Friday, May 17, 2013

Revised Map Service: This is the new Google Maps - STERN.DE

It was the star of the Google developer conference: the new Google Maps. The revised version of the card service was unveiled on Wednesday, the first testers can already try out the new Google Maps. The cards act now open, uncluttered and have lots of new features. So no longer automatically displays Google Maps on smaller side streets the name. Only when one examines the road itself, close zooms in or clicking on a location in the vicinity, the street names are visible. The side of the window falls off in the future, information will be displayed above the map material. Thus, the visible section is larger. . Moreover, Google Earth data is more integrated, interest can then be viewed as a 3D model

Cunning to the map service of the next generation to be: The cards are personalized in the future and adapt to the user on, Google promises. Already visited places with Google Maps and recommendations from friends are directly integrated into the maps. This allows the user to see at a glance what is important and relevant to them. For example, you can now directly look for restaurants that were recommended in its own Google+ circles.

In a few weeks, the mapping service for Android and iOS systems is available for download. For the first time, iPad users can then also install the Google App.

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