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New technology for overcoming access barriers in public ... -

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Madrid (ots / PRNewswire) – In the context of

funded by the European Commission project


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– Techno Site and “la Caixa” are designing a solution to personalize ATMs
The solution was of Techno Site – developed and “la Caixa” to access barriers – a company specializing in accessible technologies company that belongs to the business group of the organization ONCE and its Foundation to overcome public digital terminals. <-! sh_cad_2 ->

The Spanish company Techno Site []
one to accessible technology company whose business group to the organization ONCE and its Foundation is
and “la Caixa” have presented the project APSIS4all [] in Madrid, a solution to the adaptation of public digital terminals such as ATMs to the needs and preferences of users

. (Photo:

The aim of the project is to overcome access barriers faced by people stand with disabilities, the elderly and the technology did not trust people when they interact with publicly accessible electronic devices. <-! sh_cad_4 ->

At present there are in the European market two APSIS4all pilot projects. The first is located in Paderborn in Germany, where the company Hoeft & Wessel has established 24 ticket vending machines. <-! Sh_cad_5 ->

The second is a technology developed in Spain by Techno Site and “la Caixa” initiative, which is already available in about 1300 ATMs of “la Caixa”. These machines offer various forms of interaction that are adapted to different profiles, for example by an avatar for sign language, high-contrast text display with large font and large buttons, a screen reader or keyboard navigation. These are options that improve the user experience with the terminal and which may be particularly helpful for people with disabilities. <-! Sh_cad_6 ->

Developed by Techno Site and “la Caixa” solution can be used to customize all kinds of public digital terminals and make it more accessible, such as self-service checkouts, information and sales kiosks, electronic stores or payment terminals, etc. <-! sh_cad_7 ->

This initiative is supported by the program to support the ICT Policy (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Commission (CIP). <-! sh_cad_8 ->

On this project are twelve organizations involved a consortium whose partners from countries such as Spain (Techno Site, “la Caixa”, Barcelona Digital), Germany (Hoeft & Wessel, PaderSprinter GmbH, SoVD – National Association of Lower Saxony eV), the UK (John Gill LTD, AbilityNet) Italy (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni), Greece (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Informatics and Telematics Institute), France (plus matter) and Austria come (Center for Usability Research and Engineering). <-! sh_cad_9 ->

Contact: +34-91-545-0193, Marta Ochoa,, Rocio Barrie,

Photo: / prnh/20140331/677865

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China is committed to sustainable growth - Germany offers technology -

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FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping has the end of his visit to Germany before the warned of uncontrolled growth after the model of the old industrial countries. “If we want a modernization for 1.3 billion Chinese people, then you can the old way of industrial nations not go on, because this old way not only China, but the whole planet would bring to its limits,” Xi said on Saturday night in Dusseldorf.

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North Rhine-Westphalia state premier Hannelore Kraft ( SPD) pointed out that Germany had made very ambitious tasks with energy policy and climate protection. “This is obvious, that we speak natural partners in many areas such as environmental technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency and ecological urban development,” said Kraft in their after-dinner speech at the banquet for Xi. <-! Sh_cad_2 ->

The president ended on Sunday morning his visit to Germany and flew from Düsseldorf Airport to Brussels. Previously Xi had made it clear that while he continues to focus on growth – China needs but “follow a path of sustainable development, even if it means a slightly slower rate of growth must be taken into account”

In Xi’s visit to Berlin. Germany and China had agreed to closer cooperation in solving international conflicts such as the Ukraine crisis on Friday. Both sides agreed to “deepen their strategic cooperation in the fields of foreign policy and security, and to strengthen their commitment to regional and global conflicts,” it said in a statement. Xi was accompanied in NRW by a large business delegation. <-! Sh_cad_4 ->

2020 would reach his country through further growth modest prosperity for all, Xi said on Saturday night. Here grow the number of people who live in cities, annually by one percent. “Any increase in China’s urbanization rate by one percentage point, more than ten million farmers are city dwellers, which brings a wealth of consumer and investment demand with it,” Xi said. <-! Sh_cad_5 ->

The mean Germany also for opportunities in the Chinese market. Conversely Xi pointed also to the Chinese export success out: “For a German household, it would be hard to imagine, no items a year” Made in China “to buy.” Force said, potential for further trade there in mechanical engineering, mining engineering and chemical industries. “We are hoping that both sides make this cooperation in a spirit of openness, creativity and reliability, but in particular also in the spirit of friendship and deepen.” <-! Sh_cad_6 ->

In Dusseldorf met Xi overridden by Federal Minister of Economics <- # BNL # topicId # 69 -> Gabriel <- # ENL -> (SPD). Gabriel stressed that the way Chinese companies in Germany and Europe should be easier. “Our goal is an economic partnership of equals.” But it was not just about the economic relations but also to cultural and scientific cooperation. <-! Sh_cad_7 ->

Xi also visited the Port of Duisburg. At the terminal he was present at the arrival of a freight train, which connects central China with Europe. On the Yuxinou distance need to be transported up to three times per week goods between the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing and Duisburg. / JYR / DP / he

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Primordial germ brought to life - THE WORLD


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primordial germ to life


giant viruses are about the size of small bacteria and even visible in the light microscope. Moreover, they are much more diverse than previously thought: researchers have just discovered a third variant in the Siberian permafrost. So far, the researchers knew that two very different families: the Mega viruses and Pandora viruses. Both have only been known for about ten years.

Now researchers have awakened a giant virus from the permafrost to life. Pithovirus sibericum infect certain amoebae, the scientists report in the “Proceedings” of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. The researchers had thawed the permafrost samples and then combined in the laboratory with amoebae, in which the viruses could multiply. “To our knowledge, this is the oldest eukaryotes infecting virus that has been brought back to life,” it says.

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Death rate increases with the stress of carers - THE WORLD


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death rate increases with the stress of nurses

death risk in hospitals examined


The more sisters work with a university degree in a hospital, the better the patients are kept there: After the usual operations die there significantly fewer patients than in hospitals with less trained nurses. The reported a team of researchers who evaluated data from 300 hospitals in nine European countries in the journal “The Lancet”. The number of looked after by a single nurse patients affected according to the study, the mortality rate in the clinics. The researchers led by Linda Aiken had details of more than 420,000 patients evaluated, which were due to a surgical procedure in the hospital, about because of a knee or hip replacement, an appendectomy or vascular surgery. Mortality rates were generally low: You were on average between 1 and 1.5 percent in the countries studied. However, there were some extreme variations between individual hospitals in a country.

These countries were Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Germany was not among them because the researchers could get no information about the death rate in hospitals, reports the first author Linda Aiken of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in Philadelphia. The researchers linked the death rates with the training of nurses and their workload. They took into account the individual risk of death of patients, which is influenced by age, gender, type of intervention and disease. It also details a relative to the respective hospitals in their analyzes, for example, the technical equipment of the clinic. One result: With each patient, the nurse must care more, a patient’s risk of dying within 30 days of posting increases by seven percent. The mortality risk, however, is reduced by seven percent if the proportion of nurses with a university degree increased by ten percent. The results of the study are highly relevant for Germany, says Linda Aiken. An earlier study in 49 German hospitals have shown that no nurse possess a college degree. Germany was thus compared to other European and other developed countries, a real outlier. In addition, each nurse would come in Germany on more patients than in most other countries. This study was published in 2013 in the “International Journal of Nursing Studies.” “The data does not surprise us,” says Franz Wagner, Managing Director of the German professional association for nursing professions (DBfK). “We believe that there is a similar trend in Germany.” Here nurses are usually trained at vocational schools or nursing schools. There is not yet a purely academic education.

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United Internet: and GMX in the fight against ad blocker - Digital Week - Latest Technology, Mobile and Internet News

with safety instructions on the websites of and GMX United Internet has underlined the dangers of the use of advertising blockers. The large-scale smear campaign both e-mail services ensures that visitors get the service with an ad blocker avail a warning with the message “The security of the site is restricted by a Firefox add-on.”

With the improvement of safety have this message and the actions of both services that are part of United Internet, not to do. Even if the hazard statement was decorated quite nice, it is here only to the principle to compel visitors to disable your ad blocker so that the display advertising at the end and thus can make money.

early as Wednesday, the safety visitors were playing with an adblocker. Reacted to the internet with fierce criticism because the parent company would pursue only one goal and that is not the safety of visitors, but the placement of advertising.

currently receive visitors from and GMX no more warnings. Perhaps the criticism shows first effect, some experts even spoke of a deliberate and intentional deception of the user company United Internet.

Seitenmanipulierende Add-ons

At least officially, the company maintains its opinion that it would you go explicitly to the safety of users / visitors. Apparently, the company would work to modify the security message and better check whether an add-on can be a hazard. The generalization the ad blocks are generally bad, the company intends to not take on his cap and differentiate better here in the future.


United Internet operates with its subsidiary and GMX on a solution that allows the correct delivery of the sites despite Adblocker. This would bypass the function of United Internet Adblockers. For some time now has become known thanks to Sascha Pallenberg, that there are some Adblock provider, in which companies like Google, Apple and United can shop online so that their advertising is always displayed.

who manipulates whom?

be expected

Quite interesting that and GMX present themselves as heroic service providers who want to protect the visitors from abuse by browser add-ons only, but at the same time deal with a solution that Adblocker to deal so that their Werbanzeigen delivered be.

It shows clearly that even with United Internet not the customer and visitors is paramount, but the love of money. Logically, every company needs to somehow make money to pay employees, but whether this also inevitably must occur at the expense of customers?


Samsung Galaxy S5 costs just 700 euros - PC Games

In a few days, Samsung introduces the Galaxy S5 most likely its new Top Smartphone. The Galaxy S 5 to 24 February will be presented at the 5 Unpacked event. As the website reported, the Galaxy S5 for release will be obviously available in different colors. Included is supposed to be a Galaxy S 5 in Gold, as seen from a document from Vodafone. more …

Family Sharing: Steam games you can give now - Heise Newsticker

Steam function “Family Sharing” is no longer in beta stage: In the final version, all users can share their complete games library for up to five users. The activation is, however, quite cumbersome.

 Who wants to give his Steam library, must not only authorize the loan account, but also every single computer.
Who’s Steam would give library must not only authorize the loan account, but also every single computer. Click to enlarge
players with Steam account can give now their entire game library: The “Family Sharing” has left the beta stage and is now available for all users available. Each Steam customer can provide his library five other users. However, the sharing feature only works on ten computers, which need to be unlocked by the owner individually all.

An example: Maria wants to give Klaus access to their games. For this, they must log in first to Klaus’ computers in their Steam account and authorize the computer. She then logged back into her own account and then under “Steam” / “Settings” / “family” authorize Klaus’ Steam account. Maria could also simply pass on their account – in this case, but run all savegames and achievements on this one account. With Family Sharing each own savegames and achievements can use.

The crux of the matter: Each game can always be used at the same time only one of the five accounts. The owner has this privilege. Will this play a song that even someone has just opened otherwise, gets the loan end of a hint that he must either quit the game now or buy. In addition, the sharing does not work with all games: in the “Family Sharing” FAQ, for example, tracks the speech that require a subscription. (jkj)

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Water in the helmet: NASA Astronaut nearly drowned -

The Italian Austronaut Luca Parmitano survived dangerous accident in space.

The Italian Austronaut Luca Parmitano survived dangerous accident in space. / Image: (c) APA / EPA / CLAUDIO ONORATI (CLAUDIO ONORATI)

A faulty space suit brought an Italian astronauts in mortal danger. During a spacewalk water came in his helmet – he nearly suffocated


02.27.2014 | 14:31 | ( )

The Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano was on 16 July last year on a outdoor use in space when he noticed water in the helmet of his spacesuit 44 minutes after the beginning of his spacewalk. With difficulty he can fight back on the International Space Station. As NASA announced on Wednesday, were at this time already 1.5 liters of water in his helmet – Parmitano could smother


A five-member inquiry committee headed by Chris Hansen, chief engineer for the ISS at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, has worked in the event and presented the 220-page report on Wednesday.

The U.S. space agency NASA has acknowledged that a miscalculation has put at risk the life of the Italian astronauts, because: The same problem with the space suit had occurred about a week before. The experts had but then interprets the water in the helmet falsely as a leak in a water bag, NASA said on Wednesday. “This incident was not investigated properly,” it said. “This could have been avoided, to bring a week later, the life of a crew member in danger.”

investigation eventually revealed that due to a clogged pump water had penetrated from the system for controlling the temperature of the suit in the air supply. NASA has been using the same three decades, space suit model. Such an error was never previously occurred.


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