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Osram enters Quantum Dot market – without cadmium – invidis – Digital Signage Portal

– Under the product name Quantum Colors brings Osram Opto Semiconductors, a new Quantum Dot technology to market that dispenses with cadmium, covering DCI-P3 to 100% – and even half as expensive as methods of competition. by Thomas Kletschke

Example f & # xFC r a screen with Osram Quantum Color (Photo / Rendering: Osram Opto Semiconductors)

Example of a screen with Osram Quantum Color (Photo / Rendering: Osram Opto Semiconductors)

The coming year will bring a whole lot more at the display technologies of contrast, color and color fastness and the black levels Wide Color Gamut is important -.. in the B2B market and B2C applications, the way there are many – OLED, for example, one of them

On the other fork in the road -. in the LCD technologies, which can not do without a LED backlighting unlike OLED -. Things are happening in the market for quantum dots What at UHD TVs and computer monitors for professionals and prosumers also could express themselves in a price decline

At QD and the market to QD is fighting for market share -. and also industry-internally and publicly grappled over whether to continue to rely on such technologies should that contain cadmium.

Now, Osram Opto Semiconductors brings the new conversion technology Quantum Colors on the market. Their main characteristics: a significantly better color gamut and according to the manufacturer significant cost savings compared to traditional Quantum Dot Sheets technology and cadmium-free

Structure of Layer Quantum Colors (Graphic: Osram Opto Semiconductors running)

The first customer projects; the use of Osram technology to the mass market for LED backlighting is planned to the end of 2016.

Quantum Colors based on a green Quantum converter which is combined with red phosphorus on a blue chip. The technology has been partially developed in the EU or BMBF funding projects SSL4EU and Hi-Q LED and involved no cadmium. This results in numerous advantages over Quantum Dot Sheets, the usual for maximum color claims in TV backlighting technology: In the color gamut Quantum Color is superior because through a narrow spectral half width of 30 nm in the green color space standards as DCI-P3 may be covered at 100% and REC2020 to more than 80%.

Also requires the Osram technology no additional adjustments to the system or other components. So manufacturing processes and the entire system can be simplified.

The cost can be compared to Quantum Dot Sheet solutions that are based on a few nanometers large semiconductor particles, halved. “An example illustrates the large savings for the customer,” says Peter Lenz, Product Marketing LED at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “With a 55″ TV with Ultra HD 100% DCI cover can be realized in our Quantum Color technology with complete bulbs cost of only 55 Euro based. In previous solutions, however, would alone already incurred the costs of the double quantum dot Sheet. “

Another benefit is that over the life of constant constant color. In Quantum Dot Sheets these changed over time, according to Osram bluish. When it comes to life Quantum Color LED should reach at least 30,000 hours; first tests are already showing positive results.

It is possible that in addition to TV set manufacturers also AiO vendors like Apple (Retina iMac from 2016 or 2017) and Monitor forging as Eizo pleased with a backlighting could find technology that becoming the more important Color Space DCI-P3 met too loose 100% – and which is yet to implement better cost

The Quantum Dot providers falling achievable prices could be a consequence.. Also OLEDs are medium to further falling prices hit the market.


32C3: Trend Technology 3D printing pollutes the environment – Heise Newsticker

The TGZ Bitterfeld-Wolfen currently has an occupancy rate of about 50 . percent

(Photo: Archives sweepers)

The chemical park is the second managing director for the loss-making technology and incubation center. The aim is to achieve a better marketing and more start-ups.


For the financially ailing Technology and Founder Centre (TGZ) Bitterfeld-Wolfen is help in sight: The Chemical Park will from January a second Managing places he intended to support the current conductor Kurt eavesdropping It is hoped that more start-ups and, ideally, an improvement in the economic situation

TGZ must be more successful

“The TGZ can play an important role when it comes to bring back more founders in the city. It just needs to be successful, “says chemical park manager Patrice Heine. “We believe that this create two managing more than one.” In an extraordinary meeting with the shareholders – the Anhalt-Bitterfeld and the city Bitterfeld-Wolfen – the use of the second manager was already decided. To whom it is doing, but will not be announced until early next year. Only so much: He is already working at the Chemical Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH. The contract will apply from January.

The TGZ has long been a problem child. 1992 was launched to give-ups and young companies jumpstart. Main shareholder is the city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen: You pay an annual subsidy of around 211 000 euros, the county subsidizes 82 200 euros. But the TGZ writes higher losses, since slumped dramatically after a few corporate insolvencies years ago revenues. 2013 the deficit amounted to around 354 000 euros, last year there were 78 000 euros. At present, the utilization is at about 50 percent

More about

The loss-development had led early December to a request within the council:. Fraction SPD-Green applied to consider an exit of the district. The move was rejected.

The acquisition of shares by the Chemical Park was talking. Why this was not successfully, to the parties not comment. The second manager is now to “take place at the point where it is necessary” support, so Heine. The concept would be reviewed, marketing and networks are to be used and expanded better. “We can bring in our experience and contacts as a chemical park GmbH, which is precisely what we do anyway. But we think from now on the TGZ with and want to make it better together. This also means that we need to go outside more occur together with the device. When I speak, for example, at events for the chemical park, then the TGZ has a role to play “

. Foundation of Companies in focus

Within the next two years we expect is “significant effects”. The finances play a subordinate role. “Not a single TGZ works economically. And it goes basically to economic development, to the creation of businesses, “said Heine.

The activities of the other managing director is created for an indefinite period and will be financially supported by the Chemical Park. Heine also emphasizes: “Nothing has been put over. All parties have fully agreed. “The further development should now be closely watched. “The point is, ultimately, whether we can achieve more with the TGZ than without. This is now being tested. When adjust after a certain time no effects, we also need to react to it. “

would be a withdrawal of the shareholders an option? “Basically, a withdrawal as a shareholder is always an option. In but excluding the council is “, according to the county administration. On personnel matters and hoped for effects will not comment you look. The city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen is a better networking and cooperation with local businesses. “The city is based on an already begun improving the overall situation,” said Carolin Herrmann from the press office. “The measures introduced by the bodies measures are starting to bear. With determination of results in 2016, these bodies are optionally decide on further action “(MZ)


All about Bitterfeld-Wolfen, please visit our topics page Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


Trend Technology 3D printing pollutes the environment – Kieler Nachrichten

The plastic waste generated by 3D printer is an increasing problem for the environment: The Karlsruhe expert Christian Lölkes said on Tuesday . Congress of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Hamburg, five to ten percent of all 3D printing products were Committee and wandered in the trash

article published: Tuesday, 12/29/2015 13:16 clock | Article updated: Tuesday, 12/29/2015 13:22 clock


Internet Trend Technology 3D printing pollutes the environment – Kieler Nachrichten

The plastic waste generated by 3D printer is an increasing problem for the environment: The Karlsruhe expert Christian Lölkes said on Tuesday . Congress of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Hamburg, five to ten percent of all 3D printing products were Committee and wandered in the trash

article published: Tuesday, 12/29/2015 13:16 clock | Article updated: Tuesday, 12/29/2015 13:22 clock


Formula 1 technology enhances the energy efficiency of supermarkets – Trends of the future

In Formula 1 air currents play an enormously important role. Because in order to develop as quickly as possible cars, it is important to keep the air resistance as low as possible. The developers of the Formula 1 team Williams therefore familiar with air currents and their effects. This knowledge they have now brought in a completely different area of ​​application: They developed a kind of plastic rail which should ensure that open refrigerators in supermarkets lose less heat. These simple measures can cut energy consumption by up to 32 percent lower. The first customer is the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.

interaction between warm and cold air supplies energy loss

Sainsbury’s is also a good example of the enormous amounts of energy that are consumed in modern supermarkets. Because the stores of the chain are responsible for a total of around one per cent of UK electricity consumption. A lot of it is needed for the refrigerators. Particularly problematic are the open refrigerated shelves, where, for example, sausage or cheese can be found. Because the cooled-air interacts with the significantly warmer air passages clean. This is the reason why it is usually quite cold before the refrigerated. At the same time these exchanges but also ensure that refrigerant is lost on the shelf makes -. This must then be renewed by energy consumption

Altered airflows save electricity

The idea of ​​Williams experts is now actually quite simple: you alter the air flows so that the interaction is minimized between warm and cold air. The charm of its invention lies in the fact that no new devices need to be purchased. Instead, almost all existing refrigerated shelves can be retrofitted by installing the newly developed plastic strip. Sainsbury’s, for example, already is considering to equip all stores with the new technology. Williams is by no means the only Formula 1 team, which also marketed inventions outside of motorsport. So McLaren for example is working on technologies to support surgeons



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Many smartphones and wearables under the Christmas tree – This … – Berliner Zeitung

Crowd Work

The Internet has created a new form of work, which rapidly spread: Crowd Work. more …

So looked Berlin earlier from


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Visa Europe: The block chain technology is no longer “just a choice” – BTC-Echo

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Visa Europe said last week once again in retrospect on the year the importance of Bitcoin and the block chain technology and expressed suspicions about the fact that the traditional financial system will very soon adapt the technology.

Under the title “Why was 2015 the year of payments” discussed the Visa blog post the financial technology in the broad sense and goes thereby deeper into digital currencies. The company says that currently “a transformation takes place”, both in the research of technology as well as in public perception
The article also it is written.

“In 2015, has become the Block Chain developed into something that has to accept the industry. There is no longer a choice. Recent speculation about the inventor of the technology and the formalization of digital currencies as money making currencies more real than ever. “

Visa Europe says further that the technology will be faced in the coming year with regulatory hurdles and that the parties must address the issue of trust and continue to forge ahead. One issue with the technology to fight since the first hour of birth.

The article also says that using Bitcoin and the block chain technology in international payments will continue to be in 2016 thematic focus of the company and the competition.

BTC echo
original English version of Stan Higgins via CoinDesk
Image Source: Image Source: frankieleion (Note to self: get another Mastercard) via (CC license)

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Uber, snapchat and Co .: The most promising technology start-ups – Wirtschaftswoche

Sanwal’s list does not claim to infallibility. “Of course not all of these 531 companies in 2016 to come to the stock market.” Although from the CB Insights tech IPO pipeline from the previous year were only 38 on the stock exchange. Together they recorded a 26 billion dollars. However, there was in 2015 no tech IPO, apart from the splitting of HP’s, which would not have been on the list.

The CB Insights analysis promotes some other interesting facts to light: The 531 publicly mature US start-ups have been together 89 billion get and other funds – dollar fresh capital from venture capital. There were 92 so-called mega-rounds of financing with a volume of more than 100 million dollars. The number of these mega-rounds has compared to 2015, more than doubled. Still 2011 there had been only seven such mega rounds, 2010 two

Unsurprisingly:. More than half of the IPO candidates (291 start-ups) are from California, followed by New York (64). Most of the money put in premarket electronic companies, namely an average of 139 million US dollars of venture capital

From theoretically possible 1000 points in the ranking reaching the software vendor Mule Soft and Okta, each with 910 points most. and the subscription and payment liquidators Zuora which expands just after Germany, with 880 points is considered to be very ready to go public.

Zuora was founded only in 2007, the Financial Services handles cash flows for subscriptions and analyzes the data for its clients, such as music streamer Spotify , video platform Netflix or publishers. Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a prominent supporter of Zuora. The start-up was far from 17 different investors $ 243 million in a total of six rounds of financing. The company’s value is estimated at more than a billion dollars.

Equally promising Okta and MuleSoft. Okta from San Francisco offers security software. The business segment is very lucrative. With Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia are two of the most renowned venture capitalists on board. The platform of MuleSoft allows customers (excluding companies, no private customer business) via a programming interface (API) to combine different own and other software. The company already has customers in more than 60 countries, including about BMW and Boeing. Here, too, multi-billionaire Marc Benioff as an investor via Salesforce Ventures his finger in the pie. Overall, Mule has been able to secure 260 million US dollars in seven rounds of financing.


Many smartphones and wearables under the Christmas tree – This … – Central German newspaper

Rosalind Picard wears a bracelet that is to check the state of health.

(Photo: REUTERS)

What were the most popular electric Christmas presents this year? What technological developments can we expect and where does the future hold? We provide some answers.

Berlin .

Smart Phones and portable electronics are in this year’s hit with electronic devices. We explain that the great period of the so-called wearables is yet to come – while emotions of users play a decisive role.

How went the holiday shopping season?

This year, smartphones were in vast quantities under the Christmas tree. They are in many industrialized countries in the top five of the most popular gifts. And the holiday shopping season is not over yet. Until the second week of January into Vouchers can be redeemed, and with free money hardware is purchased.

Is there besides smartphones other popular devices?

 The Sports Watch SportBand of Misfit. The watch manufacturer Fossil buys the fitness tracker experts Misfit.

The sports watch “SportBand” of Misfit. The watch maker Fossil buys the fitness tracker experts Misfit. (Photo: Misfit / dpa)

The so-called wearables bring massively. This is on one hand to Smart Watches. The biggest market are currently but fitness trackers that are used during exercise and record heart rate and other body and interpret data. The market research company Gartner expects that doubled this year, sales of fitness bracelets in the United States – much of it is sold in the Christmas shop. In Germany, the momentum is not quite as strong.

What kind of orders of magnitude The market researchers attribute?

The experts agree that the smart phone market continues to grow rapidly. Market researchers from the US company Gartner expect a worldwide sales increase of 14 percent to nearly 1.4 billion units this year. The wearables an increase of one-third to 265 million units is expected. Rising. It will also see the analyst International Data Corporation (IDC). They predict for the next five years an average annual growth of 28 percent

This means:. Electronic devices that are worn on the body, sit by as a new mass-market products. Gartner expects global sales of 580 million units for the 2020th The wearable market is then about twice as large as the market with personal computers. Already in 2018, a typical user would have in an industrialized country for more than three personal electronic devices.

How the devices are technically develop?

drivers for the growing paragraph is the greater efficiency. This means first of all quite banal: longer battery life. The devices will have their own mobile connections, and more and more sensors to analyze physiological data. The units are equipped with payment functions, to acquire approximately online apps, but to also pay the bill in the restaurant with the clever clock.

At the same time, the product range is among the fitness Bracelets differentiate. There will be devices for children and seniors. There will be bracelets, which are specialized for healthcare applications – for example for the chronically ill. Also as for retail employees are special application possibilities are conceivable, aimed at supervision of the personnel

The latter shows that a question comes into focus:. How is handled with the data incurred? In the words of Gartner analyst Annette Zimmermann, a high level of transparency will be required on the handling of information collected in order to enforce the new applications.

What will be the next step?

With more sensors and more better software will make it possible to analyze emotions of users. These include not only heart rate, blood pressure or sleep patterns, but also the facial expression or speech. This allows the state of the sick diagnose more accurately.

The algorithms but can also be used by companies to find out how high the stress level of employees in certain situations. The interaction with customers can be recorded and evaluated in order to improve communication. Experts expect that in the computer trade fair CES (January 6 to 9) much new software and hardware is presented for wearables.


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HDDs: HAMR technology may only 2018 – PC Games Hardware

The HAMR technology for coming hard disk generation to satisfy the ever growing demand for larger capacities in future. According to current rumors, however, this technique could be to wait until 2018 to be.

In times of ever-increasing information and data volumes arise Hardware Researchers Every year the question of how high the demand for larger capacity should be breastfed. For comparison: in 2015 were around 1,000 exabytes, ie delivered 1,000,000,000 terabytes of data storage, by 2020 this number is expected to almost triple. That the time has come for new technologies that include these amounts of data to customer-friendly area, it should be clear in order.

Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, or shortly HAMR, is called the technology of Disk future and promises higher to achieve data densities than anything else previously. With HAMR and the utilization of the limits of paramagnetism should therefore be exceeded for the first time the density of 1.5 terabytes per square inch. Testing of the new HDD technology is intended to have the end of next year or early 2017 start.

However, such attempts always take a certain time, and so it is not surprising that the company Showa Denko announced a few days ago, HAMR that even by 2018 is slow in coming. ‘With regard to the new technologies, or HAMR TAMR, the start of mass production will be shifted to 2018′ promises Hideo Ichikawa, President of Showa Denko. The reasons for induced delay not mentioned above and will probably not initially announced


Video Series: PCGH builds a PC – Part 8 – The hard drive

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Technology trends beyond Java – JAXenter

In an evolving as fast as the IT industry, it is worthwhile for programmers to stay up to date. There are many interesting trends, practical tools and breakthrough innovations that affect the Java world greatly. In this series of short presentations Eberhard Wolff, Kai Tödter, Oliver Gierke, Peter Rossbach and Uwe Friedrichsen present the most fascinating trends for the coming years.

All five speakers are also on the JAX 2016 (18 to 22 April.) participate with key note speeches and workshops. Peter Rossbach awaits visitors for example in his Docker-based workshop, Kai Tödter shows interested workshop participants how to Cool Web Apps with angularjs, Typescript and Spring boat created and the question “What does a Micro Services technology stack from? “Eberhard Wolff will answer in his session. Uwe Friedrichsen notes “DevOps is not enough” and Oliver Gierke presents in its Session Understanding Domain-driven design for Micro Services concepts with which one can make manageable complexity in software

There is a wealth of technical developments which are not directly related to the Java world, but have nevertheless a major impact on this. Many such developments are changing the way how we develop software, to develop and operate very persistent – so we want to throw a spotlight on some of these techniques



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DSL technology: copper or fiber optic cables? – Aachener Zeitung

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