue a limited number of users with the content, it may only users of a certain its present age.
  • Viewers will “monitor” the retrieval of the contents, it says in the patent application. Based on these user count certain options can be displayed.
  • Based on the patent application are, for example, the following scenarios are possible: If six people sitting in the living room, and you borrow a movie on the Xbox One, the price is higher than two spectators – you need an extra license Buy for additional spectators.

    viewers count does not fall strictly under Privacy

    Whether this method in film and television distribution of the new Xbox One will be used, it is currently unclear. Microsoft has not answered questions until the publication of this article. The group merely observed that the new Xbox One was designed to “strict protection of privacy.”

    Microsoft patent for viewers count: How many people are in the living room? To Great view

    U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

    Microsoft patent for viewers count: How many people are in the living room


    Strict policy should, however, do not preclude new license models such as the Pay to viewers in the living room. Firstly, the face detection is to run the console locally. The device will not synchronize Microsoft says developers shoot using a database on Microsoft servers. Moreover: For the patented Microsoft billing models, it is sufficient if the Console reports the Microsoft server that currently five people sit in front of TV. No personal data to be transmitted – more money, the owners also automatically as demand for his films or television shows.Editor’s Note: In an earlier version of this article was of a granted patent in late 2012 the speech. In fact, in late 2012 the patent application was published. We have corrected the article accordingly and apologize for the error.

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