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The Ascend Mate is the largest smartphone in the world - THE WORLD


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The Ascend Mate is the largest smartphone in the world

greater than allowed in your pocket? With a screen size of 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate is the largest smartphone on the market. The test shows that the monster-phone can do it all – and what not


allowed Bigger than your pocket? With a screen size of 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate is the largest smartphone on the market. The test shows that the monster-phone can do it all – and what does not. From


few years ago it was still laughing about the giant bones they used to be called mobile phone. Then the devices shrink to Winzgröße. 2013 not understand many of the world: Huge smartphones flooding the market


And Huawei is still one better: The Ascend Mate is with a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches (15.5 centimeters) is the largest smartphone in the world. Whether that fits in your pocket? “Computer Bild” has taken the test.

Who needs such a huge phone? And for what? As a table tennis racquet replacement? Yes, to the distress Frühstücksbrettchen As for the jam toast? Works well, but then the device is supposed in your pocket and not in the dishwasher.

And now comes the surprise: Yes, Mate fits into almost any trouser and jacket pocket. Who’s in a tight jeans, but will have trouble sitting down. For this, the huge, clear screen displays web pages almost as clear as a notebook. And the Huawei is handier than a conventional tablet.

processing – at a high level

Lightly brushed, titanium-colored plastic frame, a rubber backing coupled with impeccable workmanship – Huawei does not splash out the largest smartphone in the world


Nice detail: Behind the speaker grille is a notification LED for new e-mails and phone calls hidden. Since the battery is not removable, cover flaps on the sides of both the SIM and the micro SD card.

the largest smartphone in the world is also the fastest? In the demanding use at least no annoying delays. The performance is decent, it is at the level of a Samsung Galaxy S3. However, there’s to buy the Samsung Bestsellers quite some time. At the very latest flagships like the HTC one or Samsung Galaxy S4, the giant phone does not come close.

Because processor and display need much energy is in the Ascend mate with a 4050 mAh battery, the current donor in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is just half the capacity. Rather stingy Huawei shows the memory. Of the puny 8GB remain just 4.56 GB left.

So little else offer only 300 euro devices of the middle class, for the greatest phone in the world that’s clearly not enough. After all fit into the micro SD card slot up to 32 GB.

camera – nothing to laugh

At first glance, the 8 megapixel main camera and 1 MP resolution for the front camera enough, but the image quality disappointed. The sharpness filter ensures exaggerated strong edges, and despite the lack of sufficient resolution images in detail.

The images appear faded and discolored, dark areas drown in large areas of black. As the photos are personal memories still acceptable, just for a brisk upload to Facebook. But a critical look at the PC screen shows the weaknesses clearly.

Huawei mate has missed the redesigned user interface “Emotion UI”, it makes the access to the otherwise confusing Android. All the apps are split into up to nine Home screens – similar to the iPhone. Only that between the various apps and widgets with information about the weather or the calendar is visible.

The keyboard has adapted Huawei, but unfortunately that brings in the daily work little tip: The auto-correction of words is no good. In most instances word suggestions absent. Who is most patient, the device can train yourself important words. Who wants to save the trouble should switch the keyboard on the conventional Google Android layout so that it works perfectly. And then shows the large keyboard to their strengths.

Very good, however like the option to hide the toolbar at the bottom. Thus the user gains more space on the screen and not inadvertently activate the Home screen. The Ascend Mate is huge, shows average power and disappears easily into your pocket. Almost just like a normal phone. Just a bit bigger.

Conclusion: Almost 16 centimeters finest screen technology is a hunk. Nevertheless, the material still fits in a pocket. The workmanship is good, and the performance by today’s standards appropriate.

Only the camera disappointed. Because many entry-level smartphones snap better photos. But overall a great success for a large (pants) pocket.

Specifications: 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU (Hi-Silicon K3V2), Android 4.1.2,2 GB RAM, 4.56 GB of usable memory, micro-SD slot, 6.1-inch display (1280 x 720), 8MP main camera back. Price: about 450 euros. Info:


Source: “Computer Bild”. More on the topic can be found in the “Computer Bild”, issue 12/2013.

? breakfast in bed No matter where in the park, the smartphone is always with you, including multitasking. reading emails and lubricate toast

Photo: Computer image breakfast in bed? In the park? No matter where the phone is always with you. Including multitasking: reading emails and toast lubricate

computer image

phone hitlist

Photo: Computer image Source: “Computer Bild”, issue 12/2013

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