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One Xbox Kinect plays supervisor in the living room - Chip Online

One Xbox with Kinect. always-on sensor in the living room

next-gen watchdogs: The Xbox Kinect Microsoft comes out with one of the next generation. Aboard each console so are four microphones, two cameras and an infrared sensor. To see and hear the Xbox One probably exactly what happens when you play and film shows.

Xbox One: Monitoring included

Microsoft launches the Xbox One not only a gaming console into the living room, the next-gen console is far more than a DADDELKISTE: According to the manufacturer, it is “the new all -In-One Entertainment System. ” The idea: The box will also stream movies, TV Beautify and store music. Also on board, and now no questionable gimmick, but necessarily active – Kinect the next generation. “One comes with Xbox Kinect. Fully revised, more precise, more intuitive,” says the manufacturer.

The new motion sensor, two cameras and an infrared scanner equipped with four microphones. So can see in the dark even the console. You must listen to conversations when you want to provide command that the console wakes up from standby. And when you play, the Xbox Kinect thanks to one to see if the user is sad or happy, if he forgives her face, tears open his mouth or looks bored aside

During the presentation of the console Microsoft even said. The the player could read the pulse camera, finally, the color of the face change slightly with each heartbeat. Little futuristic sounds because that Kinect also see how many people are staying in the room. To make money the simple counting people but could be practical.

Film & TV

more viewers, higher price

2012 Microsoft filed at least a corresponding patent in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office filed. The dry description: “System and method of presentation of content that allows content providers to control the presentation of content based on the number of users.” Which is regulated on the basis of licenses. If the number of users exceeded per the appropriate license, the content provider can take action to-price adjustment. In other words: The more people sit in front of the TV, the more expensive a film could be

But the licenses nor include more aspects.. Thus, the use of content on a specific number can be limited by access to content or applications can be a user who has not yet reached the appropriate age denied. Even though it is not clear whether Microsoft will actually bring in the patent application for the Xbox One, finally does not have to be implemented each protected idea.

Kinect: First allegedly also user reactions.

facial and emotion recognition

more clarity to the use of the new Microsoft Kinect technology must also handle the user create data: The next-gen sensor is ultimately quite advanced: The cameras see from the facial expression of the user its mood. The Kinect knows which user has which controller in hand. If the user is attentive or distracted? Is he happy or sad? Eyes and mouth are open or closed, the player maintains with others? Microsoft wants to capture with the learned and improve future products as the reactions of gamers. That sounds like for example at new series productions after a promising approach – and the advertising industry would certainly not averse to count now actually see how many eyes a commercial

video. Microsoft Xbox One – Fact check before the test

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Xbox One sends data to Microsoft

brought to the presentation of the Xbox One-to-date Terms of Use Microsoft currently formulated very comprehensive: “In the maximum extent permitted by law, we may monitor your communications and disclose information about you.” He continues: “In order to improve the service, we may certain information about service performance, your unauthorized use of your device and collect the same We may automatically upload this information from your device..” To the said information includes hardware and performance data, the connection quality and service quality. “If you use the console in conjunction with Kinect, we may also collect information about the way you interact with the console to improve Microsoft products and services.”

CHIP Online says:
Even someone who has nothing to hide, should find this strange invasion of privacy. One of the possible with the Xbox video chat over Xbox video chat, Skype and Hotmail loses impartiality could be recorded when, theoretically, every word and every gesture and automatically uploaded to Microsoft’s servers – and will be issued as needed to the authorities. Microsoft’s next-gen entertainment package can also be activated by voice control – that is, the Xbox One is always in standby, never completely. Orwell’s telescreen, a screen in which you not only looks into every evening, but the back looks also worked quite similar.

Video: One Xbox game trailers

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