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Stream scandal Redtube: "warning wave just the beginning" - Redtube lawyer ... - ABC Online

The German firm U + C tens of thousands of German user has warnings for porn streams – and to the operations remained silent so far. Now Thomas has Urmann, a partner of law firm, asked to speak.

Opposite the lawyer Christian Solmecke, who represents several hundred affected Redtube users said Urmann that can be expected with further warnings. So far, the embarrassing letters were in fact delivered only customers of the German Telekom. This was announced by ABC Online Solmecke with. He also published an article who on his homepage.

“This warning wave was only the beginning”

According to Thomas Urmann, however, were therefore also issued for information regarding other Internet providers. Due to the large number of defendants, but not all warning letters have been sent. “This warning wave was only the beginning,” reads aloud Somecke from the firm.

addition Urmann hinted towards Solmecke that the monitoring extends not only to Redtube, but also to other streaming platforms. According to U + C still several thousand warnings are sent in the next few years.

lawyer instrumental in warning wave

According to Thomas Urmann was U + C is not directly mandated by the archives AG of Switzerland, which exploits the rights to the porn films. As the lawyer says, the firm was asked by her fellow lawyers Daniel Sebastian to support him in the warning wave. The controversial for information regarding the District Court in Cologne procured Daniel Sebastian therefore single-handedly. As the necessary IP addresses were collected, Urmann would not disclose.

That in Sebastian’s requests for the surrender of the user data from downloads instead of streaming the speech is legitimate under Urmanns view: “There was yet to Progressive downloading. Do not ask me about the technical details, but on Wikipedia we can read that after watching such a stream is after the entire file in the temporary folder on the hard drive. “Accordingly, the §’d 44a of the Copyright Act, which the short Place a copy in the cache allowed, do not attack.

“wanted so definitely before Christmas out”

asked about the size of the warning wave, Urmann said according to the text: “Surely we have now sent a lot of warnings, we were so absolutely out before Christmas.” reduce After the most expensive holiday of the year in fact the chances of the firm, recover the money in the short term. According Urmann most affected users respond politely to the warning: “Of course there are also housewives who are now making their men hell. Ultimately, however, the interviews are all very factual and sober. “

A detail on the edge reveals Solmecke then also. “Amusing was the little side note that it took the longest here to get thousands of envelopes with special rebate for the respective printing lines to send the mail,” he writes.

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