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Pilot test of the Telekom landline No more in the development area - Sü

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19 May 2013 15:18

The rerouting of copper cables is expensive, too expensive in some of the Telekom. The Group considered whether the customers are calling in small or remote future development areas and surf wirelessly. A pilot phase is already in the pipeline – but with politicians pushes the project to criticism


Telekom wants may offer no more landline connections in small or remote future development areas. Currently employed considerations would introduce a wireless economically favorable solution in newly developed areas, said a spokesman for Telecom on Saturday the German Press Agency, confirming a newspaper report of the LAP and the Nordsee-Zeitung. Currently, preliminary ran for a minimum one-year pilot project.

The laying of copper cables for a fixed line connection is very expensive in some areas. “There arises the question for us, is not that too cheap,” said the Telekom spokesman. Therefore, the Telekom would test the wireless telephone as so-called universal service solution. It can be used the old phone device. The possibilities are the same as for fixed line connection. Prerequisite for the introduction of a wireless connection is ultimately that the quality of care is not deteriorating and the cost for the customers did not increase, said the telecom.

The company is loud Telecommunications Act nationwide to supply the minimum population required. In addition to public payphones has a connection to every household at an affordable price – no matter where the home is located. A wireless phone connection is possible, because am not required by law, such as the telecoms have to fulfill their obligation to supply technically universal service, the company said.

politicians were critical of the plans of the telecom

Before the telecom individual development areas on outskirts or in the country in which an extension of the fixed network put out to be uneconomical, endows with wireless phone supply, would first have to experience is gained, the spokesman stressed. Therefore, in consultation with the authorities responsible for telecommunications companies Federal Network Agency and the municipal associations, a pilot experiment should be started. This is currently running calls.

affected development areas should be parallel but equipped with fixed according to the spokesman. The pilot will run for at least one year. Exactly how the wireless technology will look like, according to the speaker being tested in the pilot phase. Only after the test is to determine whether a wireless connection is an equivalent alternative. In any case, it must provide an adequate replacement for the existing fixed network lines. One advantage of the wireless supply but would a higher bandwidth, so a faster web browsing, be.

The Federal Network Agency in Bonn could not be reached for comment yet. However, the plans have been criticized for federal politicians, as Saarbrücken newspaper and Nordsee-Zeitung report: Telekom has not demonstrated that the mobile offer is equivalent to the fixed network. “There are high doubts,” said Bernhard Kaster (CDU) parliamentary manager of the Union in the Bundestag, the newspapers. Kaster is also a member of the Advisory Board to the Federal Network Agency. “We will insist that there is no deterioration.” The deputy leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Bärbel Höhn, the newspapers said, “What must not happen is that customers have to pay more for less quality.”

In recent weeks, had caused the Telekom plans for protest, for fast Internet surfing via the fixed line at home introduce a data volume limit. The limit is to apply for new contracts since 2 May be completed. Technically, the project is expected not implemented before 2016. Critics accused the telecom front of a violation of net neutrality because their own services should not be included on the data volume. The Telekom justified their plans to curb the high cost of network expansion. In the fixed network expansion alone would have in the years to six billion euros will be invested, the Group.

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  • source and Editor: Sü / AFP / dpa / sks / luk

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