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Supreme Court governs search suggestions ("autocomplete") | What is the Google judgment ... - PICTURE


Bettina Wulff (39) is suing Google: When entering their name there was addenda such as “red”

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15.05.2013 – 00:13 clock

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  • from CH. Martens and F. SOLMS-LAUBACH
  • Berlin – Heavy defeat for the U.S. search giant Google


    The Internet company must automatically delete proposed search suggestions (“autocomplete”) if they violate privacy rights of users, the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) ruled yesterday in a landmark judgment (Case No.: VI ZR 269/12)


    The terms appeared yesterday in the search for “Bettina Wulff” on

    The ruling could have far-reaching consequences for the Google entries of ex-First Lady Bettina Wulff: She had sued Google because in search of her name appeared numerous defamatory terms such as “Red Light” and “escort “.

    Bettina Wulff’s lawyer Gernot Lehr regarded the ruling as “good signal to protect the privacy rights on the Internet.”

    In the current case

    entrepreneur Rolf Sorg (PM-International) had sued because his name was automatically added to the words “Scientology” and “fraud”. He felt wrongly associated with these concepts.

    IMAGE clarifies important questions:

    ? If word combos now automatically deleted?

    No, Google should only act when sufferers actively request them.

    ? What can I do?

    “Who feels insulted or denigrated by the combination of keywords, you should write an e-mail to support-de@google.com . If you get no response within a week, you should contact an attorney, “said lawyer Christian Solmecke.

    ? What Google says about it?

    that Google should be liable for the entered keywords is incomprehensible, says spokesman Kay Oberbeck. He was “disappointed and surprised”.

    Bettina Wulff

    Google fails before Federal Court: Autocomplete unlawful

    auto-completion Google fails before Federal Court

    Groundbreaking ruling against Google: The automatic completion of partial search is unlawful. more …

    Christian Martens

     Comment by Christin Martens: the laws also apply to Google

    comment laws

    also apply to Google

    Life without Google? For most of us hardly conceivable. The search engine giant has long been part of our lives. more …

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