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15 May 2013 20:07

Google’s developer conference in San Francisco: Hugo Barra, head of product management for Google, opens the event

(Photo: AFP )

Google speaks of “the radio without rules”: The Group has presented at its developer conference, the streaming music service Google Play Music All Access. With the subscription service challenges Google in one fell swoop Apple and streaming providers like Spotify.

Google on Wednesday launched a streaming music service, in which the songs are played directly from the network. The subscription offer with the name Google Play Music All Access is initially available in the U.S., the Internet company announced at the Develop conference Google I / O in San Francisco.

For $ 9.99 a month there is unlimited access to the music offer. In addition, you can leave songs that could fit to their own taste in music, select from Google. The group talks about the “radio without rules.” More countries will follow.

Google that competes with existing streaming providers such as Spotify, Rdio or Pandora. According to media reports, Apple is also working on an internet radio, but plugged accordingly be tough in rights negotiations with the music industry. With the download platform iTunes Apple is the world’s largest music seller.

The Google Android operating system, meanwhile, cracked the mark of 900 million activated devices, such as the new Android chief Sundar Pichai announced. In 2012, Google had only 400 million Android devices activated reported. It’s mostly to smartphones. The app downloads on the Google platform play would have reached 48 billion – of which only 2.5 billion last month. Rival Apple is just about to reach the mark of 50 billion downloaded apps.

Google I / O is the annual conference for software developers on the internet group introduces important innovations. First, above all, new opportunities for app developers were at the center. Among the first featured innovations was the ability to save game in the cloud, to play seamlessly on different devices. In addition, there is now an interface through which apps can behave differently depending on whether the user walks, runs, or are traveling with a bicycle. Also, they can add up to 100 so-called geofence points per app install – virtual fences that enables certain functions when a user reaches a predetermined location


Google also tackles the problem of Android fragmentation: developers have more work because devices are on the market with different versions of the Google system. Game developers are now getting for example the possibility for different devices to see individual elements immediately variants.

Google stock jumped shortly before the first time over 900 dollars and also stopped during the presentation about it. For months it rises seemingly unstoppable. Even at the beginning it was still worth a good $ 700. Since then, Google has provided, among other things with his data glasses Glass Google for plenty of headlines.

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