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U.S. Congress going privacy issues with regard to Google Glass -

members of the U.S. Congress have Google in a letter addressed to CEO Larry Page (PDF) prompted some privacy issues concerning Google Glass to answer. For example, should the Internet company to explain how he wants to prevent accidentally Glass collects data without the user’s consent.

 Steve Lee wears Google Glass (Image: Steve Lee wears Google Glass (Image:

“Because Google Glass has not yet been published, and we are uncertain about Google’s data protection plans for the device, there are a number of unanswered questions that we ask,” it says in the letter of the conducted by Republican Joe Barton Privacy Committee. Eight members of Congress who signed the letter.

Google now has until 14 June time to answer the questions it asked. The letter also includes some privacy issues in Google’s history, such as the supposedly inadvertent collection of wireless data by Street View cars.

MPs want to know, among other things, that Google is taking proactive steps to protect the privacy of non-users in the use of glass. Concerns they have especially towards face recognition techniques. They also ask to what extent policy in approving new applications for glass plays a role.

Google Glass has already caused quite a commotion, even if his options are still limited for time. Nevertheless, a bar owner in Seattle, the use of data glasses prohibited on the premises as a precaution. Critics fear that Glass-users could take pictures of other people without their knowledge or record on video. Also, it is still unclear what precautions are to protect user data, especially if more developers create applications for computer glasses.

According to Steve Lee, Product Director of Google Glass, the development team from the beginning of the “social consequences” of glass was aware. This is thought not only to the owner of the data glasses, but also to all the people around them, AllThingsD quoted him. He stressed that can take pictures just by pressing a button or voice command. In addition, the display light when the device is active. As regards the collection of data to Glass orienting to Google’s existing privacy policy. “Of this we also do not deviate from,” said Lee.

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