Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Consumer Organizations demand: "Abmahnwahn" must be permanently stopped - STERN.DE

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itemprop=”caption”> The proposed new rules will protect Internet users and limit first warning letters to 155,30 €

D ie consumer organizations calling for better protection of Internet users against overpriced mass warnings. The planned reorganization of the federal government was “a sham,” said the head of the Federation of German Consumer Association (vzbv), Gerd Billen. “It makes exceptions to the rule.” Background is the limit, according to prosecutors private users may levy a maximum of € 155.30 for first warnings for illegal downloading of images or music in the future. But this restriction shall not engage, if this is “the particular circumstances of the case unfairly.”

According to a report commissioned by the vzbv the exception in more than three quarters of the current main Abmahnkonstellationen likely to be asserted. Reason is the open and interpretable exemption. You could most cases about with movies, TV shows, music albums and music singles concern. “If we want to stop the Abmahnwahn with excessive costs in Germany, the Bundestag, the protection gap must close” demanded Billen. So far, prosecutors charge for such warnings sometimes several hundred euros.

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