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Video: Microsoft unveils new Xbox game console against

Microsoft unveils new Xbox game console before

S Choen it is not, the new Xbox. Instead of sleek curves and sophisticated design gamers will the next few years may examine a black, chunky box under their TV. A drive slot, and an even greater ventilation slot on the back lot of ports – all there is to see. Even the name of Microsoft’s new gaming console could hardly be simpler: Xbox One. But he is aptly chosen: the new next generation console is an all-in-one device, says Xbox boss Don Mattrick during the presentation in the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond on Tuesday night. It is a kind of brain for the living room, she’s game console, set-top box and entertainment center all in one. You can skype with her and watch TV, even both simultaneously. And best of all you can even use the voice and gestures


Almost eight years have passed since the Xbox 360 ushered in the era of HD consoles. That is, 90 months a long time for a game console. By comparison, the first Xbox was pushed after four years into the sidings. Despite her age, the Xbox 360 was a perennial favorite at the dealership until today it has sold more than 77 million times

Now the console is finally exhausted. For new, higher-resolution games you need one thing: more computing power. And it has the Xbox One more than enough. It has an eight-core processor, eight gigabytes of memory, a 500 gigabyte hard drive, a Bluray drive and USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. The old Xbox 360 had 512 megabytes of RAM and a significantly slower processor. Overall, the Xbox one is eight times more powerful than its predecessor.

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game scene from “Fifa 14″: The new football game from EA Sports will be on the Xbox One look even more realistic than previous sports games, the manufacturer promises

Clever and beautiful

to what the new console is capable games were renowned companies such as Activision or Electronic Arts: With impressive product demonstrations of blockbuster games such as “FIFA 14″ and “Call of Duty: Ghosts” they broke with the journalists present cheering from. In a brief scene of Microsoft’s racing game “Forza 5″ was already guessed, is where the journey for video players go in the coming years: the shiny paint of a nearly perfectly modeled sports car, the sun is reflecting, and while the car makes his rounds, is to see even the tire wear on the track. In the first year after the launch of the Xbox One Microsoft plans to release 15 exclusive game titles.

same time is the artificial intelligence (AI) of the game characters better than ever, raved Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg. Characters would behave now more realistic. His colleague Andrew Wilson from EA agrees: The Xbox one will be “the way we play games revolutionize”. With the new EA Sports titles, the characters would still “human-like” behavior, because up to four times as many as previously thought processes take place in the background.

Another innovation: Microsoft relies on the Xbox One cloud services. Scores and Achievements (unlockable achievements) are stored in Microsoft’s data centers.

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The operating system of the Xbox one looks like a mix of the Xbox interface with Windows 8 ©

A new level of Fidgety operation

truly remarkable, however, is the improved voice and gesture control, the Xbox marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi showed at the beginning of the presentation. A simple “Xbox On” is all it takes to start the console. Cheering in the audience. But for the Microsoft man that’s just a warm-up exercise: With the “Xbox Go Home” command it calls the home menu, reminiscent of the style of a mixture of the current Xbox and Windows interface 8th No coincidence: The software is based on the latest Windows operating system, Microsoft says manager Marc Whitten. This should in the future also all apps for Windows 8 can use on the console.

Then he starts with “Xbox Watch TV” the TV function, with “Watch MTV” he changes the channel. “This is the beginning of the smart TV”, says the Microsoft man. The Microsoft the new TV features gives relatively much space has a clear background: The average American look about 150 hours per month watching TV, says Mehdi. Since it is only logical that Microsoft wants a piece of the TV abhaben cake and therefore put a lot of work especially in the TV integration.

In addition to voice control, it is also a gesture control, which is implemented with the retreaded Kinect, a tie with integrated cameras, 3D depth sensor and microphone. The new Kinect sensor has a built-in Full HD camera recording at thirty frames per second. You should see the smallest of movements and “read” even the heartbeat of the user can to integrate it, for example, in sports games. How well this works, must show a thorough check.

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The new controller of the Xbox One ©

operation via tablet

The actual controller was only slightly revised. While stuck in the new input device forty “true innovation” as Microsoft says. By design, but not much has changed. A touchpad as the Wii U in vain, instead the controller now an integrated battery. The annoying change the batteries should be a thing of the past. In addition, individual buttons are now to provide feedback via vibration.

With a Windows tablet, such as Microsoft Surface, is the Xbox One also can be served. With the app, Smart Glass, but the same goes for tablets running other operating systems.

resale with obstacles?

On the E3 in June, Microsoft will announce further details on the Xbox One. Some downer but there already: the previous games console Xbox 360 will not work on the Xbox One. Used games should be playable but Matt Hendricks said. But want to have as the technology magazine “Wired” learn games must necessarily be installed on the hard disk. The Blurays are then but with the gamertag of the player, a kind of unique identification in the Xbox universe linked. If the user wishes to resell the game later on, a fee not previously known amount must be paid.

When the console will appear, left open the Xbox boss Don Mattrick. All he has betrayed: the end of the unit should be on the shelves of dealers, similar to Sony’s Playstation 4 The battle for the Christmas season this year keylock symbol fro particularly hot.

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