Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whatsapp-Killer, and Galaxy Nexus S4: Google pierced thick I / O boards - NEWS

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 Google Chrome is the future on Android have the same features as the desktop browser. Google Chrome will continue on Android have the same functions as the desktop browser (Photo: Google).

Wednesday 15 May 2013

by Klaus Wedekind

No new Nexus and certainly no X Phone and Google still has at its developer conference I / O a strong idea: Among other things, could replace Whatsapp Messenger, Hangouts, a music streaming service Spotify & Co and threatened Play Games Google could make Android to become the leading mobile gaming platform. And then Google also still a Galaxy S4 with pure Android before.

The sale of hardware is only a small part of Google’s huge field of activity. And so this year’s developer conference I / O was not disappointing even without new Nexus device. After all, Google has been able to make significant progress in key areas.

Hangouts is for everyone

An open secret before the conference was the new messenger “Hangouts”. Closely integrated with the Google+ social network, it provides the desktop Chrome browser and the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, text and video chat in a new quality. Also typed conversations take place in real time. All conversations, no matter on which device performed are stored at the request of Google and are always available anywhere.

Google+ retreaded

Google+ itself receives a redesigned stream, with either two or three columns. Posts are – automatically tagged and Google generates from a hashtag stream with appropriately tagged content from Google+ – as well as image recognition. As with other new features, users can decide whether they want to enable the auto hashtags or not.

for photos, Google now 15 gigabytes available. With new tools, images can automatically improve, among other things, be merged HDR images to or even animated. Overall, Google+ gets 41 improvements.


music streaming service

been leading music streaming services Spotify, Rdio or Pandora have to dress warmly, because throws with Google Play Music All Access Google’s market power in this internet business. For $ 9.99 a month there is unlimited access to its music offerings. In addition, you can leave songs that could fit to their own taste in music, select from Google. First, the service is offered only in the U.S. but other countries will follow.

How well presented in San Francisco extended language features Google’s search engine will also work in Germany, still to be seen. So far, the implementation outside of the United States was rather unsatisfactory – Now also for mobile assistants. The search engine will in future increasingly formulated in complete sentences to answer questions of users. In-house web browser Chrome they should now ask questions via the microphone and get a spoken answer.

maps clearer and more informative

very popular Google Maps mapping service has been improved and is getting a new look. Google wants to adapt the service more on individual users. For this, among other things, recommendations and reviews of local businesses come to the fore. By clicking on a destination maps automatically displays the names of roads that lead there. In addition, information about accidents on the roads are integrated directly into Google Maps – but also special offers from shops. The view of the card on tablet computers has been renewed.

A few days before the conference was announced that Google Play Games coming. It is a new games service for Android, the User Scores, achievements and leaderboards sync or meet to multiplayer games and can arrange.

Google Edition of the Galaxy S4

Product Manager Hugo Barra of Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S 4 Product Manager Hugo Barra of Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 (Photo: AP)

The expected introduction of Android 4.3 Google had failed it. Maybe the company is now waiting but until version 5 is finished or published the new mobile operating system without fanfare in the coming days or weeks.

But Google had yet another little surprise on stock hardware: from 26 June you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 in the 16-gigabyte version with pure Android 4.2 for $ 649 in the U.S. directly in Play. As the smartphone the “real” Nexus devices will receive new versions of Android without delay. Whether a sale of smartphones is planned outside the U.S., Google did not reveal.


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