Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Focus": WhatsApp places in Germany rapidly - West German newspaper

Munich (dpa) – Whatsapp, the messaging service for smartphones, Germany rapidly gaining in popularity. Within six months the number of users has risen from 9.3 to 13.7 million, according to a projection from the App Charts of the news magazine “Focus”.

This value includes the users of iPhones and Android devices. So that WhatsApp has halved according to the residue numbers for the social network Facebook, to 1.9 million users and significantly expanded its lead over Skype.

WhatsApp now has 200 million active users worldwide and processed 20 billion messages per day. Especially young people use the program. WhatsApp for many users as a replacement for the SMS and now also undermined the communication functions of social networks from.

WhatsApp funded to date only about a one time payment when you buy the app and will soon move to a subscription model, which is still low at 99 cents a year. “Our financial strategy is very simple: One dollar per year,” said co-founder and WhatsApp Minister Jan Koum mid-April at a conference of the technology blog “All Things D” in New York. “If advertising is in play, the user becomes the product.”

WhatsApp also competes with the SMS service follow the Bouroullec brothers, to operate the German network provider. Vodafone registered to date, some 500 000 app downloads – there’s about customer activity but no details. The German Telekom, which started in February, called as yet no figures on the use of the Bouroullec brothers.

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