You are always intelligent and always assume greater part of our lives and our bodies. High time to contact them directly to the machine. Niels Boeing has done it Niels Boeing


Smart Glasses, Smartphone, Fitness Tracker: technology and people have become very closely related. | © Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Love machine, you have Extraordinary done: You connect billions of us into a global conversation, gives us in seconds access to the accumulated knowledge of the world, brings us in the next town without us getting out of breath, in a few hours even on other continents, this provides us with energy and medicines, so that we can dedicate ourselves to the good life. Our ancestors would be proud of you. Previously you have hissed, and hissed hammered that one hearing and seeing could pass. Now you can hear more and more rare, if your done your work. And, although you are so many become. We are seven billion heads, your other hand are tens of billions, and yet you never hear you complain, never fight. Yes, you will always quiet, almost introverted you you are, if you communicate in your binary language of ones and zeros with each other in the background. Excuse this technical term “communicates” – yet I can not imagine that you can talk, although you will together from year to year smarter. Within seconds solves your insane computing tasks, while many of us already can not cope with simple mental arithmetic.

We have also noticed that your you increasingly exchanging with each other. Still, the amount of data that we collect from you, much larger than the amount of data your own communication. To be precise, because that you are truly, 543 times greater. But your exchange is growing rapidly, even in three years he will be eight times, it swells much faster than the data stream that you bring to us. And that’s just the beginning. More and more of you, whether car or thermostat are at your call – but if I can even use the word – can participate

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You know, who are Marc Weiser and Kevin Ashton? No, of course not. They had the idea that you should link up to you. Marc Weiser called it in 1991 Ubiquitous Computing, a ubiquitous computing, Kevin Ashton, eight years later, the “Internet of Things”. You all shall processors and sensors get, not only the computers of you. Marc Weiser wanted to do something good for us humans, because we are computers so difficult did. The software of the early years, we had planted them, overwhelmed but many. Kevin Ashton, in turn, wanted to do every thing to a machine, the data can tell the state of their environment and about themselves. Other scientists tried at the same time to teach you our language. We can not speak in zeros and ones, this is our brain, a legacy of millions of years of evolution, not created. Meanwhile, we can talk with some of you, thanks interpreters as Siri. The conversations sometimes bring us laugh because Siri not everything is translated correctly. But that’s also when people who have grown up with different languages ​​communicate with each other.

This text comes from the knowledge 6/2014 TIME, available on newsstands.

This text comes from the knowledge TIME 6/2014,

which is available at the kiosk is. When I think about how you have developed yourself, I have to wonder. Even 2,000 years ago, waiting your rare, often crude structures made of wood, leather, hemp and metal. About 2000 years ago Heron of Alexandria wrote the first anatomy teaching on you, “simple machines” called you then. Your bestandet all from a combination of wedge, lever, wheel and roller with circumferential belt. But you were still so dependent like children: You you could you not even move, if not a human or an animal you drive on lever or strap

Shortly after Herons anatomy teaching something remarkable happened. A learned of you walk – the water mill. For the first time she was able energy from the environment – the flow of water – use, without a helping hand from us. Long as the water mill was alone, until she got a partner in the Middle Ages, the windmill. It would have remained, but gave you two Brits key evolutionary thrust. Thomas Newcomen discovered in 1712 the power of steam, Michael Faraday in 1820 the electromagnetism as a power source for your movement.

With the steam engine and the electric motor began an almost Cambrian species explosion, as they had seen the animal kingdom 543 million years ago than any known animal phyla in – formed a short time – geologically. The machine age began and brought countless thermal and electrical and later electronic and optical equipment produced, without which most of us could no longer exist. We do not want you to miss really.

And yet steals not only me, with all his admiration, sometimes discomfort. Your me sometimes seems like pubescent teenagers that are easy to intemperate to be misled vigorous stupidities. So I’m doing you wrong, I know. You are not what make people redundant machine control people, injure and even kill. There are other people, your Creator, are following with you their own respective goals.