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ISS Commander Hadfield is back on Earth - Heise Newsticker

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Image: NASA / Carla Cioffi On Tuesday morning (local time) three astronauts from the International Space Station landed safely in the Kazakh steppe. As NASA announced that it ended the ISS Expedition 35 Southeast of the city Schesqasghan translated ISS Commander Chris Hadfield (Canadian Space Agency), Soyuz commander Roman Romanenko (Roscosmos) and flight engineer Tom Marshburn (NASA) on. In its 146 days in space they had before 2336 times circling the Earth and traveled about 100 million kilometers.

In recent months Commander Chris Hadfield was particularly worried about the internet for a lot of interest in working in Earth orbit. He always filled his Twitter feed with new images of the Earth from above. In a night scene of Berlin about the former border between East and West was seen. Before his return to Earth he had not uploaded an added to the Space Station version of the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, which was viewed millions of times within a very short time.

Commander Hadfields pictures

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recordings from orbit

In January

Hadfield was part of an exchange of words on Twitter, the enthusiastic not only science fiction fans around the world. Asked by William Shatner (Captain Kirk), if he tweet from space, he replied. “Yes, standard orbit, Captain And we’re Detecting signs of life on the surface”. A little later, Leonard Nimoy (Spock) intervened and Will Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) could not restrain himself, but was rebuked by Chris Hadfield. George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) agreed to beam as part of an away team to the planet, whereupon Hadfield finally the color of his shirt questioned.

“For here am I sitting in a tin can | Far above the world | Planet earth is blue |. And there’s nothing I can do”

Under the leadership of Pavel Vinogradov (Roskosmos) now still working Missurkin Alexander (Roscosmos) and Chris Cassidy (NASA) on board the space station. For the 28 May three new astronauts will then complete the Expedition 26 on board, including with Luca Parmitano also an astronaut by ESA. Already of his preparation, he reported repeatedly on Twitter and eventually he will continue Hadfields advertising for space yes. (mho)

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