Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft Microsoft Xbox Controller One - ABC Online

The new console from Microsoft’s Xbox One. You should not only allow completely new game experiences, but also revolutionize the television. Among other things, there will be a “Halo” TV series. . Gleaning all the info in the ticker of FOCUS Online

20:04 clock: Quite unexpectedly, the presentation ends after the gameplay video – without each adoption. Information on the exact release date and pricing were not. The console was also seen. Incidentally, there was no prior information about the highly controversial online-compulsive clock 20:02. Now comes a real trailer. “Ghosts” is incidentally also support voice commands. That looks pretty realistic – it should be exclusively real scenes

20:01 clock: “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is by far the best game of the series. be. There is a video comparison with the previous game “Modern Warfare 3″. Everything is much more detailed and atmospheric. Light and shadow have much more effect, also scars and dirt more realistic

clock 19:56. There is “Call of Duty: Ghosts” new characters, including a dog. This will be a true companion. And even fish to be wiser-they swim away when the player enters the water. There is to see first scenes. Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (“Traffic”) wrote the screenplay. Also the multiplayer is improved

clock 19:53. Finally comes a game, “Call of Duty Ghosts”. Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg comes on stage. There will be downloadable content exclusively on Xbox One. First there’s a look behind the scenes in a video …

19:52 clock: The Xbox one is out this year – more details can be found not among them. Son Mattrick announced that in the world’s biggest E3 in June More Games Highlights are presented

19:49 clock: Microsoft also wants to revolutionize the world of sports -. however, this is more exciting for U.S. viewers. There will be a partnership with the NFL. Users should be able to experience football as never before. Smart Glass also is used – the app allows the interaction between smartphone and tablet with the console. Whether this also occurs in Germany

19:44 clock: It is a “halo”. Microsoft wants to create new possibilities of games and television. There will be a “Live Action TV Series Halo” – along with acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. The series runs exclusively on the Xbox One

clock 19:43. Nancy Tellem of the Xbox Entertainment Studios talks about the TV console functions. “Only with the Xbox One TV is social”

clock 19:42. The first year of Xbox One should come out 15 exclusive games, including eight brand new series or brands.

19:41 clock: The next game video: Quantum break “from the” Max Payne “creators

div 19:35 clock: of the Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer comes to the stage. He is a gameplay video of the racing game “Forza 5″. The game comes with the launch of the console – and it looks very good made 19:33 clock: EA will reveal more in the coming months.. Now, a video is shown which gives an insight into the new EA games on the Xbox One. Their movements are much more fluid, that looks good. Cheers in the hall

clock 19:31. The figures of athletes in the Games are much more realistic and intelligent act. EA EA Sports has developed Ignite, a new game engine specifically for the Xbox One. The graphics look extremely realistic

clock 19:29. Now come the games. Electronic Arts introduces new games. Xbox One is “the way we play games, revolutionize,” says Andrew Wilson from EA. He speaks of a special partnership with Microsoft – and exclusive content. Four games will appear in the next twelve months: FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live and UFC

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