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Flatter, larger, sharper: What to look for when buying TV – Business Week

Kathrin Grannemann

At the IFA numerous television will be presented again this year, which functions to break records. A guide through the jungle TV.

According to the motto “What Schweinderl they would like it?”, The choice is currently hard at the TV market. Whether display technology, resolution, range of functions and 3D capabilities: Some things you need to much you can do without.

Currently dominate TV with LED technology to market. This is an advancement of LCD. Where all pixels are divided into the three colors red, green and blue which are mixed together the desired color result. LED TVs use this technology and enhancing it with a backlight that is either embedded within the device (Edge LED) or directly behind the display (Direct / Full LED). The latter technology provides a better and more uniform image quality, but it increases the overall depth of the TV.

Classic LCD televisions are still available, here the display is illuminated with fluorescent tubes. Again, the depth of the device is a disadvantage.

Another option is a television with plasma technology. In these the image with the help of gas. The light source in the device is associated with plasma discharges glow. Plasma televisions offer extremely good contrast.

While LCD and LED have low power consumption, Plasma TV have in terms of image quality currently in the lead. The differences are small but with each generation, many LED TVs can now compete with plasma devices. To the long term not only to have fun on the device, but also a low electricity bill, duration Users should therefore rely on LCD or LED.

A question of size

Before you buy a machine, you should clarify, for which room and for what use it is to suck. Basically, you should opt for a unit with full HD resolution, ie at least 1920 by 1080 pixels. Which screen size is but the right one?

At the IFA are devices with up to 105-inch diagonal screen, which is about 2.7 meters, is shown. It may be confidently slightly less for the normal household. The current best-selling screen size is 46 inches. She is best suited for a distance of between two and three meters between the couch and the device. If you have a larger living room, can also choose a larger TV.

A keyword of this year’s IFA is Ultra High Definition UHD shortly be. It is four times HD resolution. That may sound impressive, but should still be a buying criterion. So far, these devices are still far too expensive. Moreover, this situation is not expected in two years with widely available content for this resolution. The manufacturers of cameras jump slowly on the UHD-train. In addition, there are currently only a few devices ranging in size under 55 inches screen size with UHD resolution.


Friday, August 29, 2014

BUSINESS WIRE: Aito presented at IFA 2014 Touch Control technology of … – Finanztreff


Experience in a personal interview at the IFA the difference

ZAANSTAD, Netherlands – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 29/08/2014 –

Aito BV offers style-conscious kitchen equipment manufacturers a meeting with executives at the consumer electronics show IFA in order to learn how the innovative touch control can contribute technology from Aito a first-class product design.

“As Europe’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics is the IFA a perfect opportunity for Aito to present its revolutionary touch control technology,” said Rene de Vries, CEO of Aito. “The demand for metal touch surfaces in kitchen appliances increases, as they offer superior optics with high robustness and easy to clean surfaces. The touch technology of Aito is currently the best solution available. . These have important players in the kitchen industry recognized and they are already beginning to introduce “

Aito is on the IFA on the following dates for individual product presentations, demonstrations and talks are available: Monday 8, Tuesday 9, and Wednesday, September 10. If you are interested to take your product design to the next level, send an e-mail to or call us at the number +31 75 647 5530 to make an appointment.

The technology of Aito enables the development of a seamless user interface with touch keys for any surface (metal, glass, plastic, or wood), thus replacing conventional mechanical switches and overcomes the problems of other touch technologies. Target markets include those in which this function in terms of design aesthetics and functionality adds value to provide a high quality user experience.


Aito relies on intuitive user interfaces, which are aligned in a consistent user experience, ranging from entertainment and household appliances to industrial, medical and automotive applications. The company has set itself the goal to change the perception of touch switches: through the change from “pure switches” to control with many features that offer complete design freedom for device designers and high-quality, easy to implement solutions for manufacturers. More information about Aito see

The output language of the original text of this announcement is the official, authoritative version. Translations are provided as an accommodation. Only the language version that was published in the original is valid. Therefore Straighten translations with the original language version of the publication from.

Aito BV
Rene de Vries
+31 75 647 5530
Derek Rye
+44 1225 470000


Iceland: Volcano has erupted Bardarbunga – Business Week

The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland has erupted in the night to Friday. For air traffic alert applies red. So far, no volcanic ash has been launched.

After several earthquake erupted shortly after midnight on Friday, the Icelandic volcano Bardarbunga. Although so far no volcanic ash was ejected, but the Meteorological Institute called the red alert to air traffic from. It came to light eruptions at 2.40 clock on Friday Moren, the activity currently seems to decrease again.

There is a growing fear of an ash cloud that impede international air traffic could. On Wednesday there were two more violent earthquake with a magnitude of about 5.0 on the volcano under the Vatnajokull glacier, said the Icelandic Meteorological Office. There were hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded.

At the volcano rumbles it for days. On weekends, Iceland had already temporarily declared the highest alert level for international air traffic, because an outbreak and an ash cloud had been feared. On Sunday, the authorities took the warning initially from red to orange – the second highest level – back

2010, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland had ejected a huge cloud of ash.. It has imposed a five-day flight ban, because damage to the engines were feared by the ash. Hundreds of thousands of flights were canceled at the time of the world.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Technology giants lure companies – THE WORLD

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Apple, Google and Amazon offer aggressive new cloud offerings to. Business with weaker consumer

                  Apple, Google and Amazon have aggressively to new Cloud offerings. Business with consumers weaker

There were consumers, Apple, Google and Amazon have made large. But to maintain their growth rates maintaining, the companies are now using more and more on a different customer segment: companies. Although the technology giants have long products for corporate clients in the offer, but now they are expanding their range and go aggressive in marketing to companies before. So Google is trying, with his spectacles as a portable computer “Google Glass” to land at corporate customers. Apple builds in the new operating system for its iPhone management tools. Predict Investment LLC that corporate clients will contribute to 2016 a total of more than 15 percent of Apple’s sales, while there are less than ten percent today, Evercore Partners and International Strategy & amp. At Amazon, the proportion is expected to rise to around ten percent by 2019, twice as much as the 2013th

The advances in the ancestral territories of the software giant Microsoft and the hardware manufacturer with Hewlett-Packard and Dell to take since the beginning. In July, Apple announced an agreement with IBM, with which the company wants to sell their products amplified in companies. Google has since June, unlimited storage for companies and came up with new mobile services for companies on the market. Previously had Google and Amazon prices for their cloud computing services for corporate customers reduced. The providers want a larger slice of the enterprise budgets for hardware, software and IT services cut that will achieve this year a volume of $ 1.6 trillion (1.2 trillion euros) worldwide, such as IHS predicts. This is more than the global e-commerce market, which comes to a volume of $ 1.5 trillion, according to EMarketer, or the market for online advertising with 140 billion dollars.

The estimate for sales growth at Apple for this financial year is five percent – a sharp drop compared to the 45 percent two years earlier. For Amazon sales growth of 22 percent this year is expected to slow down compared to the 27 percent in 2012.

Apple, Google and Amazon have been significant tap into budgets, if significant impacts to result from their already enormous revenues. Taken together, the three companies generated sales of $ 305 billion in fiscal year 2013 which is more than the economic performance of Singapore.

The three companies have chosen different paths to extend their corporate customers. Google has broadened its offerings in recent years, by bringing it under the name of “Chromebook” cost laptops on the market that use the in-house operating system. The company expanded its business with video conferencing and signed contracts with companies such as Sprint or Hewlett-Packard for their enterprise software sell better. The Group completed last year and the launch of its product “Compute Engine”, which builds on earlier cloud offerings and how to use the client to remotely access data center.

Amazon continues to invest in its cloud offering, and this year has been 250″ significant services and features “introduced as CFO Thomas Szkuta declared in July.

In advance of Apple Tim Cook towards corporate customers is a U-turn towards the strategy of Steve Jobs, who had focused on consumers. Cook wants above all to make the iPad a professional tool, after the turnover has declined with the tablet computer two consecutive quarters. Currently, about 20 percent of employees use iPads in business. More than 60 percent use laptops.

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“Smart Home”: IFA dedicated networking – Handelsblatt

Berlin The “smart” home, where all the electronic components are connected together and can communicate, stands at this year’s IFA so much in the spotlight as never before. The long-cherished idea of ​​the digital home has arrived in the opinion of the industry in the reality. Meanwhile, there are 50 million devices in the consumer electronics that can network with each other, says Hans-Joachim Kamp, board member of the industry association gfu.

The so-called Internet of things seen in the industry as the next big trend. Technologies for home networking will enable new services and services that will help about saving energy with appliances or heaters. You should also open up new possibilities to the user but, for example, continue watching one being played on the TV movie on a tablet or a secondary device without interruption. Or the washing machine answers, if the wash is finished.

With LED technology and intelligent lighting control could communities reduce their spending.

In most solutions smartphone or tablet plays a central role. Mostly, the novel applications can be controlled by an app from users. For smooth communication, especially cross-border standards are important, says Kamp. Often drive still the major manufacturers their own solutions ahead. “But open standards are crucial,” says Kamp. “Meanwhile, everyone is aware.” To establish

In the past, there have been numerous efforts, cross-industry platforms, but so far with limited success. In general, the individual companies are often on their own solutions.

“Cross-networking standards are not necessarily the panacea for the Smart Home”, says Hans Wienands, Germany Manager of Samsung and CEO of the Professional Association of the Consumer Electronics industry association ZVEI. It’ll go well with already available today standards. A unified platform for which it was necessary to physically open under certain circumstances the walls of your home, do not be “market-critical”. There is a variety of solutions based on existing devices and applications, “bring concrete added value and really fun.”


Cyber ​​attacks: FBI suspected Russia for hacking major attack – Business Week

A cyber attack hackers seem to have captured large amounts of customer data from major banks. U.S. security services keep an act of revenge for Russia’s possible.

The U.S. banking giant JPMorgan and other banks are made according to media reports, the target of a large-scale hacker attack. This mid-August had been stolen, among other account information, wrote among other things the financial news agency Bloomberg and the “New York Times”. Some of the banks could come from Europe, it said, citing informed people. According to Bloomberg information there is evidence of an attack from Russia, possibly in conjunction with government agencies. According to the “New York Times” the investigators know not, from which region and on what motives the banks were attacked.

A representative of the U.S. government have confirmed the attack on JPMorgan and spoken by four other banks that had been attacked, Bloomberg wrote. There were a very professionally executed cyber theft of very large amounts of customer data. It would be looked into, among other things, whether the attack could have a political background in light of the recent tensions between Russia and the West to the Ukraine-conflict, Bloomberg wrote. JPMorgan’ve have found no increase in fraud in connection with their customers, reported the “New York Times”, citing an informed person.

“companies our size have unfortunately almost every day to deal with cyber attacks,” said a JPMorgan spokeswoman of the “New York Times”. “We have multiple layers of defense to counter these threats.” Bank hired according to the information in the last few weeks some employees, which have gained experience with Attack Detection in the Defense Ministry. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had already announced in his annual letter to shareholders, we will take in 2014 more than 250 million dollars in the hand and set about 1000 people to ensure cyber security. The style of the attacks indicates that this is a possible connection to Russia or Eastern Europe, it said on Bloomberg and the “Wall Street Journal”. U.S. security services had also found traces that indicated the involvement of a government. But you are not sure yet. Now the NSA to help with the Enlightenment. The relationship between Russia and the West deteriorated sharply because of Ukraine conflict. USA and EU try especially with tougher sanctions pressure on Russia to build. New measures of Brussels Moscow had recently answered with an import ban on agricultural products from the EU.


NANOGATE AG: Nano Gate AG: Key new jobs for inkjet technology – Finanztreff

NANOGATE AG: Nano Gate AG: Key new jobs for inkjet technology

NANOGATE AG / Key word (s): orders

8/28/2014 11:54

Dissemination of a Corporate News, transmitted by DGAP – a service of the EQS Group AG. For the contents of the message issuer / publisher verantwortlich.


Nanogate AG: Key new jobs for inkjet technology

Delivery of complex components with inkjet finishing internationally leading automotive manufacturers as well as a household appliance manufacturer – contracts with strong reference effect and multi-year contract periods – Further growth expected

Göttelborn, August 28, 2014 The Nano Gate AG (ISIN DE000A0JKHC9), a leading international integrated systems provider for high-performance surfaces, has received two international auto giants orders for their unique in Europe inkjet coating technology, thus expanding their market position. White goods also in the area will start an important new project. The cumulative volume of orders for all three projects over the entire contract term is in the mid six-figure euro range. Nano Gate has given the increasing acceptance in a timely manner more significant orders for its inkjet technology.

For a US-American automobile manufacturer to produce the display aperture is currently operational with a multifunctional coating for the dashboard. Orders are processed together with a European plastics company. For a German automobile manufacturer Nano Gate planning to manufacture extremely scratch-resistant display panes for navigation devices that are used in a popular volume model used. Even outside of the automotive sector recorded Nano Gate continued high interest in inkjet coatings: For a known appliance manufacturers, the Group refined design-oriented lighting rings for induction stoves, so that the controls are thanks to the inkjet coating lighter and scratch-free to clean

Based on the inkjet technology especially small two-dimensional plastic parts may be partially coated without masking in optical quality. Its unique technology of nano-gate majority holding GfO AG enables the production of large quantities of high efficiency and above-average quality standards at a fast implementation

Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nano Gate AG:. “The new key projects confirm the good market position of Nano Gate in the growing market for high-performance surfaces and form an excellent basis for further orders. ensuring this, we strengthen our international orientation. Increased internationalization is part of our growth strategy for Phase 5, which provides a sales target of 100 million euros. purpose aims to generate new orders for our high-performance inkjet technology contribute “

Nano Gate on Twitter:.

Bei questions, please contact: Christian Dose (financial press and investors) Cortent Communications AG Tel. + 49 / (0) 69/5770300-0

Liane Stieler-Joachim Nano Gate AG
Tel. + 49 / (0) 6825-9591-220

Nano Gate AG to slot 3 D-66287 Göttelborn

Nano Gate AG : Nano Gate is a leading international integrated systems provider for high-performance surfaces. The group of companies based in Göttelborn (Saarland), enables the programming and integration of additional functions (eg, non-stick, scratch-resistant, anti-corrosive) in materials and finishes. True to the slogan “A world of new surfaces” opens Nano Gate for companies from different sectors of the various opportunities that arise from multifunctional surfaces based on new materials.

Nano Gate provides its customers with technologically and optically high-quality systems available . For this, the company leverages its extensive expertise in innovative materials, including the existing competencies of nanomaterials, surfaces and structures. The aim is to improve customers’ products and processes by high-performance surfaces and to achieve environmental benefits. The Group focuses on four industries: automotive / transportation, machinery / plant engineering, buildings / interiors and sports / leisure as well as the strategic growth areas of Advanced Polymers and Advanced Metals. Nano Gate has a unique and long extensive materials expertise, combined with an extensive and first-class process and production know-how. As a system Nano Gate offers the entire value chain from raw material purchasing to the synthesis and formulation of material systems to the processing and production of the surface. In this case, the group primarily focused on coatings of plastics and metals for all surface types (two and three dimensional components) in high optical quality. Value drivers are the international market development, the development of new applications for the strategic growth areas of Advanced Polymers (innovative plastics, eg glazing) and Advanced Metals (innovative metal finishes, especially energy efficiency) as well as external growth. Moreover Nano Gate wants medium derive a substantial proportion of sales to environmentally friendly systems and processes and cleantech applications.

The Nano Gate Group has first-class references (eg Airbus, Audi, August Brötje, BMW, BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Daimler, FILA, Jaguar, Junkers, Porsche, Volkswagen). Several hundred projects have already gone into mass production. Also has strategic partnerships with several international companies. Nanogate consists of Nanogate Industrial Solutions GmbH, the Eurogard BV, the Nano Gate Textile & amp; Care Systems GmbH, the Nano Gate Glazing Systems BV, the Vogler GmbH and majority interests in GfO Society for Surface Technology AG and the Plastic-Design GmbH

. Disclaimer: This publication constitutes neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase of securities. The share of Nano Gate AG (the “Shares”) may not in the United States or to “U.S. persons” (as defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”)) or for bill be offered or sold by US persons. The Shares have not been and will not be offered to the public outside Germany.

This publication constitutes neither See an offer to sell nor an invitation to buy securities. The shares in Nano Gate AG (the “Shares”) june not be Offered or sold in the United States or to or for the account or benefit of, “U.S. persons” (as tested term is defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 , as amended (the “Securities Act”)). No offer or sale of transferable securities is being made to the public outside Germany. “

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66287 Göttelborn
Germany Phone: +49 (0) 6825/95 91 0 Fax: +49 (0) 6825/95 91 852 E-mail : Internet: ISIN: DE000A0JKHC9 WKN: A0JKHC stockmarkets: free trade in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt
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Computer at JP Morgan: FBI suspected Russia after hacker attack – Reuters


Washington / New York The computer systems of the U.S. banking giant JP Morgan Chase are, according to a media report in mid-August by Russian hackers been. In the attack confidential data had been lost, reported Bloomberg News on Wednesday, citing two insider not described.

A member of the U.S. government have confirmed the attack on JPM and even talked of four other banks that were attacked, Bloomberg reported later in the evening. It should be a very professionally executed cyber theft of very large amounts of customer data.

According to sources, the large European banks could have been the victim of hacker attack. According to a bank that does not itself have been affected, but said to have been briefed by the FBI, even information has been captured, which could be used to liquidate clients’ accounts.

“companies our size have unfortunately almost every day with Cyber ​​attacks to do, “said a JPMorgan spokeswoman said,” Wall Street Journal “reported that consistent with Bloomberg. “We have multiple layers of defense to counter these threats,” the spokesperson continued.

The Bank should have hired some employees in recent weeks that have experience with Attack Detection in the Defense Ministry. JPM CEO Jamie Dimon had already announced in his annual letter to shareholders, they would in 2014 take more than $ 250 million in hand and set about 1000 people to ensure cyber security.


It is time for business owners to rethink in the defense against cyber attacks: Rather than limit the damage, should they invest more in security. A comment by Reuters editor Ina Karabasz.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate now is whether Russia with a state-controlled cyber attack for recent trade sanctions from the West could have avenged. The U.S. security services had traces found, pointing to the involvement of a government, but were not sure yet. Now the NSA to help with the education, they said.

The relationship between Russia and the West deteriorated sharply because of Ukraine conflict. USA and EU try especially with tougher sanctions pressure on Russia to build. New measures of Brussels had recently answered with an import ban on agricultural products from the EU Moscow.


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Technology company wants to relocate headquarters in Old Union Factory – Free Press

[Unable to retrieve full-text content]

Free Press

technology – company wants seat lay in old Union Factory
Free Press
& quot; We have the sales contract with this condition already signed & quot ;, says Heiko Cramer, a founder and shareholder of Chemnitz information technology – Company Intenta. The City Council confirmed yesterday to request that the & nbsp; …


Photos app: Snapchat with ten billion Rated – Business Week

celebrity investors miss Snapchat Square and according to media reports, new infusions. Venture capitalists expect that the tech companies are worth billions.

The photo app Snapchat automatically disappear when the image is evaluated by investors, according to a newspaper report, now with nearly ten billion dollars. The well-known financial firm Kleiner Perkins have agreed on this basis, on an investment of $ 20 million, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Tuesday citing informed people. That would mean a share of about 0.2 percent to Snapchat. Kleiner Perkins is one of the prominent startup financiers and had invested inter alia in Google and Amazon.

Snapchat has reportedly now about 100 million active users. With the app you can send images deleted watching after a few seconds by itself. The app is especially popular among young users. The photo service defeated in last year from a purchase offer from Facebook, which should have lain according to media reports at three billion dollars. The online network agreed shortly after the purchase of the short messaging service WhatsApp for around 19 billion dollars. The current round of financing at Snapchat was not yet complete, reported the “Wall Street Journal”. The co-founder of 24-year-old, Evan Spiegel, guided Startup wants to try this year to make money with advertising, it said. Snapchat commented to the newspaper evasively: Rating and capital requirements are the least interesting aspects, a spokesman for the “Wall Street Journal” and the blog “Techcrunch”

Also, the mobile payment service Square will have a new million cash injection from investors, according to a media report. As the American television channel CNBC reported on Tuesday referring to consecrated circles, launched by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey company will be there to collect $ 200 million. The money come in part from State funds from Singapore, they say. The current round of financing valued the company with six billion dollars. Square allows small businesses through a card reader that is plugged into smartphones, credit and accept debit card payments. The company was founded in 2009 and has as investors among others, the now-enters at Snapchat Wagniskapitalspezis of Kleiner Perkins and the well-known Silicon Valley financier Sequoia Capital on board. The business of mobile payment services is booming – the last US-shipping giant Amazon has boarded the industry



Knut Blind: “Sustainable Innovations are shaping our future” – Reuters

What innovation has changed the world in the most sustainable?
It would be presumptuous to pick out a particular innovation. Various innovations have advanced the development of mankind in the last millennia significantly. While it previously went to the opening up of the world, but also the use of their resources, are increasingly the “sustainable” Innovations in the literal sense, that is above all the entire range of Green Technologies, determine our future and the future generations. Therefore, we start in the winter semester, a new course “Sustainable Innovation”.

Who is the most visionary?
Here are certainly various religious, philosophical and political visionaries mentioned. I personally have been very impressed as students Dennis Meadows’ report to the limits of growth and I was very happy that I was able to see him a few years ago in Berlin at the idea of ​​updating his study.

In which moments you get your best ideas?
Often when driving with the e-bike through the Grunewald forest on the way to my office at the Technical University of Berlin on the lock island in the Tiergarten.

If the one who has visions, really go to the doctor?
visions range from small, very personal desires to the world’s great designs of the major visionaries. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is unnecessary, as long as these visions for themselves or their fellow human beings do not become a danger.

Germany makes it to # 2 on the most innovative countries in the world. But the position is compromised.

What makes working at the Technical University of Berlin and at the Rotterdam School of Management on the one hand and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS on the other side for you?
By linking my positions at the university and an application-oriented Fraunhofer Institute I a wide range of exciting activities from teaching about the basic and applied research to policy and management consulting. So I see myself as well as platform manager that interested young people with their ideas and qualifications on the basis of existing knowledge of innovation research with current requirements of the economy and politics brings. Finally, me thinks that working with young people through the ongoing confrontation with new ideas themselves young.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Renewable energy: European energy policy in sight – Reuters

M ike angle is optimistic. He currently sees increase the chances “that the German energy transition but is still a European energy policy”. What the Eon Manager is a hopeful sign, are the plans of the future EU president Jean-Claude Juncker. He has a top destination of his term output as the EU is to be a leader in renewable energy worldwide.

At present the reality in Europe still different. “Every country has found its own solution for the energy revolution,” Angle told the Handelsblatt Conference “Renewables 2014″ in Berlin. So there is a patchwork in the promotion of electricity from solar and wind energy. He criticized a “trend towards national self-interest in energy policy”. Though

The EU Commission also criticizes the efforts in the EU countries to go in the promotion of renewable own way, the differences seen but more in detail as the fundamental. So registered Joachim Balke of the Directorate General for Energy and more often premium models that are similar to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). So-called quota systems in which fixed targets for energy sources are specified, on the other hand tend to be more on the retreat.

More competition

The EU Commission but wants to ensure that the promotion of stronger the most efficient plants benefit. She wants to assert that the operators of wind and solar systems have to face tenders. So the company should be identified that produce the electricity at the lowest cost. The fixation on feed-in tariffs would have an end.

Germany treading this path in the future. A similar provision is created in 2017 in the amended EEG in outline, but shall be filled in the next two years even with content. The provision was included also under pressure from the European Commission. “The question is whether we would have already done without the EU from 2017,” said Patrick Graichen, director of the think tank Agora energy revolution. “Now it must be to the tidy rules, so that the volume targets for the development of renewables can be achieved while preserving the actor diversity.”

For critics of tendering models argue that this would basically great actors favor. The typical straight for the German energy turnaround variety of operators of solar and wind energy plants perish. Today, much of the Ökokraftwerke in Germany, according to estimates by market research firm Trend Research in the hands of private individuals.

Security of supply guarantee

The government has recognized this problem. So stressed Christian level, Energy Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Berlin, his goal is to continue to allow the participation of citizens.

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As the tour de force of energy policy works in practice.

Eon Board angle looks even another issue that needs to solve a European energy policy: “We must ensure that future security of supply is ensured.” Because the share of renewable energies in the electricity market may soar. But solar and wind turbines can not guarantee that they will produce any time of sufficient power. In January there were some days when no sun shining and little wind was blowing. “That’s why we need conventional power stations, close these gaps, the” said angle. He called for “a decent remuneration for such reserve power plants”. France and Britain have already found a solution for this capacity markets. But also because he keeps as with the eligibility conditions for renewable energies, a common European solution would be useful.


Retro gaming is in: C64 instead PS4 – Handelsblatt

Berlin Enno coners does not need a full-HD to be happy. Him rich for maximum fun out of even a few pixels. Retro computer games, according to its definition, anything that is older than 20 years are coners great passion. He loves to play on your home computer C64 from the 1980s. “It is to be compared with the love of classic cars,” he says. “An old car never loses its appeal, just like old games and computers.”

His passion for old home computers and consoles has coners made to the profession – as editor of the “RETRO magazine”. While other gaming magazines write about Playstation 4 and Xbox One, C64 and Co. are there in the center. He has hit a nerve, because retro games are very popular. “We reach all levels of society, from the nurses to the CEO.”

The majority of its subscribers is between 35 and 45 years old – so the people with Atari 2600, C64 and Amiga are grown up. But younger readers are, for the old games and consoles are already part of an own culture become that also draws players into the spell, who have never experienced this time. “The original, simple games are still very attractive, because they are in contrast to today’s games reduced to the essentials,” he says.

Maximilian Schenk of the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software confirms the trend for Ur game also in younger players and developers. For him, this shows the appreciation of the video game medium. “The generation that grew up with them, discovered the computer and video game culture of their youth.”

Just as there are vintage car rallies, meet also retro gamers like to exchange ideas and to act. Jens Klöpfel is co-founder of Retro-Marketplace for classic video games. He has identified clear trends that change with time. “Every generation loves, so it was great. At the moment, the generation Super Nintendo’s turn soon comes the generation Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2. “

As far every console generation better sold than the previous, and the pool of potential retro players to their growing first return systems. Who wants to get into retro gaming itself, can get away with cheaper or more expensive depending on the preferred system. Prices in retro games and consoles are based heavily on the availability, but also depend on how the condition is and whether original packaging and accessories are complete.

in great demand and therefore are priced according Klöpfel currently the Super Nintendo, who came in Europe in 1992 on the market, and the copies of Sega Mega Drive received 1990 Good easily cost 100 euros in the nets. The once coveted Atari 2600 from 1977, however, was more favorable than they were a few years ago. Next Trend device he sees Sega’s Dreamcast console.

This experience

buyers of the console veterans no nasty surprises, trustworthy dealer are important. “Many are even collectors, for the quality of the machines and games is a matter of honor,” says Klöpfel. Buyers should pay particular attention to the parts with high wear. On newer consoles disc drive is a common source of error in older contacts in the module bay.

The volume of the old games have their vulnerabilities. CDs scratch very easily, memory modules may have been damaged contacts. And the battery is dead, can not be saved. These issues should be resolved before the purchase, advises Klöpfel. From buying on the internet he does not recommend – unless you know the seller personally

Enno coners advises especially from major Internet auction houses and purchases prefer. privately among collectors and on exchanges. If the hardware is working, he looks for retro gaming no technical obstacles. “There are purists who want everything to each other have fit.

The tube TV is therefore as old as the console be. “What is needed is not. Thanks to appropriate converter can now be connected to any TV or monitor any system. Also on today’s flat screens to see the old games look good and feel like before. With good maintenance, keep the old treasures long enough to still enjoy the next generation

Source:. Dpa


Microsoft is working on “DeLorean” Game-streaming technology – Gulli

When Sony announced to continue to cloud gaming, and setting the streaming of games, now Microsoft commented on this technology. The company is also working on such a system, on which the games will run smoothly streamed.


delay free via the cloud play


One of the problems of cloud gaming are the lags, so the reaction delays. Are you using a command controller, about to fire a weapon, so this is passed over the Internet delay line. This is a crucial factor which can determine victory or defeat, especially in competitive multiplayer games. To compensate for these delays, Microsoft is currently working on the “DeLorean” technology. The technology combines a plurality of systems to compensate for delays of up to 250 ms.


DeLorean mimics playing a low-latency network to and testers of the system were very impressed and would prefer instead to play with DeLorean with traditional links.


However, Microsoft currently has no plans yet to use DeLorean also for high-end games. Currently the technology for mobile and tablet games, and games on the TV and other devices without high-end graphics accelerator is intended. How such a future might look like for consoles, it is Microsoft is still silent from. One can probably assume that Microsoft will rely on cloud gaming, the system should eventually be so far advanced and optimized so that you can play it without delay and high-resolution liquid. But until that happens, it will be years in which Microsoft will continue to rely on the traditional consoles for some time. Because Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the company intends to invest in the future in the Xbox brand and services. / From


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Audi leads 48-volt vehicle electrical systems technology in a – CAR PRODUCTION

25/08/2014, 12:10 clock



The premium carmaker Audi will convert a portion of its board network from twelve to 48 volts. Thus, the Ingolstadt want to increase the performance and efficiency of automobiles.

 Audi RS5 eTurbo TDI concept

More power and more performance for new technology: Audi is a part of its on-board network from twelve to 48 volts Switch. – Image: Audi

The possibilities of the 48 volt network has the Volkswagen subsidiary recently demonstrated with the technology supports Audi A6 TDI concept and RS 5 TDI concept. Both models are equipped with electrically driven compressors. This works regardless of the engine load and improves the acceleration performance fundamentally. With the 48 volt technology, also can comfort systems in dynamic chassis applications implement outstanding. Audi is to introduce in brief various applications.

With the current state of the art 12 Volt at the limit of its possibilities have arrived. In sum, the so-called static consumer loads – especially at low temperatures – the light machine that applies up to three kW of power completely. For dynamic new consumer such as powerful electrically driven compressor, the battery power is not sufficient. The solution is a second part electric system with a chip drying of 48 volts, which complements the 12 volt power.

Read the full article on

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gp / Source: Audi


Sensors in the Internet of Things: “The cloud technology was for us the next … –

Sensirion strengthens its position in promising markets such as Internet of Things, Smart Home and wearables and has acquired a license to the cloud software Koubachi AG. Andrea Orzati, Vice President Mobile & amp; Consumer Business Sensirion, explains why this expansion was so important for Sensirion

Market & amp; technology. Previously focused Sensirion [1] on sensor hardware and its integration into end-applications. With the expansion of the cloud business of Koubachi now evolving towards software vendors. If a sensor manufacturers nowadays deal with topics such as cloud, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to be sustainable

Andrea Orzati: Yes, I am firmly convinced. In the future it will become increasingly important to offer a complete technology from a single source. Our sensors are already very well received by the customers. But they need not only the hardware but also the integration know-how. Both, we have long been. The cloud technology was now the next logical step for us. So we close the circle of the hardware on the integration to software support and cloud tools.

With extremely miniaturized sensors Sensirion has taken the mobile communications market in particular. If there your focus for the future or is a transfer of the technology in applications such as industrial 4.0 conceivable?

We already have many years of experience in the field of sensor technologies for industrial, automotive, medical and also for traditional automation applications. The mobile communications market was added for us only about three to four years. In this respect, we address the combined technology from Sensirion and Koubachi clearly also applications of the industry 4.0. The cloud is new for all industries – but they will hold in every single collection, I am convinced. Generally it comes to collect the data collected by the sensors, to bring them to the cloud and offer individual evaluation possibilities there. Here is the added value for the customer, no matter what market segment it operates.

The added value the recipe for success is …

Yes, the only way to to be successful on the market. What is the value of each customer expects, depends on the unique requirements. Since each market is different, and in each of the markets turn every customer. Our task is to identify the differences and to find the optimal solution for the customer. We create value by combining our sometimes very highly miniaturized sensors with software and integration know-how and cloud presence. These are building blocks for success

After the step into the cloud business.? – What you also need to be prepared for the future

Currently, we are well positioned to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. But we also do not sleep. We always consider what new value the customer might need, what other sensor technologies could be interesting. We currently do not have a lot of work to do regarding the integration of Sensirion- and Koubachi technologies. We then look no further.

What will be the first joint steps?

The first step is to bring together the technologies. For 2015, we expect the first joint solution – probably in the field of mobile communication




New technology speeds smartphone charging process – Curved

The Startup Qnovo developed hardware and software that will shorten the loading time of batteries. However, the technology has been in the smartphones are built to be used.

One-third of the available charging time

The frustrating wait until the smartphone battery fully is charged, wants to end a new provider. Qnovo called the young company developing a new technology to speed up the loading process.

Lithium-ion batteries lose power, the more often they are charged. Qnovo therefore analyzed the charging performance of the user and recharges the battery not continuously on, but in several stages. Ten minutes Charging power the phone with six hours of run time, the manufacturer promises. The entire loading process takes only a third of the usual time, so Qnovo.

market entry in 2015

However, the faster recharge only works on smart phones that support this technology. Therefore, the startup is currently in negotiations with major producers, who should in future incorporate Qnovo. The first devices that have installed the chip and the software of the Californian company to come to market in 2015.


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InterviewGeophysikerin Rikke Pedersen: “We expect flash floods and … – Business Week

Andreas Menn

On Iceland is the Bardarbunga close to breaking. The geophysicist Rikke Pedersen on the risk of volcano research and why can aircraft in Europe probably stand out more.

Economics Week: Ms. Pedersen, for days it rumbles mighty in Bardarbunga volcano on Iceland. Will there be an outbreak

Pedersen: This is hard to predict. Currently we have no evidence that magma up paves the way to the surface. But that can always change abruptly.

As the volcano behaves at the moment?

In the past few days There were thousands of earthquakes that were felt in the northern port city of Akureyri. This is a sign that move there from the center of the volcano magma flows through cracks in the rocks – geologists call it intrusion. In recent days, the tremors have migrated to the northeast. But they stay in five to twelve kilometers deep.

How fast can this be changed?

This can we do not exactly say. We have too little information about this particular volcano. Significantly more experience we have with the volcano Katla, which lies further south and was from 1975 to 1984 magma activity. What was found: An outbreak follows usually in the first few days after the first magma movements. The evidence to show that an outbreak of Bardarbungas is less likely with each passing day. But it is not clear whether we can transfer the knowledge about Katla on him.


  • Rikke Pedersen

    Rikke Pedersen is a geophysicist at the Nordic Volcanological Center at the University of Iceland.

What would we see if we were to fly a plane over the volcano?

A huge white ice desert. The Bardarbunga is covered by an up to 600 meter thick ice sheet of Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier. I am repeatedly flown over it, it is a smooth white surface. My colleagues have the volcano flew over yesterday and could discover no new crevasses or melted ice.

How dangerous is the Bardarbunga?

It includes the longest system of volcanic fissures in Iceland – the crack through which the magma can move around, are more than 200 kilometers long. 8000 years ago found here likely to take the world’s most powerful eruption in the past 10,000 years. Nevertheless, it is not a super-volcano such as in Yellowstone National Park, which could cause devastating damage during an outbreak.

The volcano is under a glacier – what would since breaking out

It would take a while until the magma has melted by this tank a way, presumably? 24 hours. Once that happens, an ash cloud will spread. When the magma travels to the edge of the glacier, we would get to see lava flows

Can the ash shut down air travel in Europe -. Similar to the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010?

When it comes to an explosive eruption, masses of material are thrown into the air. But from studies of past lava eruptions of the volcano from the past centuries, we know that the chemical composition of the magma is different from the Eyjafjallajökull. The ash particles fall to the ground faster. And the weather in Iceland is currently very quiet. Only when a strong wind from the north comes to an ash cloud on the European continent could move.

  • Page 1: ” We expect flash floods and ash clouds “
  • page 2: Huge amount of melt water

“Rosetta” mission: Scientists discuss comet landing site – Handelsblatt

Toulouse scientists and aerospace engineers want to discuss it at the weekend when the lander of ESA’s space probe “Rosetta” on the comet “67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko” to land. There was wanted a shortlist of up to five locations, can be found in the organic material, among other things, said Hermann Böhnhardt from the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research in Göttingen, the news agency dpa.

The 59-year-old researcher is involved as a Senior Fellow of the land issue in the discussions in Toulouse. “In addition, should go on and below the landing area the sun, which is not the case everywhere. We want to measure how the surface of the comet during the day and night behavior, “he explained.

The landing mid-November to the first on a comet in the history of space travel is. The probe is traveling in space since 2004, will explore one of the most pristine celestial bodies, the European Space Agency ESA – Comets are remnants of the early days of the solar system. Notes on the origin of life The researchers hope that in the form of certain protein building blocks

The need for planning the landing surface images of the comet provided the developed in Göttingen camera system “Osiris”. Models were calculated from his pictures where larger boulders are visible. “Other instruments show us where certain gases and dust emanating from the comet. We want to arrive at a point where we can measure such cometary activity, “says Böhnhardt. On October 12, the landing area shall stand.

But before making the lander “Philae” to work, it must first land safely on “Tschuri”. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) said in a press release that the landing could take place around the target location within a radius of 500 meters. “Exact we can not calculate the landing site,” explains DLR scientists Stephan Ulamec. “Philae” must namely autonomously land on the comet’s surface. A control of the Earth is not possible due to the large distance: The radio signal would be 30 minutes traveling



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Iconic TV Function: Why the teletext can not be killed – Business Week

Kathrin Grannemann

Teletext lives – all digital achievements notwithstanding. Why the art relic is still relevant and how evolved the format.

Every day it thousands of people, although he is not only visually but also technically a relic from the early days of television: The teletext. In 1974, the first version of the service of the BBC has been developed, which today is still supported by every television – and apparently still has its raison d’être.

While a preferred sports results to retrieve on the teletext, other information on the current news or the weather. However, as the size of teletext arose over all and how it will evolve in the coming years?

The teletext is Technically a stopgap. The analog TV picture according to Central European radio standard 625 image lines, of which only 576 lines for the transmission of television picture are needed. TV technician for the BBC came up with the idea to use this gap and transmitted over text data.

The first trials started already in 1970, in September 1974 started at the BBC Ceefax the offer, so to speak, the first version of the well known today teletext. In the following years developed stations and TV manufacturers a common specification for teletext and associated decoder which have to this day.

The current teletext standard already exhausted all possibilities, there are no changes or additions possible. A page of teletext comprises a maximum of 24 lines of 40 characters, 22 of which can be used by the editors. Also offered are 96 characters including numbers. A special software plays content created in the blanking interval and delivers them as it were from the TV show. Up to 899 pages current teletext usually have. To provide a better overview, the early nineties the so-called TOP text was introduced, allowing the decoder to creating a table of contents.

The data rate in the standard European PAL format corresponds to a transfer of data from 128 kilobits per second. These, however, are only 15 to 47.5 kilobits per second. For comparison: An ISDN line offers a transmission rate of 64 kilobits per second



Navigation System: New Galileo satellite in the wrong orbit – Handelsblatt


Kourou The two started on Friday satellites for the global European navigation system Galileo are of their launcher not in the right orbit been. Observations have shown that there is a deviation between the target orbit and reached the railway, said the launch operator Arianespace with in the early hours of Saturday. If the satellites have enough fuel on board to reach its proper orbit under its own power, was initially unclear. It went further investigation, it said.

The two satellites were launched into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket on Friday afternoon. First, it had been called by all parties involved, the flight had gone according to plan.

The two built in Bremen satellites are actually number 5 and 6 in the planned Galileo constellation that will make Europe independent of foreign technology by 2020. Currently available only from the United States and Russia on satellite navigation systems. Both are controlled according to the European Space Agency (Esa) and the military can “on demand” – be distorted or even shut down – for example, security reasons. Motorists, emergency services and other civil users of GPS devices would then be in a fix.

Originally, the European prestige project with planned 30 satellites to be launched in 2008. Because of disputes among the partner countries but there were repeated delays. Restricted operation will now be possible from 2015. The full operational capability is planned for 2020. Overall, the system will cost tens of billions amount.


ASML shares: Significant Progress in EUV technology – Société Générale … – Aktiencheck

Paris ( – ASML stock analysis from analyst Peter Knox of the Société Générale:

Peter Knox, equity analyst at Société Générale, increases in its current share analysis, the target price for the shares of the supplier to the semiconductor industry, ASML Holding NV (ISIN: NL0010273215, WKN: A1J4U4, ticker symbol: ASME, Nasdaq OTC Symbol: ASMLF) and advises still for sale

The equity analyst point out that ASML significant progress in EUV. technology do. The risks that are associated with this development would be off the table, according to Knox gradually. He founded also the target price increase.

Peter Knox, an equity analyst Societe Generale, points out in his latest ASML-share analysis, the target price of 79.00 to 84.50 euros and stops at “buy” rating determined . (Analysis from 08/22/2014)

Stock exchanges ASML shares:

Trade gate stock price ASML shares:
70.46 EUR + 0.06% (08.22.2014, 10:16)

ASML shares ISIN:

WKN ASML shares:

ticker symbol ASML -Share:

Nasdaq OTC ticker symbol ASML shares:

Short Profile ASML Holding NV:

ASML Holding NV (ISIN: NL0010273215, WKN: A1J4U4, ticker symbol: ASME, Nasdaq OTC Symbol: ASMLF) is a Dutch semiconductor company. The company, based in Veldhoven is the world’s largest provider of lithography systems. The highly complex machines play an important role in the production of microchips. Are a large majority of chip manufacturers worldwide customers of ASML. The global market share of the Dutch company is currently more than two thirds. (08.22.2014 / ac / a / a)

disclosure of potential conflicts of interest:

Possible conflicts of interest can be on the site of the creator / source See the analysis.


Insight into technology network – Neue Westfälische

Delbrück. On Friday, 29 August, takes 14-16 clock in a circle house Paderborn workshop it’s-OWL technology transfer instead. Companies in the city Delbrück are invited to participate together in the workshop.

An interesting and practical program promises a quick and easy introduction to the it’s-OWL technology transfer. By the program that SMEs should benefit
If you are interested to participate in this workshop, please report to 26 August in the city Delbrück, Christiane Rolf, Tel. (0 52 50) 99 61 35

The workshop provides an insight into the technology network and shows to what extent the region, the county and the company benefit . In Technology Network Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe – short it’s OWL – is 174 companies, universities and other partners have joined together



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PS4 Manufacturer: Sony wants the technology market as once revolutionize … –

The culture of innovation at Sony is strongly advised in the past decades to a halt: the more inflexible is all the greater a company is! he. By the time a project gets green light, various levels of management must be run – and then it is usually too late. That’s why many great innovations in the technology industry have come from start-ups. Quick communication and command paths allow rapid in responding to ever-changing environment in the technology market

In addition, large corporations are lazy. Tried and tested products such as televisions, smart phones or consoles are constantly being improved, but the great revolution, triggered by an innovative, novel idea, remains off. As a major innovation leader this decade Apple can be called. Just as Sony once revolutionized the world with the Walkman, Apple has lifted our society with the smartphones to a new level of communication.

Sony wants to develop this position again, want to be a leader in innovation. Therefore, a new unit was established within Sony that deals exclusively with new, innovative ideas. The department is led by Shinji Odajima and rated the innovative ideas of Sony employees. Perhaps the next big innovation lies dormant in the minds of some Sony employees? 800 Sony employees have applied for a position in the new department is place for 200 – the majority are young, motivated minds who bring visionary thinking

The new Sony department was for the simple. founded reason that the Group is driven into a wall. It was at a loss and did not know where you would get new ideas forth. “We’re in a crisis of innovation,” said Odajima against the Japanese business journal Nikkei (via Engadget).

The new Innovation Division at Sony is currently reviewing the first Ideen.Ob the next big product innovation actually in this department is born?