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BlackBerry Live in Orlando opened - Heise Newsticker

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This affordable keyboard smartphone Q5 will be available in several colors. enlarge Two months was Thorsten Heins CEO of Research in Motion, as it in-house exhibition BlackBerry World in Orlando opened last year. Captain on the Titanic would have gone through as a job title. Too bad the situation looked at from the Canadians, with an aging product portfolio, the PlayBook disaster and shrinking management team.

A year later, there is a dazzling tempered CEO on stage, has moved much. Middle of last year he had the launch of BlackBerry 10 is still postponed because the platform was not good enough. But since the beginning of the year, the company surprised the critics with a fresh appearance, with two competitive devices Z10 and Q10, as well as an architecture that want a lot of companies that want to offer their employees a private use of business smartphones, without compromising the security of corporate data . BlackBerry Balance works the other way around, if the employee brings his personal device to work.

BlackBerry Live

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will be current but rather an Android or an iPhone. Why BlackBerry is offering summer the Secure Workspace for Android and iOS. The company needs a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to include these devices. BES5 existing licenses can be exchanged free of charge in 2013, new licenses will cost from 59 U.S. dollars per unit, regardless of whether it runs with BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS.

the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is increasingly under pressure through WhatsApp & Co. BlackBerry reacts in two directions. In addition to chat, group chat, screen sharing, audio and video calls BBM receives in the course of so-called channels where customers or fans can follow companies or artists. The first makes the beta phase, the Mercedes-Petronas team in Formula 1 The second development will offer BlackBerry Client for Android and iOS.

Extending the BBM platform to other operating systems sold BlackBerry as an offensive measure. If asked for more detail, then give company spokesman but certainly, that a messaging solution on one platform does not stand a chance. BBM once was a means to sell more BlackBerrys. If only once roamed some of the friends on BBM, you also need a BlackBerry to be there. This has worked in some markets, Germany is not among them. Today, the network effect is reversed: each BlackBerry users switching to the iPhone or Android, BBM weakens. The applications and the infrastructure behind it are quite convincing. It is now important that new BlackBerry users can win and keep old ones.

BBM coming to Android and iOS in the summer from ICS version 6, the first version will not have all the features that are available on BlackBerrys. Only at the end of the year BlackBerry will have the same features on all supported devices.

the BlackBerry already sold Z10 are provided from this week with the new BlackBerry 10.1 software, which is already included on the device keyboard Q10. Who has 10.1 installed, which can also install Skype on their smartphones. In order to develop new markets, Blackberry has announced in Orlando to another keyboard device named Q5, to be produced in several colors. It is not yet clear in what markets the Q5 will be offered at what price. Africa, Asia, “some European markets,” notify the Canadians. We will see where a cheaper little brother of the Q10 is in demand.

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Blackberry has begun shipping the update to OS version 10.1 for the Z10. enlarge

of her appearance affects the device cheaper than the Q10, Blackberry calls it fresh and youthful. Noteworthy is the equipment with 2 GB of main memory, plus 8GB of flash memory and expansion via SD cards. The PlayBook, which runs with the precursor of BlackBerry 10, has only 1 GB of main memory.

Thorsten Heins gives evasive answers when asked when because now BlackBerry 10 comes on the PlayBook. He would rather invest in the future, to which he believe. Mobile Computing instead of smartphones and tablets. The Playbook is there just an old ball and chain. Also last year dealt “Dev Alpha 1″ Smartphones have replaced chalking up against the Canadians Z10. A gigabyte is obviously not enough. All other new devices have two.

Ancient Wireless Enterprise Symposium was last year once BlackBerry World, a now bears the name of the App Store. This year the event is called BlackBerry Live. And this name is program. The condemned live longer. (Vowe) / (vza)

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