Monday, December 16, 2013

Abmahnanwalt: "Redtube was a test balloon" -

standing behind the massive streaming warnings attorney Thomas Urmann from Regensburg firm Urmann and colleagues (U + C) has confirmed to the world on Sunday that they would admonish also users of other portals. “Redtube was more of a trial balloon,” Urmann said the newspaper. “We have also detected in other portals, so I expect to write the users of the other portals in the coming months.”

RedTube logo (image: RedTube)

Opposite the lawyer Christian Solmecke of the Cologne firm Wilde flexors Solmecke, which represents around 600 Abgemahnt, had already expressed similar Urmann last week. In an interview with the Welt am Sonntag, he explained that streaming it believed “already a reproduction within the meaning of the Copyright Act” was. Solmecke and some other colleagues see the contrast differently. Therefore now must first clarify the courts, whether streaming is legally equated with file sharing, and thus also warnings for the use of streaming offerings are permitted.

Urmann expects that the Federal Court will rule on the matter “in five to eight years,” Finally, if the courts come to different interpretations of the law. Until then Abmahnanwälte can send thousands of additional letters, and hope that many of the Abgemahnt pay as in the case of Redtube.

The Porn Portal has now announced measures against the persons responsible for the warnings and denied the allegations of copyright infringement by its users as groundless. “Redtube maintains its unwavering belief that these letters are completely unfounded and in a serious way violate the rights of recipients,” it said in a statement.

It is still unclear how the Abmahnanwälte have come to the data of Redtube users. Because the portal itself denies that it has published data. According to him, it is “very likely” that they were obtained by using unfair methods. Therefore, Redtube against U + C and the Berlin-based lawyer Daniel Sebastian wants to take action, which has prompted the collection of IP addresses and made the request for information at the District Court of Cologne.

standing behind the offer firm Wedermann of males has already filed charges against Sebastian. Attorney John of males believed that the IP addresses of thousands affected were collected in breach of the Data Protection Act. In addition, would be “the suspicion of common gang-and commercial fraud” in the room.

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